Best Drum Mic Kits in 2020

If you are a drummer and you are planning to record yourself while playing, chances are you would be daunted on where to begin and what things to prepare. Well, don’t get frustrated as many other drummers are feeling the same.

Although can always buy drum microphones separately, purchasing a drum mic kit can provide you the best solution to your concern as it is packaged with monetary benefits. Drum mic kits could differ in size and quality. Thus, you must know how to determine the best drum mic kits in 2020, so you would have a narrower selection.

List of Best Drum Mic Kits

With the competition growing tough among the manufacturers of drum mic kits, it then becomes a challenge of which to buy. The wide selection could not directly mean favorable to the users, as many of them may not be worthy of the investment. Being someone who wants to ensure value for money, you should only get a drum mic kit that is best in quality.

Here are some of the best drum mic kits in 2020:

1. Shure PG Alta Drum Microphone Kit

Best Overall Drum Mic Kit

  • Offers superior sound quality
  • Includes drum mics, one kick drum microphone, and three instrument ones
  • Composed of varied microphones
  • Added accessories such as XLR cables, drum mounts, and carrying case
  • Style simulates an industrial structure

Packed with seven microphones, the Shure PG ALTA 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit offers a superior sound-quality for studio recordings and live performances. The kit also includes three drum mics, one kick drum microphone, and three instrument ones. Furthermore, you also get seven XLR cables, three drum mounts, and a fashionable carrying case.

The microphones have gained trust from many users because of its quality and reliability when doing studio recordings and live performances. Designed to satisfy the needs of the users, the set is composed of varied microphones. The style simulates an industrial structure wrapped with metal. With the integration of the cardioid polar system, background noise and microphone feedback are discounted.

The varied mics included in the set make it attainable for the player to achieve flexibility in the drum’s sounding tone. The drum kick microphone, on the other hand, guarantees great sound. The drum clips can be adjusted and shall let you assemble the mics the way you want them.

The dynamic microphone is adjusted to counter the immensely firm, low frequencies, and it catches the power of the source with notable focus and precision.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

2. Audix DP7 Drum Mic Package

Best Kit with Mics Designed for Specific Drum Use

  • Devised for recording or tracking
  • I5 microphone highlights a cardioid polar system
  • D2 drum microphone possesses essential frequency as well as sensitivity response
  • D6 microphone works in kick drums and bass cabinets

The Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Mic Package is a kit devised for recording or tracking, and it gives the greatest value if the drum kit is generally good. Designed for a 7-piece structure, this kit excels from other existing kits because it is mainly an exceptional model and because Audix pursues in creating drum microphones.  Buying this kit, you get the perks of a credible set for lengthy years.

You may think that this kit also assembles some microphones created for various usages, just like the other kits in the market, but that does not happen with DP7. Rather, each of the microphones is built for particular use in drumming. You can separately get mics of the same kind, so you do not to be anxious if you happen to lose one. There will be an available mic to replace the lost unit.

When talking about accessories, it would be good to note that it has durable clips. They are easily set up and do not prompt any issues. They will fit well to any type of drum kit, will not cause trouble on the drum throne, and will not go loose.

Product Rating: 4/5

3. Samson DK707 Drum Microphone Kit Tripod Base

Best Drum Mic Kit with Steady Stands Attachments

  • Recommended to people who like to get handier microphone kit
  • Superior quality microphones
  • Includes mic stands and tripods

Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit is conveniently packed in a compressed plastic storage case. Comprising the 7-piece kit are 4 dynamic snare or tom mics with steady stands attachments and 4 drum mounts, 1 kick drum microphone that has a stand mount made in rubber, and 2 condenser mics made in pencil design.

The kit also comprises detachable clips and can be exchanged with others if desired. These clips do a promising job to set apart the unpleasant vibrations, but they may have concerns if the drum set is put on a wooden floor.

DK707 promises excellent sound-quality all over the place. The huge diaphragm kick microphone breaks out a great sound volume, and the extreme frequencies are wrapped by the caliber condensers. The tom and snare microphones also provide 2 extra tone controls to feature more flexibility.

Product Rating: 4/5

4. Sennheiser E604 Microphone Kit

Best Kit to Adapt on Bass and Guitar

  • Each mic is equipped with a strapping clamp
  • Mics are shielded in a fiberglass body
  • Lightweight voice coil

This kit is consists of 3 Sennheiser E604 mics. Essentially, this mic is designed for a tom or a snare drum, and it possesses an impressive range of frequency, varying from 40 Hz to 18 kHz. That implies that it is also applicable to the reduced frequency sounds produced by the kick drum.

It is adequate for grabbing sounds directly from a particular source, through tight cardioid polar systems. This creates the mic ideal in evoking the surrounding sounds. That implies that this mic is particularly ideal for recording. Although this mic was devised for drums, it is flexible enough to exhibit the sound of other instruments such as the bass or guitar.

