10 Best Gibson Guitars in 2020

Gibson Guitar

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One of the most popular names in quality guitars is Gibson. This company is behind some of the most exclusive guitars used by artists. There are many reasons why people depend on Gibson and one of them is quality. Gibson guitars are made from only the finest tonewoods, warm and perfect. If you want to try what a Gibson sounds, we recommend the following top ten best Gibson guitars ever.

What are the best Gibson guitars?

1. Gibson Maestro

Editor’s Rating: 4 out  of 5

Best Full-Size Acoustic Guitar from Gibson

The Gibson Maestro is best for beginner players. It’s a starter full-size acoustic that’s easy and comfortable to play owing to its impressive material and its precision design. The body is made from select tonewood; it’s strong, resistant to the pressures of daily use, and has a set neck.

The Maestro has durable die-cast tuners and lovely chrome hardware. Because of its lightweight and comfortable feel, it’s easy to take the Maestro anywhere as a travel guitar. If you’re looking for your first Gibson then the Maestro may be the one for you.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type –  acoustic
  • Body Type – full-size
  • Materials – select tonewood, die-cast tuners, and chrome hardware
  • Special Features – with a set neck, lightweight, comfortable curves
  • Accessories –  none

2. Innovations 6-String Maestro Mini Acoustic

Editor’s Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Best Mini Acoustic From Gibson

The 6-String Maestro in Sunburst color is a mini-acoustic guitar and is one of the most popular Gibson models. This has vintage feel and sound, an instrument ideal for beginners and experts alike.

The mini Maestro has a spruce veneer top while the sides and back are made from basswood, a unique type of tonewood from Mora Trees. These materials are very strong and will resist warping and chipping to keep your instrument in tune all the time. You can get this mini Maestro guitar in black finish or regular/natural finish. 

Meanwhile, the fingerboard is made from rosewood with 21 frets, dot inlays, and gorgeous chrome hardware. The neck is set and is made from durable maple with a sleek gloss finish to match the body.

This guitar is a 30 inch, ¾ size version of the Gibson Innovations Maestro. Because it’s smaller and lighter, it’s a good guitar to take when you travel. It’s also for beginners as it’s easy and more comfortable to play.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – mini acoustic
  • Body Type – acoustic
  • Material – spruce veneer top, Basswood sides and back, rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, chrome hardware
  • Special Features – set neck, 21 frets, smaller at ¾ size of a regular acoustic, lightweight
  • Accessories – gig bag

3. J-45 Progressive Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5

Best Progressive Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Gibson

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The J-45 Progressive is an acoustic-electric that is designed for easy use and is perfect for people who are new to playing this type of guitar. The heart of this hybrid guitar is the G-Force Tuning System from Gibson. This allows you to easily access your guitar’s alternate and standard tuning controls.

The J-45 Progressive also offers easy string height adjustments and enhanced acoustic guitar intonation. On one side of the body is a PZM Bridge plate pickup for improved sound reproduction. This pickup is the best for players who prefer percussive acoustic styles of guitar playing

This acoustic-electric guitar has a mahogany body with an Autumn Burst finish. The top is lovely Sitka spruce. The neck is mahogany while the fingerboard is richlite wood which is exclusively hand-rubbed and oiled to improve the wood’s natural vibrancy. Inlays found along the fingerboard and headstocks are made from mother-of-pearl. The bridge comes with titanium saddles for strength and ease of adjustment. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type –  acoustic-electric
  • Body Type –  dreadnought
  • Material – Sitka spruce top, mahogany neck sides and back, richlite fingerboard, mother-of-pearl inlays, and titanium saddles; with autumn burst finish, truss rod cover
  • Special Features – with the Gibson G Force Tuning System, Active PZM Bridge pickup,
  • Accessories – none

4. Maestro 30” Mini-Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Best 30” Mini Acoustic Guitar from Gibson

The Maestro Mini Acoustic Guitar has a 30″ version. This is a compact acoustic designed based on popular Gibson Guitars. It is a mini acoustic and thus has a lighter weight, smaller and more comfortable body, and is easier to play. 

