10 Best Free Air Subwoofers in 2020

Are you feeling disappointed because you simply cannot have the right bass for the audio system of your car? Do you often try hard to listen to music, having no static in the car? If that is the case, then you should find the most effective rescue to your concern.

The best free air subwoofers in 2020 are devised to boost the sound performance in the audio system of the car without consuming too much space. The good thing about these subs is that they are solid enough to beautifully suit in the trunk without prejudicing the space.

A lot of people opt to use these kinds of subs since they do not demand the utilization of a mounting box that consumes most of the cargo space in the trunk. The aptitude to save space without risking the quality of the performance of the sound system is greatly captivating.

List of Best Free Air Subwoofers

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When it comes to the best free air subwoofers, you might find a lot of selections when you try to check the market. At first, you might think that the wide selection grants you the easiest access to getting the best kind of sub. However, this is not how purchasing the best free air sub should be done. Despite the wide selection, it is important that you first learn about the products to know about their features and limitations. By doing so, you will have a fuller grasp of whether they can provide you the things that you need and whether they possess the qualities in a sub that you are looking for.

To help you decide, here are some of the best free air subwoofers:

1. JBL CS1214

Best Overall

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  • Came from a reputable brand
  • Offered in a set of 2 subs
  • Lightweight subwoofers

JBL is a popular brand that has been existing for decades. Recognized for maintaining a credible reputation for assembling and creating the newest in technology in terms of sound audio equipment, JBL can provide quality-sound in their products, aside from the speakers.

The JBL CS1214 subwoofer would make an ideal admission sub for any individuals who want to get a little extra bass or to experience how a subwoofer can potentially improve the sound system of their car. This set has two subwoofers, which means that you can assemble them both as free air subwoofers. You will then get expanded sound and movement.

CS1214 is quite huge, with each measuring 12 inches, so they will create some significant effect on the sound system. You may opt to place them in an enclosure afterward if you relish their sounds. Their sound is impressive being free air subs; however, if you like to draw out their full capacity, you should get an enclosure.

Just like other free air subs, the CS1214 is no different because it also exhibits a lightweight and smooth structure without scrimping on the interior parts that create the powerful bass and excellent sound quality that people have been used to enjoy and love from JBL.

CS1214 is relatively compelling, too, with their maximum 2000W and 250W RMS. This implies a smooth, deep bass. If you are a striving artist or a musician, this free air sub can give you limitless and professional experiences. If you put an investment on this subwoofer, you will relish a pair of subs that can exceed your anticipations.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

2. Wet Sounds Subwoofer Set

Best Free Air Sub with the Most Amazing Frequency Response Range

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  • Available in white or black finish
  • Gives rigorous appearance without risking the excellent sound quality
  • Has 300W RMS

Made either in a white or black finish, the Wet Sounds Subwoofer set comprises everything you require to improve the audio system of your car subtly. Different from other subwoofers in a similar category, Wet Sounds gives a rigorous appearance without risking the excellent sound quality.

These subs are equipped with massive power, rated at 300W RMS, which implies you are going to be drawing a lot of basses while you rock through the waves. They are also equipped with an amazing range of frequency response, going sufficiently low to manage just around any kind of music.

Aside from that, these subs appear impressive with their silver guarding grill that will complement any boat you choose to take on the open seas. Wet Sounds is so far the most tenacious out there, designed to endure even the most difficult of aquatic situations without risking the quality. Its structure will guarantee that no water will accumulate around the sub, making it as dry as possible as you make an impact through the waves.

