10 Best Acoustic Guitar Cases in 2020

Your acoustic guitar is a perfectly-tuned instrument. Keep it perfect, keep it safe by using only the best acoustic guitar cases. With a guitar case, you can keep your strings tuned as you won’t be able to touch the fretboard or the headstock and affect the tune of your instrument. Also, a case keeps all your acoustic guitar accessories like the guitar strap, picks, extra strings, tuner, music sheets, and cleaning cloth. 

There are many types of guitar cases; some are called gig bags as you go from gig to gig with your guitar bag. Some are hard cases to further protect your guitar especially if you’re traveling or keeping a high-end acoustic. If you’re looking for a good quality acoustic guitar case, we might be able to help with these top 10 best guitar cases of the year.

What are the best acoustic guitar cases?

1) CAHAYA Guitar Bag 40, 41, 42-Inch Guitar Case with Six Pockets

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Padded, Waterproof, Extra-Thick CAHAYA Guitar Case

This CAHAYA guitar bag is an overly-padded guitar gig bag that fits guitar sizes 40 to 42 inches. It is very different than other guitar bags on our list because of its classy maroon or dark brown color. It is made from a very strong, waterproof, and protective material called Oxford. You can protect your precious guitar further as you travel using this bag or when you use this bag as a permanent guitar storage case.

This comes with 0.5-inch extra-thick padding made of a very durable sponge. This padding will protect your instrument from scratches, bumps, and marks. It will also keep water out so it’s safe to move in light rain. On the bag’s side is a large handle that will allow you to hold this bag with one hand. Use the padded, adjustable backpack straps to take your guitar as you move. With your guitar on your back, you can move freely and your hands can move freely as well.

When it comes to pockets, you get more than what you ask for. It has a total of six outer pockets for everything that you need. The large zippered pocket can hold your sheet music and books while the long pocket near the neck can hold the guitar stand or microphone set. Small pockets can be used to keep picks, strings, tuners, and other small items. At the back, a convenient slide pocket can keep valuable items and there is another secret pocket just below the handle at the front. You can keep money, cards, keys here without scratching or puncturing your bag or guitar.

The bottom of this gig bag has shockproof rubber and will protect your guitar’s body from shock. At the back, a convenient loop handle will let you hang this bag with or without your guitar for storage. It keeps your acoustic guitar clean and safe as you store it. 

Tech Specs

  • Material – oxford material
  • Padded – overly-thick sponge padding everywhere
  • Pockets – six pockets, two of these are secret pockets to hide keys, money and other valuable items. Other pockets can hold guitar accessories, sheet music, and books
  • Handles – one handle at the side for one-hand carry, one handle on top and shoulder straps for backpack carry
  • Additional Features – rugged appearance, unique color, shockproof rubber base, very strong zippers
  • Accessories –  none

2) Donner 41-Inch Acoustic Guitar Case

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best 0.5-inch Padding Acoustic Guitar Bag from Donner

The Donner Guitar Case is a gig bag made from very durable, water-resistant material known as 600D nylon Oxford. It also keeps your instrument protected from bumps and scratches which may be sustained during traveling or commuting thanks to its 12mm sponge-padded body. An additional 210D soft and smooth fabric lining also hugs your guitar. This will keep your instrument in perfect condition when you store it or travel.

This is for 40 to 41-inch guitars or a dreadnought guitar. It is easy to handle as it comes with adjustable straps on the shoulders so you can carry your instrument like a backpack. This gig bag comes with three pockets that provide enough room to keep your accessories like extra strings, picks, cables, tuners, capo, and music sheets. It also has exterior pockets that can keep your phone, money, bus pass, and keys. 

And to secure your guitar are two zippers with heavy-duty pullers. These won’t get stuck easily and are very difficult to break. A top hanger can hang the bag when not in use. This bag is covered by a 1-year warranty for more value for your money.

Tech Specs

  • Material – 600D nylon Oxford,  210D soft and smooth lining fabric
  • Padded – yes with 12mm sponge layer
  • Pockets –  three pockets with one found at the exterior
  • Handles – shoulder straps like a backpack
  • Additional Features – with two zipper pullers, loop hanger, for 40 to 41-inch guitars
  • Accessories –  none

3) CAHAYA 41-Inch Acoustic Guitar Bag

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best 41-Inch Acoustic Guitar Case from CAHAYA

Image Source

A very popular acoustic guitar gig bag is the CAHAYA guitar bag. This is the current model with 0.35 inches more padding and roomier front pocket compared to its predecessors. It is compatible with guitar sizes from 39 to 41 inches acoustic as well as classical guitars.

This is a soft bag but it has a waterproof exterior made from oxford cloth. This material will keep your instrument dry and protected even when you commute.