Despite being small, this model is exceptionally enduring. The shell is built from glass composite, and it can withstand stick hits and drops. It has a detachable clip that gives a reasonable volume of movement so you can arrange the mic the way you want it. All these traits make it appropriate for a drum set for children.

Product Rating: 4/5

5. Pyle PDKM7 Dynamic Drum Microphone Set

Best Budget-Friendly Drum Mic Kit

  • Affordable drum microphone kit
  • Would fit any drum set
  • Each mic can grab low-end and sensitive/flat sounds
  • Meant for bass drums and other low-frequency instruments
  • Congruity with other rims of drums is not a concern

This 7-piece kit is composed of 5 dynamic mics, 2 condenser ones, and some accessories necessary for drum mounting. The entire kit comes in a carry case that provides handy carrying, and that implies a swift setup.

The mics are designed so they would suit all regular types of mic stands. Quantified to round up low-frequency sounds, the large drum mic is designed for bass drums. The set has 4 mics that are applicable for tom or snare application. The 2 condenser mics that are made to apprehend the sensitive vibrations manages the overhead sound.

Good sound quality is the very core of the Pyle PDKM7 Dynamic 7-piece drum microphone set. The bass mic provides a good range of frequency, and it can apprehend a huge lineup of sounds. These mics are meant for people that do not have enough budget for large investments on microphones, and as an outcome, the kind of materials employed are not the good ones.

Product Rating: 4/5

6. Telefunken DD5 Microphone Pack

Best Sophisticated Drum Mic Kit

  • Gives clear sound without background noise
  • Devised for kick drums
  • Can be used for bass cabinets, voiceover works, and other applications

When talking about the physical characteristics, the Telefunken DD5 exhibits a sophisticated look. The kit comes in various shades, the snare one is gloomy green, the toms are slightly grey, and the drum kick mic is shaded in black. All of them provide an impression of stability. The frequency of the bass mic is around 25 Hz to 18 kHz, and it can endure sound levels of up to 150dB.

The carry case is huge and durable enough to hold the entire mics, the cables, and the mounting devices. The plastic clip keeps up impressively, and they are convenient to setup. This is the reason why they make the best choice for live performances, and they are the best option too for a starter drum set.

It exhibits a concentrated cardioid pickup system that makes sure that the mics reflect no irrelevant background sounds. These mics were meticulously devised so they only reflect very minimal noises, although that sometimes comes with the risk that they will not get the entire volume of the produced sound.

For sound reinforcement made during live performances, this kit would be adequate to work well. However, for bigger venues, you will have to secure more overhead drum mics.

Product Rating: 4/5

7. Nady DMK-7

Best Kit to Use Neodymium

  • Exhibits cardioid pattern
  • Withstands a maximum of 140dB SPL
  • Wrapped in rubber isolation jacket

The Nady DMK-7 kit is a brilliant choice if you like to get affordable yet durable microphones that finish the job excellently when it comes to drum recording. The kit is comprised of 4 dynamic microphones, 1 kick drum microphone, and 2 condenser ones. The dynamic mics attached in this kit features a cardioid pattern that lets near miking and inhibits bleed-through from other sections of the drum set. The mics can also withstand a maximum of 140dB SPL, which facilitates recording the most blaring drums without deformity.

The DM80 kick drum microphone possesses the element of neodymium, which provides the utmost output and exhibits a rubber shock-mount microphone holder that reduces vibration pick-up of the floor. The 2 condensers are CM88 mics and are 9-52V phantom-powered and carry an enlarged frequency response for smooth and clear sound production.

The microphones included in this kit were also wrapped with rubber isolation jacket, which makes them feel solid and tough.

Product Rating: 4/5

8. CAD Audio Stage 7

Best Value for Money Drum Mic Kit

  • Features super-cardioid polar system
  • Each mic has drum mount clips
  • Value for money

The CAD Audio Stage 7 kit highlights a complete family of drum microphones, with five dynamic mics and two condenser ones for miking every piece of the kit. Its D19 snare mic follows a super-cardioid polar system with a frequency range of 90 Hz to 14 kHz.  The three D29 tom microphones follow the similar cardioid polar system, although twisted to better occupy the sound of toms with the frequency range of 90 Hz to 13 kHz.

Similarly, the low-end intensity of kick drum is arrested by the D10 kick microphone since it is modulated to 50 Hz to 16 kHz. Ultimately, the CAD Audio Stage 7 kit is integrated with 2 condenser mics, which can be assembled as overhead mics for the cymbals, with added sensitivity to greater frequencies. Each mic is equipped with drum mount clips. The condenser overhead mics, on the other hand, are integrated with a roll-off pad.

Overall, value for money happens to be its most complimented feature. It develops good build and sound quality, which is truly beneficial to the users.

Product Rating: 4/5

9. Sabian Sound Kit

Best Kit that Comes with Own Solid Mixer

  • Comes with a solid mixer
  • Easy to setup
  • Value for money
  • Intuitive mixer control

The Sabian Sound Kit is a 3-piece kit that is made available with its solid mixer – a feature that is not offered by other manufacturers. This 3-channel personal drum mixer carries a designated channel for apprehending the kick drum through the attached SK1 mic. The remaining two channels are meant to capture everything else through the two SOH2 overhead microphones. Also, the mixer allows you to keep track of your sound through headphones with its 3.5mm and ¼ inch jack outputs.