Product Rating: 4/5

3. Kicker 10CVX154 15″ 4-Ohm CompVX Subwoofer

Best Sub to Utilize the Injection-Molded SoloKon

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  • Affordable yet updated in terms of the latest technology
  • Excellent RMS power that handles 1000W
  • Features the injection-molded SoloKon
  • Utilizes 360 degrees black bracing technology

Inexpensive yet improved with the newest technology, the Kicker 10CVX154 Subwoofer provides maximum power handling with 2000W and an excellent RMS power handling that uses 1000W. It has a great shape, which is being influenced by an improved injection-molded SoloKon, which gives no deformation with the utilization of 360 degrees black bracing technology. It is significant to mention that it has a round shape and, therefore, can create significant, profound bass that resembles the race.

It weighs only 30 pounds and has a measurement that is approximately 15 inches. You don’t have to be troubled in mounting a cabinet in the trunk as Kicker 10CVX154 can function on its own.

Product Rating: 4/5

4. Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

Free Air Sub with the Smoothest Design

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  • Massive power packed into the sub
  • Much solid and broad bass
  • Comes in smooth design
  • Can suit well in tight areas

Pioneer is a popular name known for producing superior-quality products. Although, at first, you may have the hesitation because of the quite expensive cost that can be justified because of the massive power that is stuffed into this 8 inches sub. With massive power also comes a much solid and broad bass that will reveal your presence.

The Pioneer TS is built along with its tough components and smooth design, easily developing it into one of the most beautiful subwoofers offered in the market. Because of its dimension, it can suit well even in tight areas, but as with the entire free air subs, it operates better with the more slots it has.

And as usual, the subwoofer requires an enclosure to let loose its complete potential, although it is the ideal sub for people who see themselves next to the beginner audiophiles. Surely, you will never feel sorry for investing in this product, even if it costs you a little bit higher. Pioneer is fortunate to have entry to resources that can give the newest and best technological upgrades and information. Aside from having ample resources, Pioneer also gets access to employ the best engineers who can assist in creating the best subs available.

The TS-SW2502S4 utilizes the mica injected-molding and is recognized for radiance.

Product Rating: 4/5

5. Infinity Kappa

Best Free Air Sub that Connects the Gap between Intermediate and Beginner

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  • Bundles with plenty of power
  • Has 400W RMS
  • Features a massive depth

This 8 inches subwoofer bundles a lot of power despite its minimal size. This is devised to be a sub that connects the difference between the intermediate and the beginner. Hence, if you are someone who puts attention to the audio of your car but does not like to be left moneyless, the Infinity Kappa is a great choice.

The Infinity Kappa is equipped with lots of power and is graded 400W RMS with a maximum power of 1200W. It features a massive depth, even with its hollow mount subwoofer. With the added depth and construction design, it makes it a great option for any free air sub. Just like the others, it performs much greater with an enclosure, although you are still getting a lot of vigor and impressive bass with it being a free air subwoofer.

When it comes to power management, the Infinity Kappa performs a superior performance, exceeding just around every other sub in the market. It is the best intermediary sub for people who want to improve their system but not perpetrate a more costly assembly.

It also delivers an impressive range of frequency. It is not as noisy as the other subs; rather, it focuses on quality over volume.

Product Rating: 4/5

6. Lanzar Opti-Drive Pro Series

Most Affordable Accordion Cloth Surround

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  • Affordable
  • Has 1000W RMS
  • Provides energetic bass with no deformity

Lanzar is a brand that is not common among people who are not inclined with car audio systems. The Lanzar Opti-Drive Pro Series is affordable, with an impressive sound. Having a 1000W RMS, this subwoofer delivers sufficiently to provide you an energetic bass with no deformity. It may not be the ideal rating you can get; however, it is more than acceptable to finish the job successfully.

It brings an impressive range of frequency, letting you play merely anything you like without lacking a beat. It can expand intensively to the lows while keeping the versatility to attain the highs too. Lanzar Opti-Drive Pro Series was built with tough components, too, which means that it is going to be impressively enduring and not injure its interior components with regular use. It has an incredible size, which implies that you are about to require a lot of space to store this giant. Although it may not possess that gigantic power that would greatly shake your car like you may want it to, it is still an amazing deal with impressive sound quality that creates a fine sub.

