The Top 5 Economical Electric Guitars for Beginners

The Top 5 Economical Electric Guitars for Beginners

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Are you planning to buy an electric guitar? The electric guitar is much more complicated than the acoustic guitar. If you are enthusiastic about learning the electric guitar first, you have come to the right place.

There are many minor differences in the electric guitar. A beginner may feel overwhelmed by its variety of types, price range, and features. Worry not, we have hand-picked some excellent and affordable electric guitars for beginners. Go through this post, learn the basic design and features of each guitar, and take home the guitar of your dreams.

Here are the top 5 economical electric guitars for beginners

1. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar.

2. Epiphone Les Paul SL Electric Guitar.

3. Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar.

4. Fender Squier 0310001532 Electric Guitar.

5. Fender Squier MM Stratocaster Electric Guitar.

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1. Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

As you are beginning your new musical journey, you must have a classic start. Yamaha Pacifica is a brand that will assure you a comfortable way to learn electric guitar. It is a sensible choice for beginners.

Yamaha Pacifica is one of the popular names in the industry of electric guitars. It provides a perfect balance between performance and price. This guitar has many features. It comes with an HSS pickup configuration, a comfortable neck, and chrome tuners. It has 22 frets with a maple neck and snorkeling fingerboard.

They are multiple options for color. You can get this guitar in metallic red, black, and metallic dark blue. The color and style will give great visual appeal. The body of this guitar is made of Agathis with bolt-on construction. If you have dreamed of yourself playing an electric guitar then that one should be Yamaha Pacifica PACO12.

Prominent Features

– White pick guard

– Chrome tremolo

– Rosewood fingerboard

– 2 single-coil pickups

2. Epiphone Les Paul SL Electric Guitar

Epiphones offers a variety of guitars in an affordable range. This electric guitar by Epiphones will add a charm to your love for music. It has a strong slab of mahogany which results in an endlessly playable rock machine. This guitar is a big benefit for new learners as it has different pickup sounds. This manufacturer’s designs usually come with a slightly rounded body that gives you the comfort of playing the guitar with ease.

This rosewood breadboard electric guitar has a single-coil pickup configuration. The neck material is mahogany, and there is a total of 6 strings to the guitar. This is a perfect guitar for beginners to start playing electric guitar. These guitars of Epiphone Les Paul are played by many iconic musicians. These guitars are similar to rock and heavy music. Additionally, this guitar was the editor’s pick for Gitar player magazine.

Prominent Features

– Convenient Design

– Iconic Guitar

– Best tones

– Long-lasting guitar

3. Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar

Ibanez is a superstar style guitar that typically hums the pickups with vibrato bridges and thick necks. It enables you to use a traverse fretboard with fast speed. Ibanez GRG170DX Electric Guitar is a perfect guitar for anyone who wants to join the electric guitarist’s team. Its wonderful design makes it easy to handle as it lights weighted and curved on specific parts. If metal bands are your favorite and want to join them, this is the best suitable electric guitar.

Made with a classy poplar body, this guitar gives a vibe of metal bands. It is a solid-bodied instrumental that comes at an affordable price.

Prominent Features

– Easy switching system

– Convenient Control

– Poplar Body

– Sharktooth inlay freeboard

4. Fender Squier 0310001532 Electric Guitar

Squiers are inexpensive and popular worldwide. These guitars are hugely sold online so you get the surety of online purchase. This guitar is highly accessible to learners and beginners. You can also use this guitar to play your favorite song when you are a pro.

Fender is one of the most successful guitar companies in the world. This guitar by Fender is more than an average guitar for a beginner. You will access the world of magic by using this guitar as a beginner. Depending upon your skill level and your goals of learning, Squier will be effective for you. It is convenient to handle and play. You can play it endlessly without any hassle. However, professional guitarists will not use this product as it is made for beginners only.

This 6-string electric guitar with a bullet Stratocaster will enhance your basic skills. The c neck shape of this electric guitar makes it more comfortable to play all the time.

Prominent Features

– 4 bolt standard neck plate

– Medium Jambo Fret size.

– Standard single coiled strata bridge pickup

– Synchronous tremolo neck finish

5. Fender Squier MM Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Again, another guitar from Fender. Fender is a company known for making Squier. Squier is low-budget guitars for newbies. That is why our list has 2 guitars of Fender. If you have never touched an electric guitar before, but has an enthusiastic way of learning it, then this one is for you. These guitars by Fender are worth the money for beginners. It gives you what you exactly need as a newbie.

Squier brand owned by Fender company is one of the best when it comes to electric guitars. Since 1946, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is coming with a variety of guitars, amplifiers, basses, and related musical pieces of equipment. It provides value for money and comes in handy design. It has a maple neck and Mass-market Stratocaster. Its hardwood body is lightweight. The satin neck finish and hard tail bridge make it attractive-looking.

Prominent Features

– Provides versatility

– Unique SSS pickup configuration

– Laurel fingerboard

– Aesthetic look

When you are a beginner in the field of the music industry, you must choose the guitar based on various aspects. The prominent elements you have to look for are price, instrument versatility, sound quality, aesthetics, and compatibility. I hope you find the best suitable electric guitar for you; all the best!

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