What are the Advantages of Listening to Music During Pregnancy?

What are the Advantages of Listening to Music During Pregnancy?

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Every pregnant mother wants to do what’s best for their baby.  Some studies advocate that listening to music during pregnancy helps in the brain development of the child. Some researches propose music strengthens the bond between the mother and child and plays a role in promoting the child’s intelligence.

Music is a mood enhancer and can help in lifting the mood of the mother even during pregnancy. It just does not perk up the mood but the benefits of listening to music during pregnancy are many.

Are you wondering if the baby can listen to music in the womb, or will it develop a similar musical taste later in life? There are ongoing researches that are trying to discover the answers. It has been believed that a baby can hear its mother’s heartbeat and external sounds by the second trimester for a long time. So, how does that affect its development?

When a pregnant mother listens to music does it actually have any effect on the baby? Researchers differ in their opinion on the subject. Some claim that listening to music during pregnancy helps the baby become smarter while others don’t. But some benefits cannot be ignored.

  • Pregnant mothers listening to music make the baby’s brain more active.
  • Babies of mothers who listen to music when pregnant show greater brain activity.
  • Music is stimulating. It enhances the development of the brain and promotes the learning process later in the child’s life.
  • Music lowers stress in pregnant women which also helps the baby to feel the same.
  • Music brings a feeling of well being in both the mother and the unborn child.
  • Gentle, rhythmic music enhances fetal reflexes and development of the movement in general.
  • It is believed that babies can relate to the music they heard while in the womb. The same can be used later to calm them after birth.
  • Studies show that music also encourages prenatal bonding. When pregnant mothers listen to music it helps in strengthening the bond with the baby.
  • Studies show increased attention span and early speaking skills in babies who listened to music in their mother’s womb.

Music is a way to strengthen the bond with the unborn child

Soothing music is an excellent way to evoke positive emotions and good vibes. When the mother feels happy, the feeling passes on to the baby in the womb. That acts as a prenatal stimulation and helps to strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby. A strong bond that starts in the womb goes a long way to enrich the connection between the two later.

Music facilitates in improving the baby’s movement

Baby’s developed their ears in the early stages of pregnancy and can hear loud external noises when in the womb. So, they can also hear the music that their mothers listen to. The beats reach the baby’s ears as vibration. The soothing tunes allow them to move in sync with the regularity of the rhythm. This is believed to improve reflexes and responses when they are born.

It enhances the baby’s auditory senses

Baby’s in the womb do much more than usually imagined. When a pregnant woman listens to music they may focus on the rhythm and the sound waves. That may work as stimulation for mental development and improve cognitive skills. The baby probably will have better concentration, enhanced auditory senses, and related skills. It always does not have to be recorded music, even if the mother sings songs that can help the baby in her womb.

It helps in soothing the baby after birth

It is believed that babies can remember what they heard when in the womb. So, the baby can connect to the music that the mother heard during her pregnancy. It’s fascinating, but it is believed to be true. Similar songs can calm the baby or help him/her sleep after birth.

Music can affect the personality of the baby

Some believe that the kind of music the mom-to-be listens to can shape the baby’s personality to a great extent. Pregnant women who listen to music that are soothing and soft generally have babies who are gentle and calm. Whereas, listening to loud and harsh sounding music could make the baby aggressive and restless. Although there is no concrete evidence that supports the theory soothing music calms the mother and helps to keep the blood pressure in check. That helps the health of the mother and the unborn child.

Eases stress and helps the development of the fetus

Stress while pregnancy is common. Music therapy is a good way to relax and beat stress. When a pregnant mother is stressed, worried, or anxious it directly affects the baby’s growth and development. Music is an effective way to cope with tension and anxiety and to calm the mother and her unborn child. Children of mothers who suffer from anxiety during their early pregnancy are often linked to ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder later in their lives.

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What kind of music is good for pregnant women?

Though listening to music helps the development of the baby but all kinds of music may not have the same effect. A little understanding of what music is good for the baby helps pregnant mothers to choose the music carefully.

  • Soothing music is the best choice.  Any soft sound, rhythmic beat, slow or medium tempo is good for a pregnant mother and her baby. Choose relaxing music that comforting and makes you feel good.
  • It is important to maintain a low volume while playing any music. Loud noise may not be good for the baby and can do more harm than help.
  • Singing to your baby is a wonderful idea. That will help your baby recognize your voice at an early stage.  Singing gentle tunes frequently is a good thing to do. Every mother does not have to be a great singer but gentle humming surely makes a good impact on the unborn child.
  • A mother’s voice makes a baby comfortable right from the womb. Your baby loves to hear your voice even in the womb and can connect to you better. It helps relax and comfort the baby.
  • If the baby can hear the mother’s voice he/she can hear the other family members too. It’s a good idea to let other family members join in to make the baby familiar with their voices.
  • When in the womb, it’s the best opportunity to familiarize the baby with different musical styles. Pregnant women can listen to the gentle music of different styles from around the world to expose their babies to varied soothing and stimulating beats and sounds.
  • Everything is good what done in moderation. The same rule applies to music too. Do not overdo the music sessions. The benefits of listening to music during pregnancy can surely help but keep the duration short every time.
  • There is no rule as to what music pregnant women should listen to. Select something melodic that pleases you. Preferably select something positive, soft, and melodious. You will find a lot of womb-friendly music in rhythm and blues, classical, instrumental, and other genres.
  • According to experts, the best music to listen to during pregnancy is simple tunes. You may choose a pop song or a hymn or something soothing according to your mood. Easy, uncomplicated rhythms are easier for the baby to relate and recall.
  • It is thought that classical music has a different effect on a baby’s brain than other music like pop, jazz, and country. Since classical music is more complex in nature, it is believed to improve a baby’s special and problem-solving capabilities in life.

Things to avoid when listening to music

  • It is always better to sing or play the music on a speaker. Steer clear of bringing the source of music or a headphone close to your belly. The close vibration may be damaging to your baby’s development and result in low weight.
  • Avoid exposing the baby to sudden or extremely loud noises. It may harm or even damage the baby’s auditory system.
  • Some genres like heavy metal and rap may not be exactly womb-friendly as they often include harsh, erratic, sharp, loud, and discordant noise. These unpleasant sounds may disturb the baby’s sleep pattern and have a negative impact.
  • It is believed that music also impacts the baby’s pattern of breathing. Loud music with inconsistent rhythm may lead to undesired breathing patterns and elevated blood pressure.

What is loud music for the baby?

Keep the sound at 70-80 decibels or lower if you are listening to music for a short duration. Anything more than that is possibly too loud for the baby. The ideal volume is about 50-60 decibels if the music plays for an hour or more. Continuous exposure to loud noise or music may increase the mother’s blood pressure or have an adverse impact on the motor skills and later learning abilities of the baby. What music a mother listens to during her pregnancy can have a long-term effect on the baby. It’s best to play safe and introduce your baby to gentle melodic music now and save your favorite techno, trance, reggae, or grunge tracks for later.

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