Product Rating: 4/5

7. Kicker Comp 10C104

Best Free Air Sub with the Most Expanded Journey

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  • Affordable
  • Has 150W RMS
  • Exhibits a flex-resisting polypropylene cone

Kicker subwoofers are well-devised, and most significantly, they are inexpensive, which makes them greatly attainable to many people. The 10C104 is just one of the best products of Kicker. Its size is 10 inches, and it can manage an adequate quantity of power on a stable basis. This subwoofer is rated for a susceptibility rating of 86dB. It can manage up to 150W RMS.

The Kicker Comp 10C104 is applicable for both ported and sealed enclosures, and also in free-air application. It exhibits a flex-resisting polypropylene cone with 360 degrees back bracing for compelling lows without deformity. It has a ribbed foam surround that gives expanded journey and holds the cone on the spot, while the coupled stitching guarantees a credible job under a massive load of bass.

The only concern about 10C104 is its comparably fragile sensitivity rating, which is 86dB. Sensitivity comes along with the power to attain great output on sound. The logic is that the greater the sensitivity is, the lesser the power needed to create an equal quantity of sound as a standard with a reduced sensitivity rating. For instance, a subwoofer that has a sensitivity rating that is 3dB greater than the other sub only needs half as the power to provide an equal quantity of sound.

Product Rating: 4/5

8. Kicker 10C84

Best Free Air Sub that can be utilized as a Substitute to Factory-Mounted Sub

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  • Size of 8 inches
  • Can be utilized as a substitute to your factory-mounted subwoofer
  • Has 100W RMS

The only distinction between the Kicker 10C104 and the 10C84 is the size. The size of the latter is only 8 inches. They are both constructed in similar quality materials. The Kicker 10C84 will make a good choice for anyone who is searching for a respectable free air subwoofer to attach in the back deck opening. You may also utilize it as a substitute for your factory-mounted subwoofer. Its RMS is rated 100W and possesses a sensitivity rating of 85dB.

Just like other Kicker subs, the 10C84 can be attached in both sealed and ported enclosures. It is also applicable to the free-air application. However, one concern in adding one or two subs in the audio system of your car is that it may consume so much space.

If you place a huge, gigantic square box in the boot, you will learn that plenty of place’s portion, which was previously accessible, is not possible to get at. A free air subwoofer is just a simple and space-saving installing type in which the subs utilize the space of the trunk as their enclosure. It is a promising solution for people who like to put more presence and punch to their music without prejudicing the whole cargo area of the car.

Product Rating: 4/5

9. Infinity Reference REF1200S

Best Free Air Sub to Fit Small-Spaced Vehicles

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  • Can operate from the very confined space of your car
  • Has 250W RMS
  • Designed to endure the test of time

Limited-spaced vehicles also have the right for a little bass. The Infinity Reference REF1200S can do the favor of these confined vehicles. However, you cannot allow its small bundle to mislead you. The 12-inch Infinity Reference is significantly teeny needing an installing depth of only 3.5 inches for an appropriate assembly. You can make it operate from the very confined space of your car.

You will be glad to know that this sub also can kick off your boots. Equipped with a rating of 250W RMS and a maximum output of 1000W, you are just assured of how great its performance is.

Sensitivity is the main kicker of REF1200S at 92dB. The subwoofer also decently take the low frequency since its range for frequency response is between 27 Hz to 175 Hz. It also exhibits an adaptable resistance letting you whirl between 2 to 4 Ohms at the pitch of a switch.

The sub was also designed to endure the test of time. To guarantee a smooth reproduction, the sub is polished with a stiff polypropylene cone that posts nothing but smooth, balanced tunes.