The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can use this gig bag no matter how small or how large your body frame is. It also comes with three handles as you can carry your guitar with one hand, on one shoulder, and both shoulders. It also has a hanger loop so you can hang your guitar and keep it safe and secure.

When it comes to pockets, two exterior pockets on the front and neck are included. These can keep small items like picks, tuners, and string and the big one can keep sheet music, CDs, and documents.

Tech Specs

  • Material – thick and secure Oxford cloth
  • Padded – 0.35 inch thicker padding
  • Pockets – two pockets at the back and neck
  • Handles – three handles; can be used as a backpack
  • Additional Features – soft  but durable, compatible with 39 to 41 inches guitars, with loop hanger
  • Accessories – none

4) CAHAYA Guitar Bag – Premium Version 0.5 Thick Sponge Padded

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Overly Padded Acoustic Guitar Case from CAHAYA

This is an upgraded CAHAYA premium gig bag with thicker padding. It is a good fit for bigger guitars from 41 to 42 inches. Expect this guitar case to protect your precious acoustic better as it comes with 0.5 inches thick sponge pads. This is thicker and more protective than the previous CAHAYA bags.

It is made from waterproof oxford material therefore the bag is strong and will never tear or rip easily. The handles are made from non-slip, easy-grip silicone and are firmly attached to the bag.

This bag comes with two pockets one at the front of the bag and the other one at the neck which can keep all your acoustic guitar accessories including picks, strings, tuner, capo, straps, and music books. These pockets are bigger, roomier and thus you can carry more accessories. This guitar bag lets you carry your acoustic with one hand or like a backpack. The straps are adjustable and will fit your body whether you have a large or small body frame.

This CAHAYA guitar bag is perfect for carrying your bag to your venue or when you travel farther. The pockets are perfect for keeping bus passes, tickets, phones, and wallets too. And with the bag on your back, your hands are free to do anything as you travel.

Tech Specs

  • Material – Oxford material
  • Padded – 0.5 inches padding
  • Pockets – two pockets one at the front, one at the neck
  • Handles – silicone handle, two straps to carry the bag like a backpack
  • Additional Features – strong zippers, waterproof, make your guitar easier to handle and take anywhere.
  • Accessories – none

5) Faswin 41-Inch Guitar Bag Dual-Adjustable Straps

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Faswin Adjustable Straps Acoustic Guitar Bag

The Faswin 41-Inch Guitar Gig Bag is a guitar bag with an adjustable strap so you can carry your instrument on your back like a bag. It is made from a very durable, high – quality material that resists bumps, scratches, and splashes. There is a non-abrasive lining that soft, puncture-proof and will protect important guitar parts like the bridge, headstock, and the soundhole.

The Faswin gig bag has a large pocket where you can keep your music sheets as well as other accessories. It also has a large storage pocket to keep your tuner, capo, and other larger accessories. This traditional backpack-style gig bag that frees your hands as you travel or commute.

Tech Specs

  • Material – high-quality material
  • Padded – with non-abrasive soft liner, protect the headstock and bridge with puncture-proof patches
  • Pockets – with sheet music pocket and large storage pocket for accessories
  • Handles –  with handle and backpack-type shoulder straps
  • Additional Features – 41 inches size
  • Accessories – none

6) ChromaCast Acoustic Guitar Bag

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Padded Acoustic Guitar Bag from ChromaCast

The ChromaCast acoustic guitar bag is padded to carefully protect your instrument and your playing accessories. It is available in different sizes and the one featured here is an acoustic guitar bag. Other sizes are acoustic ¾ size, acoustic bass, acoustic jumbo, acoustic mini jumbo, bass guitar, and electric guitar sizes. 

The ChromaCast gig bag is made from nylon; it’s heavy-duty, resists splashes, and will never wear or tear. It comes with a handle so you can hold it in one hand. You may also use its adjustable shoulder straps if you want to travel with your guitar like a backpack. There is a large pocket at the front and this can be used to hold all kinds of things including your guitar’s accessories. 

From picks to tuners and from extra strings to songbooks, you can place a lot of stuff inside this large zippered pocket.

Tech Specs

  • Material – nylon
  • Padded – with extra padding to protect your instrument
  • Pockets – with one large zippered pocket on the front
  • Handles – with a handle and shoulder straps
  • Additional Features – adjustable shoulder straps, available in different guitar sizes and even for electric guitars
  • Accessories – none

7) Gator Cases Hard-Shell Wooden Case

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best 12-String Acoustic Guitar Hard-Shell Case

Image Source

The Gator Cases acoustic guitar case is recommended for 6 or 12-string dreadnoughts. There are four styles to choose from: a 3/12-string dreadnought acoustic, a ¾”   acoustic, a triple O acoustic, and a classical guitar case. This fits almost all models of 6 or 12-string guitars from popular brands like Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Yamaha, Washburn, and many others.