The top, sides, and back of this mini acoustic guitar is made from laminated basswood making it very durable, very strong, and will avoid warping, cracking, and chipping even when used for many years. The neck is a very durable maple while the fingerboard is lovely, resonant rosewood. The tuners and hardware are chrome-plated.

The mini acoustic Maestro is the best Gibson guitar choice for beginner users because of its lightweight, easy hold, and more comfortable to take anywhere. This acoustic guitar comes with a gig bag so you can take this wherever you want to play.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type –  mini dreadnought
  • Material – laminated basswood sides, back and top, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and chrome tuners
  • Special Features – 30” mini acoustic, lightweight, comfortable design, easy to carry anywhere
  • Accessories – gig bag

5. Gibson USA SG Faded T

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Best Electric Guitar from Gibson

The SG faded T Gibson electric guitar in worn cherry finish will instantly stand out when you play. The faded gloss finish will protect your instrument from many years of use. The shape is a perfect fit for beginner players and experts alike.

This guitar is the result of old-style SG qualities and 21st-century electric guitar advancements to boost playability and sound versatility. The classic SG tones are carefully preserved by 490R and 490T humbuckers and Alnico magnets. The neck is tapered and is very slim but makes way for a thicker fingerboard made from lovely and resonant rosewood.

The SG Faded T Gibson is also available in the SG Special HP version and comes in cherry and sunburst flavors.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric
  • Body Type –  Gibson SG
  • Material – mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
  • Special Features – 490R and 490T humbuckers, Alnico magnets, tapered neck
  • Accessories – none

6. Gibson SG Special T Electric Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Best Electric Guitar in Satin Cherry from Gibson

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Gibson electric guitar fans can’t stop loving the SG Special T electric guitar in satin cherry. It has a warm yet mysterious appeal, a great electric guitar for first-time and experienced players. This particular model is a part of the traditional SG Faded series with a width of 1 11/16-inch from the nut. The shape of the neck is a classic heel and comes with manual standard tuners.

The nut is original Graph Tech. The fingerboard is a thick one-piece and is polished with hand-rubbed oil to create a lovely, plush feel and look. This electric guitar weighs a mere 3 pounds. It’s a perfect all-around, easy to carry, comfortable and lightweight electric guitar for a beginner or an expert player.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric  
  • Body Type – Gibson SG
  • Material – Graph Tech nut, rosewood fingerboard, oiled finish
  • Special Features – classic neck shape, thicker one-piece fingerboard, manual tuners, lightweight at 3 pounds
  • Accessories – none

7. Gibson USA 6-String Les Paul

Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Les Paul Standard Gibson USA Guitar

The 6-strings Les Paul Standard HP electric guitar in stunning bourbon burst color is a beautiful, easy to play electric guitar from Gibson. The top is a very exclusive four-A flamed maple with stunning and durable chrome hardware all in the nitro finish.

This electric guitar has an easy to access heel and a Soloist’s neck size. It’s slim and easy to handle. Inside is an enhanced wiring system that allows this model to produce more than 180 reversible sonic options through its Burstbucker Rhythm Pro as well as its Lead Pro pickups.

Your purchase of this classic Les Paul will come with a premium stamped durable protective aluminum guitar case. Other accessories that come with this guitar include a multi-tool, leather strap, and a cleaning cloth. All to protect this lovely work of art from Gibson.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric
  • Body Type – Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Material – flamed maple top, mahogany back and neck, rosewood fingerboard, mother of pearl fingerboard inlays
  • Special Features – new wiring systems, 180+ full-reversible sound options, Burstbucker Rhythm Pro plus Lead Pro pickups, Soloist’s width for the neck
  • Accessories – aluminum case, leather strap, multi-tool, cleaning cloth

8. Gibson Les Paul Studio

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best Les Paul Studio in White by Gibson

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The Les Paul Studio electric guitar has a modern feel in Alpine White color. It provides a powerful tone coming from its classic tonewoods combination with a maple top and mahogany back. This design and combination ensure that you’ll get the clarity, depth, and sustain that only a Gibson Les Paul can give you. 

