Top 5 Wooden Guitars for Beginners

Top 5 Wooden Guitars for Beginners

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Do you want to learn guitar and wondering where to start? The most important aspect, to begin with, is the selection of the guitar. Having the right kind of guitar is extremely pivotal for any beginner.

There are two main types of guitar to select from,

– Electric

– Acoustic

As a beginner, there are a couple of reasons to choose acoustic when you buy your first guitar. The first is that when you play with electrically amplified sound, you do not hear as well. The second that a wooden acoustic guitar helps you build up the strength of your fingers better.

Guitar is classified into following types,

1. Steel – string Acoustic

2. Classical guitar with Nylon strings

3. Electric

For a beginner, the most suitable type of guitar is a Steel – String Acoustic.

Before picking up a guitar, keep the following parameters in mind,

1. Structure and Size

2. Price Range

3. Action of Guitar

4. Quality of strings

5. Comfort

For any wooden guitar, there are different types of wood that are used. Here are the types of wood mentioned below,

– Spruce: This is the most common type of wood used in making guitars.

– Walnut

– Mahogany

– Cedar: The most expensive type of wood.

According to this source, let us see the top five wooden guitars for beginners,

1. Classical Travel Acoustic Guitar

The most advantageous parameter for purchasing this guitar is that it comes with an accessory kit. Since the accessories are bundled in the kit, there is no requirement to purchase any of the accessories again. In this kit, there is a bag to place the guitar too.

The features of this guitar are,

– Steel strings

– Use of Mahogany and Rosewood material

– Starter kit with all the required accessories

2. Fender Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Here, one has the option to personalize your product purchase.

The features of this guitar are as follows,

– Use of Mahogany wood for back and sides

– Solid spruce top

– Dreadnought body style

3. Fender FA – 115 Acoustic Guitar

The best aspect of this type of wooden guitar is its availability in various bundles for convenience. It can be upgraded to higher too. This guitar offers the most brilliant sounds to all types of music.

The features of this guitar are,

– Laminated spruce top

– Rosewood fingerboard

– 20 frets (Metal strips positioned along the arm of the guitar. This arm is called fretboard.)

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4. Amazon Basics Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Available in a bundle and it comes with extra strings for convenience. This guitar measures 41 inches, which means one size- fits- all.

The features of this guitar are,

– All bundle accessories are included

– Thin neck with smooth curves

– Spruce and Okoume construction

5. Donner Full Size Cutaway Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Easy to see dot markings for easy identification.

The features of this guitar are,

– Right hand design

– Available in bundle

– Spruce top and mahogany sides and back

Let us look at another source for the top five wooden guitars for beginners.

1. Fender FA-100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Most cost-effective guitar that comes with an accessories kit. The accessories include,

– Guitar

– Picks

– Tuner

– Case

– Straps

It is a beautiful rosewood bridge, large, and easy to play dreadnought body.

2. Epiphone DR – 100 Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the top choices to select for top five wooden guitars for beginners. The most unique appearance is that it is a vintage sunburst colored acoustic guitar.

Material used is Mahogany.

3. Yamaha FS800 Solid Top Small Body Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is for those who want a small framed acoustic guitar. This guitar is a small body style that means children can be taught on this basic wooden beginner guitar. The best part, it comes with an accessories kit.

4. Yamaha FGX800C Solid Top Folk Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is a classic style guitar, with a classic body and functioning of modern electric acoustic guitar.

The kit includes,

– Guitar

– Strings

– Digital Tuner

– Soft Cleaning Cloth

– Straps

– Hard Case

The most amazing feature is that this guitar can be played electric or unplugged, which is an exceedingly rare option for beginners.

5. Fender CD -60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

This guitar is a large, dreadnought body style. It is durable and allows for a vibrant sound. Mahogany is the wood used here.

The kit includes,

– Guitar

– Shoulder strap

– Guitar case

– Strings

– Picks

– Tuners

This guitar works for beginners through expert.

Here is one last source for top five wooden guitars for beginners,

1. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

– Dreadnought body

– Produce a deeper and more satisfying sound

– There are two non-wood part to this guitar, the saddle /bone nuts and the top

– Right hand

2. Fender FA – 115 Acoustic Guitar

– Right hand

– Made of wood

– Comes with a starter kit

3. Donner DAG – 1c Acoustic Guitar

– Right hand

– This guitar does not have a pick guard

– Full size

– Comes with a gig strap, picks and all other stuff

4. Yamaha FG JR1 ¾ Size Acoustic Guitar

– Right hand

– Most affordable

– Best sounding beginner guitars on the market

– Authentic wood

– Designed ¾ so that it enables children and adolescents to play too

5. J&Z ¾ Size Classical Guitar

– Right hand

– Classical guitar

– Defined by its strings (nylon), sound (soft), play style (fingerpicking) and tuning pegs (perpendicular to fretboard)

– Complete with picks, strap and cleaning cloth to get started

There are different top five wooden guitars for beginners. While selecting the type of guitar for a beginner, keep the following important points in mind, to begin with,

– Budget

– Warranty

– The right size

Lastly, enjoy playing the guitar. Practice, Precision, and Patience (3P’s) are the three keys to beginners. Play along and play passionately.

String it to your fullest and utmost happiness and happy stringing the guitar!

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