The dimensions of this guitar case are 23.5 inches length, 6.5 inches height, 16.5 inches lower bout width, 12.5 inches middle bout width, 13 inches upper bout width. With an overall length of 43.5 inches and 6.5 inches in height.

This case is made from very durable plywood with a Black Tolex PVC cover. This can stand many years of regular use. It comes with large locks to keep your device safe and secure. It has an ergonomic handle that allows you to grip the bag comfortably. This has a balanced headstock ideal for 6 or 12-strings acoustics.  

Tech Specs

  • Material – plywood and Black Tolex PVC cover
  • Padded – thin interior padding
  • Pockets – none
  • Handles – one ergonomic handle
  • Additional Features – for 6 and 15-string guitars, available in four guitar sizes and styles
  • Accessories –  none

8) YMC 39-Inch Acoustic Guitar Case/Bag

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Waterproof, Dual-Adjustable Guitar Gig Case from YMC

The YMC acoustic guitar gig bag is a 39-inch waterproof bag with dual adjustable straps so you can carry your guitar like a backpack. It is made from very durable and water-resistant 600D Oxford nylon. It comes with a 5mm padding made of durable sponge. Inside is a smooth fabric 210D lining that protects your delicate, well-tuned instrument from scratches, bumps, and scratches. 

The backpack straps are wide and adjustable so it can fit any body type. It also has to handles so you can carry this with one hand on the go. And when it comes to storage, you can keep a lot of stuff in the large pocket like sheet music, books, CDs and other large items. A smaller pocket can hold smaller items like picks, strings, and tuners.

The YMC gig bag will fit 39-inch classic guitars and 38 and 39-inch standard-size acoustics. Interior measurements: length 20 inches, height 4 inches, lower bout width 15 inches, middle bout width 12.5 inches and upper bout width 12 inches. It has an overall length of 40 inches.

Tech Specs

  • Material – 600D Oxford nylon and 210D fabric lining
  • Padded –  5mm padding
  • Pockets – two pockets, one big one on the front and a small one for smaller accessories
  • Handles – two handles for carrying the case with one hand and backpack shoulder straps
  • Additional Features – with durable zippers
  • Accessories – 9 pcs picks, pick holder, string winder and rubber strap lock,

9) DRHOUSE Acoustic Guitar Case Soft

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Guitar Soft Case from DRHOUSE

The DRHOUSE soft case is for acoustic guitars with a 40 to 42-inch size. It is fully padded at 10mm and thus protects your guitar better than other regular guitar gig bags. It is for a traditional dreadnought or any type of classical guitar. 

It has strong and comfortable padded straps that you can adjust according to your body size and level of comfort. It also comes with a carrying handle so you can carry this gig bag with one hand. When it comes to pockets, it has two large ones at the front where you can place your music book, song sheets, or your iPads and tablets.

This DRHOUSE guitar bag is made from very strong 600D oxford fabric. Inside is padded with soft plush 10mm pearl cotton sponge. Meanwhile, the zippers are zinc, which is very durable and will never rip or tear no matter how much you use this bag.

And to give you more value for your money, your purchase comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty plus 30-days money-back guarantee. 

Tech Specs

  • Material – 600D oxford material
  • Padded –  10mm pear cotton sponge liner
  • Pockets – two large pockets on the front of the bag
  • Handles – with two handles to carry this with one hand and backpack shoulder straps
  • Additional Features – zinc zipper, with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Accessories – none

10) GLEAM Guitar Gig Bag

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Sponge Padding Guitar Gig Bag from GLEAM

The GLEAM gig bag is a safe way to carry your precious acoustic guitar no matter where you want to go. It fits 41-inch guitars and protects from scratches, dents, marks, and bumps thanks to its 0.3-inch sponge liner. 

This is made from a durable, waterproof material. The sponge protective lining keeps the guitar safe as you travel or commute. You can keep all your accessories inside its large pockets. The large pocket is large and strong and can even fit a small laptop, tablet, or magazines.

The zipper is zinc alloy and thus will never rust and will last a long time. It has a handle to carry it with one hand and backpack shoulder straps to free your hand as you travel.

GLEAM gig bags are thicker and more durable. It will keep your instrument safe as you travel and will also work as a guitar storage case.

Tech Specs

  • Material – waterproof and durable material
  • Padded – 0.3-inch padding made of high-quality sponge
  • Pockets – two large pockets on the front of the bag
  • Handles – one handle for one-hand carry and backpack shoulder straps
  • Additional Features – zinc alloy zippers
  • Accessories –  none

Value Section

How to measure your acoustic guitar to get a case that fits?