This electric guitar has the most favorite features of the traditional Les Paul with a 1 11/16-inch nut, classic neck heel shape, standard high-quality tuners, and Graph Tech nut. Enjoy a nice blend of tones from this guitar’s 490D and 490 T humbuckers for vintage notes. And because it’s a Gibson, you’re assured that it has amazing quality and is very durable for a great sound day in and out.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric 
  • Body Type – Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Material – maple top, mahogany back, mahogany neck, granadillo wood for the fingerboards, White Alpine and rosewood finishes on the fingerboard
  • Special Features – carved top, original neck size and shape, high-quality standard tuners, 490D and 490T humbucker
  • Accessories –  gig bag

9. Gibson USA Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 3.4 out of 5

Best Les Paul Traditional Antique Gibson Electric Guitar

Another Gibson Les Paul is the traditional mahogany electric guitar. This has an antique appearance because of its mahogany top, sides, and back. The neck has a rounded shape, rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets, and pearl inlays.

This electric guitar has the classic mahogany top with nickel tune bridge, titanium saddles, and traditional ’59 Tribute pickups. You’ll get volume controls, tone controls, and Orange drop caps.

This Les Paul electric guitar is easy to play, ideal for first-time users and experienced players. If you need to take this guitar anywhere use the gold-molded, durable hard-shell case. This case also allows you to keep other accessories handy like picks, extra strings, tuners, cleaning materials, and electric guitar tutorial books.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric
  • Body Type – Les Paul Traditional
  • Material – mahogany top, sides and back, rosewood fingerboard, titanium saddles, mother of pearl inlays
  • Special Features – ’59 Tribute pickups, with 2 volume and 2 tone controls, comes with Orange drop caps
  • Accessories –  hard-shell case

10. Gibson Les Paul Studio T Electric Guitar Silver Pearl

Editor’s Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Best Les Paul Guitar in Silver Pearl Color From Gibson

Image Source

One of the most unique electric guitars is the Gibson Les Paul Studio in silver pearl color. The body is a combination of two durable kinds of wood: a maple top with a carved design and mahogany neck for easy depth, sustain, and clarity.

All the regular features of the classic Gibson Les Paul are present starting the neck with a 1 11/15-inch nut, regular heel shape, Graph-Tech nut, and quality tuners. Standard pickup 490R and 490T humbuckers are used to create that vintage tones and the best sounds for rock, modern rock, and more. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – electric 
  • Body Type – Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Material – maple top, mahogany back, mahogany neck, chrome hardware
  • Special Features – carved top, original neck size and shape, high-quality standard tuners, 490D and 490T humbucker, lightweight
  • Accessories –  gig bag

Value Section

Which is the Best Gibson Guitar?

It would be tough to choose which Gibson guitar is the best considering that there are a lot of amazing Gibson models to choose from. But if you were to choose, the best guitar would have the following characteristics

  • Great design – Gibson has some of the best-looking guitars. Whether it’s an acoustic or an electric guitar, all Gibson models come with a perfect profile, are made from the best tonewoods, and are designed to play perfectly. This is primarily the reason why it’s widely preferred by many users.
  • Easy to play – Gibson guitars are also known for their playability. Because these guitars have the right curves and just the right feel and weight, these are easy to carry and comfortable to play. Although it’s wise to start with a regular guitar model if you’re just learning how to play, it’s much better if you use a good quality, easy to use Gibson guitar instead.
  • Good choice of materials – all Gibson guitars are made from the toughest, most durable, and perfectly-sounding tonewoods. You’ll find Gibson guitars in various combinations of materials like spruce, mahogany, walnut, basswood, and many more.
  • Lightweight, easy to travel – if you prefer a traveling guitar then some Gibson models are perfect for you. You will appreciate the lightweight, compact size, and easy playability and durability that you will only find in a Gibson Guitar.
  • With accessories

If you’re new to playing then you need a guitar with some accessories. Most Gibson guitars offered for beginners come with some accessories while the most you can get is a gig bag. But for electric guitar models, you’re bound to get a durable aluminum case.