Product Rating: 4/5

10. Kicker CompC 44CWCS124

Best Free Air Sub to Feature Dual-Voice Coils

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  • Affordable
  • Has an RMS rating of 300W
  • Features dual voice coils at a 4-Ohms impedance

Under the category of 12 inches free air subwoofers, Kicker designed one to cater to the request of their enthusiasts. Similar to their other models, the 44CWCS124 impresses with power that continues to break up the bass in a way that only Kicker sub can do.

The 44CWCS124 is relatively affordable, thus, suitable for anyone who has a concern on budget. This model guarantees that having a tight budget will not necessarily prejudice the opportunity of one to experience music suitably.

Astonishing performance is the ultimate objective of the Kicker. The 44CWCS124 has an RMS rating of 300W.  At the maximum power output of 600W, it tells that it can manage a little push without any concern. Also, this sub features dual voice coils at 4-Ohms impedance.

On the exterior, the sub accustoms the yellow stitching on the ribbed polyurethane surround. It also consumes the perimeter venting system to provide an appropriate thermal diversion. It has a firm motor formation that supports its endurance by inhibiting any significant injuries to the interiors.

The Kicker CompC 44CWCS124 is not only attainable because of its affordable cost, but it is also brilliant in terms of quality.

Product Rating: 4/5

Buying Guide

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It is necessary to remember that, similar to other preeminent purchases; you cannot just falter on the best free air subwoofer by simply getting the chance. Certain due attentiveness is crucial on your part. Thus, you must make yourself aware of the things to consider when about to buy the best free air subwoofer.


With the free air subwoofers, power is a no bargain. Bear in mind that these are devised specifically to function even if enclosures are lacking. And if your goal is to trigger amazement, your selection should require a power that is worth an ocean. What is good is that many free air subs are made available with an amazing dynamism, which makes them offhand boomers.

The RMS rating should be the one to weigh keenly if you want to determine the capability of the sub to unleash. The higher the RMS rating, the more potency it means. The maximum power output slightly influences the power abilities.

Range of Frequency

The music of different genres falls within various ranges of frequency. A sub having a broad range of frequency provides its users the advantage of complete leniency in whatever rhythm is at play. A subwoofer that can attain both high and lows with fervent dominance should be a good choice for you. It also gives minimal to no space for drip deformities.


As you already know, the best free air sub is the one that can endure the test of time with absolute aggression. Free air subwoofers perform in the skipping of the refuge that enclosures give. That implies that they have to be solid and tough as nails to operate long and decisively. These types of subs take relatively the beating compared to other competing models. You will then understand why flexibility is of extreme fundamental in their case.


Devised to function on a no-aid concept, free air subwoofers have to be earnestly melodious. That way, you are guaranteed to get an extraordinary musical experience.

Voice Coils

The number of voice coils being managed commonly illustrate the characteristic of wiring needed to make the sub up and operating. Certainly, single-voice coiled subs are glide to attach; nevertheless, you opt for something more flexible. Dual-voice coiled subs provide the much-required flexibility in terms of wiring, turning them a safer choice.

Other Considerations

Impedance is a main definitive of how clean the delivery of the subwoofer is. Lower impedance means higher output. Another thing to consider is the installation requirements. Unrecognized by many people, the method in which the sub installation is done may kill its ability to perform well. To help you preserve its ability, it would be best to choose a subwoofer with a cakewalk assembly since they are likely to save you from the adversity that may potentially lead to the misfortune of your subs.


Purchasing a free air subwoofer is not an easy task to do because there are plenty of technicalities that many of us do not comprehend. Nonetheless, it is up to you to perform thorough research to determine the best subwoofer for you.

If we are to assess the different features and limitations of each of the free air subwoofer featured on the list, we conclude that the best one is the JBL CS1214. It provides a clear, crisp, and powerful sound without causing deformity. Ranking second in the list is the Wet Sounds Subwoofer Set.

This list aims to help you in making your decision. For the best choice, always consider your needs and the purpose of your subs. You have to make sure that your choice of free air sub would cater to your needs exceptionally.

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