Review of the PRS SE Custom 24

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The SE series aimed to make available an affordable selection of electric guitars by the US guitar manufacturer. The venture began in 2000 by entering into a contract with two South Korean companies. Under the agreement, World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. will manufacture the electric parts and configurations. The task of producing the acoustics was delegated to another company called Wildwood.

Since then, the brand owner PRS guitars based out of Stevensville, Maryland, brought out many models in the SE series:

i. The custom 24.

ii. SE 245.

iii. SE Kestrel.

iv. Kingfisher bass.

v. Bernie Marsden (signature.)

vi. Tremonti (signature.)

vii. Zach Myers (signature.)

viii. Santana (signature.)

PRS in collaboration with the Korean companies, had launched their single cut range of guitars way back in 2001. The PRS SE Custom 24 is a limited edition brand. 

Dehydrated Neck

The wooden part of the neck is completely dehydrated using a technique called torrefaction. This process renders the maple neck free of any moisture, impurities, and sugars. This has enhanced the look of the new PRS SE Custom 24 model while providing an awesome caramelized appearance. 

Specifications Of The Model

Let us look at the kinds of timber used to create the PRS SE Custom 24.

i. Neck wood: Maple.

ii. Fretboard: Rosewood.

iii. Top wood: Flamed maple. 

iv. Body wood: Mahogany. 

The other specifications central to a good quality guitar are:

Frets: 24, medium jumbo.

Scale: 25″.

Bridge: PRS Patented Tremolo Bridge. 

Pickups: 85/15 S bridge and neck pickups. 

The Veneer Top

This is a limited edition and has a few unique and striking features. The maple veneer top is quilted. This is a feature that makes this model stand out from the flagship SE range because no other model in that line has this feature.

The Wide Range Of Tones

The soft breakup apart, the model boasts of a variety of easily distinguishable tomes. Lack of crisp notes is a disadvantage to those who are accustomed to high-pitched reverberations. The pickups are right and balanced as they aren’t very much hung on one another.

Compared to other metals, the sounds are high with a few cleans and wonderful rock tones that are mid-gain. These innocuous sounds stay in the mid-range and don’t wander on to any of the extremes. The mahogany body is responsible for the focused sound, which is thick and warm. 

How The User Feels

An innovative calibration of the truss-rod has taken away any runs into friction while playing. The shallow frets easily connect the fingers of the left hand to the fretboard wood although they don’t belong to the classic designs. The push-pull pot of the tone knob has a cozily hidden useful coil-tap. This contraption lets the user dial both the pickups separately. 

The Upgrades

The previous model had black pickups and rings. The PRS Custom 24 comes with a chic zebra and buttery pickup rings. A striking upgrade is seen on the headstock. The SE logo is small, and the PRS autograph has been included. The print ‘custom’ has been shifted to the cover of the truss rod.

The String Types

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The manufacturer has fitted the model with D’Addario nickel-wound 10-46 strings. Many users have given feedback that standard gauges and strings also work great with the PRS SE Custom 24. For lower tones, 12s combine great with the piece while 8s and 9s provide smooth experiences. 

Magnets Used In The Humbuckers

Due to the dark and warm sound quality of mahogany, ceramic magnets are the best for this guitar from PRS. The ideal combination enhances its tonal balance and adaptability. 

Upgrade Of Humbuckers

The latest model comes with the 85/15s state-of-the-art humbuckers replacing the common US pieces. They look very similar to the humbuckers of the Santana model due to their rectangular bobbins but have different specifications. 

The 85/15s are responsible for the great clarity due to the fewer lower-mids they are capable of. 

The Control Set

It has a systematic control set which is very user-friendly. The separate knobs for tone and volume enable the player to switch between modulations quite easily. A novel contraption for shifting between various pickup layouts is a great improvement from the previous model. The humbuckers can be split into single coils effortlessly with the use of a small switch.

The CNS Shaping Process

The finishing for the CNC shaping involves the below processes:

i. Before the shaping, the bulk of the maple needs to be attached.

ii. This is followed by fitting the figured veneer.

iii. An imitation binding effect is created by masking the maple.

iv. The above step provides a translucent color finish. The masking can be removed after attaining this look.

v. The piece may have to be scrapped if the situation warrants so.

vi. The final step is the scrutiny for quality assurance.

The Weight And Size Aspects

Most of the players who used a PRS SE Custom 24 received an intangible experience- they felt like the neck of the instrument was an organ belonging to their body. It so much felt like a body extension that the playing was absolutely fun and effortless. The flawless finish and the great fit makes it a pleasure to simply hold the instrument. 

User Opinion About Quality

The craftsmanship is truly amazing. Feels great while playing and the sound is wonderful. Usually, non-US guitars are of inferior quality, but the Custom 24 surpassed all my expectations for the price range. 

Unboxing Experience

The cadence is not perfect, but it is pretty much good. After an initial set up, the height of the strings seemed a bit high but is admissible to a great extent. It can be the characteristic of 9s, but only a slight buzz emerged on banging heavily. Experienced players know it is a common occurrence with any guitar. 

The Verdict

i. Worth more than the price tag.

ii. Very satisfactory values on playability. 

iii. The looks alone is worth paying double the cost. 

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