What makes Gibson Guitars so special?

Whether you’re into acoustic, electric, or something in between, Gibson guitars offer the best products. The company’s secret is its strict attention to quality as every guitar receives careful attention from design, manufacture, and delivery to clients.

Most Gibson customers agree that their Gibson’s have the best designs, tone, and quality. It is no wonder that many well-known guitarists use Gibson. Just some are Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, John Lennon, and Jimmy Page.

Buyer’s Guide 

How to choose the best Gibson guitar?

To find the best Gibson guitar that will suit your needs and style, remember the following:

  • Do you need an acoustic, electric, or an acoustic-electric model?

Probably the very first thing you need to consider when buying a Gibson guitar or any guitar for that matter is whether you need an acoustic or an electric guitar or maybe you prefer an acoustic-electric model.

Gibson has a wide variety of acoustics and hybrids while their electric models are revered by many. You can check out their line at

  • Color, design and style preference

Your guitar says a lot about you therefore it’s best to customize your preference with your favorite color, guitar style, and design. Almost all Gibson guitars are available in different colors or finishes; you can easily choose one that matches your style. Gibson acoustic and electric guitars come in different designs and styles from classic dreadnoughts for acoustics and the very popular Les Paul models for electric guitars.

  • Beginner or experienced guitar player?

Gibson has guitar models that are smaller, lighter, and more compact and these are the best for beginner players. Meanwhile, experts can enjoy a wide variety of unique electric guitar models that will challenge their skills and talents

  • Do you want to travel with your Gibson guitar?

If you are looking for a guitar to take with you when you travel then the best would be mini acoustic guitars and Gibson also has several models to choose from. Mini acoustics are better when it comes to size, weight, and ease. You can take a mini acoustic on a traveling gig. Even a beginner can easily move, commute with this light guitar.

  • Accessories you will need

You must have the following accessories for your Gibson: guitar strap, guitar pick, extra strings (metal or nylon strings), gig bag or guitar case, tuner, and music books or instructions.

  • Your budget counts

Gibson is one of the most expensive guitars and thus, you need to save money or at least have enough money if you plan to buy one. But if you have a tight budget, you may check out a second hand or pre-loved Gibson guitars instead.


  • What is the best sounding Gibson acoustic guitar?

As far as customers and Gibson enthusiasts are concerned, there are five best-sounding Gibson acoustic guitars: the Gibson L-00, Gibson Dove, Gibson J-45, Gibson Montana Hummingbird and the Gibson Maestro.

  • Who uses Gibson guitars?

Here is a list of the most prominent guitar players who choose Gibson guitars

  • Jeff Beck loves his Gibson Les Paul
  • Duane Allman has a 1957 Les Paul Goldtop, 1959 Cherry Burst Les Paul, 1958 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul, and 1968 Cherry SG.
  • Eric Clapton uses Gibson Les Paul
  • Jimi Hendrix has an SG Custom, Les Paul Special, Flying V, and Les Paul Custom
  • Keith Richards uses Gibson Les Pauls, ES, Flying V, SG, L6S, and Melody Maker.
  • John Lennon  used a J-160E, J-5, Les Paul Special, modified Les Paul Junior,
  • Jimmy Page used a 1959 Les Paul, double-neck guitars.
  • Pete Townshend used a Gibson SJ-200 and many other models he destroyed on stage.


All the Gibson guitars in our review are the best in their ways and thus it was not easy to select the best model. But when it comes to good reviews and highest online ratings, the Gibson Maestro wins especially for beginner players. Aside from its lovely perfect body, there are many reasons why many favored this Gibson classic. 

First, it’s a full-size acoustic that’s easy and comfortable to play. The body is made from selected, durable tonewood and has been precisely designed. It is strong and resistant to the pressures of daily use. It’s a good find for people looking for a light guitar as well. It’s easy to play, ideal for beginners and expert players alike. So, if you’re looking for your first Gibson then we recommend the Gibson Maestro. If you think that the Gibson Maestro is the best Gibson guitar for you, check this out from this link.

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