Its features for easy assembly, inherent mixer control, and the value for money would make this kit engaging to drummers as well as the home recording studios. It never stops in satisfying the users, even those who were anticipating an average-quality of sound are amazed by the enhanced quality of recording that they get. Although the kit is devised to apprehend the whole drum kit together with the circulating sounds, some have obtained ideal results by bringing this kit in close contiguity drum mics.

Product Rating: 4/5

10. Earthworks DK25/R

Best Streamlined Drum Mic Kit

  • Simplified assembly
  • Can manage low-end energy of kick drums
  • Apprehends more specifications

The Earthworks DK25/R provides a unique way to miking drums. Rather than exhibiting the common 5 to 7 microphone setup, this kit comes with a streamlined assembly of 2 overhead mics and 1 kick pad mic. Surprisingly, this streamlined assembly possesses more specifications than sophisticated miking. This is because of the 2 overhead TC25 condenser mics that apprehend the sound produced by the drum kit together with the reverb and the natural air of the room.

This has made it an easy yet practical assembly for acoustic drum kit recording. The SR25 condenser mic supports the 2 overhead mics through the in-line kick pad adapter, particularly made to manage the low-end energy of kick drums. The disadvantage to this assembly is the insufficient control for the individual parts of the drum when mixing, and it cannot be utilized if recording in a noisy room or a complete band.

The modesty of the assembly is an edge, along with the flexibility of the overhead mics that can be employed to record singers or multiple instruments. If you like to get a drum mic kit that guarantees quality and you are up to engage on a huge investment, then Earthworks DK25/R would be great.

Product Rating: 4/5

Buying Guide

Buying the best drum mic kits can be both exhausting and fun. You are likely to get exhausted if you do not know how to simplify the selections. Now, just like many of other products in the market, there are several things to consider when finding the best drum mic kit:

How many microphones?

Basing on the number of drums you have in the kit, and how many of those you like to amplify, you should get a drum mic kit that fits your requirements. Some would want to get everything they need and buy kits that offer microphones that work for any kind of drum. Others would opt to buy a few.

If you are open to the idea of going for the value of money, a 7-piece kit will make a great choice in the long run. You might also prefer a 3-piece kit and, in time, getting some overhead mics.

Microphones and Applications

Practically speaking, it would be more affordable to buy a drum mic kit rather than buying drum mics individually. This is because kits normally include essential accessories such as cases and mounting clips. A lot of these drum mic kits are also applicable for vocals as well as other instruments. Although the majority of the drum mics are dynamic, part of the kit is also the condenser mics.

Dynamic mics are best used on toms, snare, and kick drums because they provide an ideal average frequency range and have a solid construction to endure infrequent miss-hit. Oftentimes, condenser microphones are offered in a pair and are commonly used as room mics or overheads to apprehend the huge range of frequency of the cymbals and the room ambiance.


Added accessories would make a drum mic kit handier. A lot of them are offered with drum mounts characterized with interspersed clamps that let you attach the mics straight to the drum.  Some kits have stands that are beneficial in installing kick or tom mics. Another accessory that is commonly included in the best drum mic kit is the carrying case, which makes transport and storage more comfortable. Some kits also offer XLR cables as added accessories.

Live vs. Studio Setting

For live settings, dynamic microphones are the kind of mics to be used since they can manage massive levels of sound pressure; they have impressive background noise elimination and are less susceptible to feedback. There are times, primarily in big venues, where condenser mics are utilized to attain better specification live performances.

For studio setting, close-miking every drum component with the dynamic mics grant you more command over each part of the drum, which is significant in the process of production. Diversely, the overhead condenser mics grant you a full illustration of the drum sound with the least time required for setup. However, the disadvantage of this kind of setup is that it is more susceptible to background noises, and you do not have the individual command to regulate the sound of every drum part.


Getting a bigger number of microphones at your allocation provides you better recording adaptability as well as a smoother and more straightforward pickup from every individual drum kit component. This list presents the best drum mic kits. It is significant to bear in mind that quality will likely reflect in its price, and when buying a piece of recording equipment, you will either purchase nice or purchase twice.

Assessing the features and compositions of the above drum mic kits, we conclude that the best one is the Shure PG ALTA 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit. It offers excellent quality microphones that are featured on usual hit recordings. Ranking next to Shure PG ALTA is the Audix DP7 7-piece Drum Mic Package.

We hope to help you in your search for the best drum mic kits in 2020. At the end of the day, you will be the one who will be making a choice. These are merely guides to help you. We still recommend that you thoroughly assess your needs and carefully see which among the featured kits is most suitable for you. You mustn’t get persuaded with cheap kits. Although they could do a favor to your wallet, they still make poor investment and thus not giving you the value for money.

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