Playlists for When Your Parents Aren’t at Home

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Songs for Different People

Songs that kids listen to may not necessarily be songs parents dislike, but rather songs that parents cannot relate to in some way. With every new generation, there is a music genre that becomes typical of it. You can’t expect parents to enjoy, much less understand, the music that their kids are into. Some music is perennially favorite, with parents and kids alike. For instance, if children are opting for a classical music career, they may enjoy Mozart as much as their fathers or mothers do. Nonetheless, equality is not an aspect of all songs that are created, and parents may object to certain songs that their kids, especially teens, listen to.

Songs for When Parents aren’t Home

When all is said and done, the generation of kids and teenagers that we’ve seen in the past few decades is nothing short of strong-willed. Children know what they want, and the advent of the internet has a hand in this. Gone are the days when kids meekly “liked” what their parents did. Nowadays, teens and kids hear music that has meaning for them or makes them feel better as a person. They also prefer listening to loud playlists that most parents tend to abhor. Here are some songs that teens and kids will likely shake a leg to when their parents are away.

Eminem and “Kim”

Eminem’s “Kim” is too uncomfortable for parents – listen to any Eminem song, and there’s a guarantee that several parents will find it uncomfortable to be around. This rapper aims to shock and “wake people up” and the song, “Kim” does that quite easily. To say that it’s a cringy number is an understatement, but teenagers and rap fans seem to love it. The song, to date, is the most disturbing song that the singer has recorded. Among songs teens like, this one stands out as it talks about a violent incident that escalates into a murder.

In the song, Eminem reacts to his ex-wife, Kim, kicking him out, getting married again and letting her new husband and his son move in. The song tells the sordid tale of Eminem killing the husband and son and forcing Kim to drive off with him to a far-flung place. He then kills her and dumps her body in the boot of the car. Its a torturous murder, and Kim is supposed to be screaming till she dies. On hearing this, many parents have banned it from their residences, but kids still listen to it on the sly.

The Police and “Mother”

Many folks, kids, and parents alike really love the band, The Police. That love, where the parents are concerned, really gets tested with the song “Mother”. It sounds like a strange song, quite unlike the band’s usual songs. It can be deeply upsetting to mums in a way that mothers would question their kids with, “Are you trying to tell me something?”. The song is even stranger because Sting, the lead singer, hands the mic over to Andy Summers for a change. More than a song, it’s a rant, and the lyrics go, “Telephone is screaming/Won’t she leave me alone.” The “she” is the mother here. Its all about mothers who constantly interfere in their kids’ lives, never letting them grow freely. This is among the songs parents dislike, and is often played when they’re out of bounds.

Rihanna and “S & M”

Parents may not immediately catch the gist of this song. Nonetheless, as alert as they are around kids at times, they just might get the idea. The early parts of the song sound like any love song would. The chorus is what gets to parents. No matter how liberated they may be in their outlook, this is one song parents won’t take lightly. The song’s subject, particular of a sexual preference, is not something that parents would like to ideally listen to. This can be quite awkward when kids are present. Songs teens like are varied, and since they are at an age when they are prone to exploring new information, they play this when parents are out of earshot. Rihanna is a popular artiste with teens and has a huge fan following.

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Billie Eilish and “Bad Guy”

Parents may love the influence that Billie Eilish has on their daughters’ clothing choices, but they don’t care for her music. The singer who always evokes strong opinions in her music, has parents on the edge. So, children as young as 11 listen to her music when their parents aren’t home. In many public statements, she has claimed that, though she dresses quite conservatively now, she may want to show off her body later. Her comments are a reflection of her music, parents think, and this is why some of them don’t encourage kids to listen to her.

“Bad Guy” is about all the people who say they are bad, but are not really like that in real life. Although the song promotes a healthy idea, parents don’t see it that way. This is because it has lyrics like “I’m that bad type/Make your mama sad type”, and so on.

Nicki Minaj and “Yikes”

Its all too clear that most parents do not like their kids listening to rap music. Whether its because the genre is all about controversy, or related to some perceived “sinful thinking”, mums and dads don’t like children listening to it. Minaj’s songs are as controversial as her videos, and her lyrics say a lot. In the song “Yikes”, some parents don’t like the fact that the singer is making light of activist Rosa Parks. Kids see it differently and claim that the rapper is sending out the message that people should fight for causes that matter to them. This is definitely a song on the loud playlists of kids, especially those who want to blast music at high volume when their parents leave the room.

Metallica and “Dyer’s Eve”

This loud and angry band seems to resonate with this generation as it did with the last two (or three). After all these years of being at the top of heavy metal’s playlist, this group still has this one song that is a guaranteed mum and dad “feather ruffler.” The lyrics are a chilling angst-driven lament about how parents keep children protected when exposing them to reality. Talking about “clipped wings before I’ve learned to fly,” the song is every teenager’s dream rant.

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