If you want to buy a new guitar case for an old guitar or you recently purchased a new one without a guitar case then surely you’re looking for a way to measure your instrument to buy a case with the perfect fit. Here are some techniques to measure your acoustic guitar.

1) Know the kind of acoustic guitar and the size to buy the perfect case.

If you don’t know the type and the size of the guitar you have by looking it up online. Take note that although there are general acoustic guitar types, like the dreadnought, jumbo, auditorium, and concert, to name a few, some brands come up with their own. So to be very specific, use Google and type the search terms “GUITAR BRAND types and sizes.”

But if you can’t find the type of your guitar because it has a weird shape or size then you can take this to a local music shop. If you can’t take your instrument with you, trace an outline of this guitar on paper or take a photo of it.

2) How to measure your guitar

Once you know the type of acoustic guitar you have, you may now measure it. If you have a guitar stand or an old case, place your instrument in and measure its length using a tape measure.

Measure from the topmost part to the bottom; this starts from the tip of the headstock to the lowest part of the body. Aside from the length, you must also measure the depth, the waist, and the upper and lower bout.

3) How to measure the guitar case or gig bag

Now that you have your guitar’s type and measurements, it’s time to find the guitar case with the right fit. Most new guitar cases sold online come with the product dimensions: length, depth, and width so it’s easy to find the right case for your instrument.

But if you happen to be in a flea market, in a local music store or a thrift shop and you see a case or bag, it’s best to measure the case or to bring your instrument with you. And aside from the size, you should also consider other factors in selecting the right guitar case. 

Buyer’s Guide 

How to choose the best acoustic guitar case?

As we mentioned before, size is not the only thing that matters when it comes to buying a guitar case or gig bag. The following must be considered very well:

  • Well-padded bag/case

You must get a well-padded bag. Most brands brag about the thickness of their sponge bag lining and it’s important to consider these numbers.

  • Waterproof case

Oxford bags are waterproof material and this is the top choice for guitar players. It’s important to protect your guitar from water damage, moisture, mold, and warping due to exposure to water. Any of these will also dramatically change the tone of your instrument.

  • Pockets and more pockets

Carry all your guitar-playing accessories in one bag. These should be handy, especially when you’re going to play in a gig or event. This is why you need to settle with a bag with enough pockets. Also, consider a large pocket to keep precious music sheets and books.

  • Handles and straps

You must insist on a bag with comfortable handles so you can carry your gig bag in one hand. Most of the gig bags we have on our list come with adjustable straps to carry the bag like a backpack. This is perfect if you want to take your guitar on a trip or as you commute.

  • Zippers

Always consider a bag or case with strong zippers. Rust-proof, durable zippers are important to secure your acoustic guitar better.

  • Your budget counts

Consider your budget foremost. They say you get what you pay for when you buy cheap or expensive acoustic guitars. It’s best to rely on well-made, high-quality, guitar cases that will protect your precious acoustic guitar than to buy cheap gig bags that won’t offer any kind of protection.

  • Buying second-hand guitar cases

When buying second-hand cases, expect a case that’s not as durable as a new one. Check for any rips, poorly-working zippers, handles, and straps falling off or holes in pockets. Although you can repair most of these problems, you’ll never know when these will happen again. This is why it’s best to purchase new cases than get a second-hand bag.


• What size acoustic guitar should I get?

There are some factors to consider when deciding what size of acoustic guitar to get. Consider

  • Your guitar playing skill ( a beginner or an expert)
  • Do you intend to travel with your guitar
  • The size of your hand
  • Your age

• What are guitar cases made of?

Guitar cases come in all shapes and sizes and are mostly made from the following materials

  • Nylon – the fibers of nylon material are very strong and yet elastic. These are stronger than polyester and are also tough and resistant to abrasion. Also, guitar cases and bags made of nylon are easier to wash and are very lightweight. Therefore, it’s easier to carry a heavy guitar in a nylon guitar gig bag.
  • Oxford fabric – 600D oxford fabric is the most common type used in making guitar bags and cases. This is because it’s durable, breathable, and yet waterproof. This fabric material is good for making bags and clothing as this is resistant to tears and wrinkles. 
  • Wood – wood or plywood is used to make hard guitar cases. Wood helps keep the shape of the case which is important in protecting precious or expensive acoustic or classical guitars. Wood is covered with a special material to make it waterproof and the most commonly used is PVC material
  • PVC – PVC covers make wooden cases waterproof, dry, and strong. PVCs come in different colors and are very tough to help wooden cases preserve their form. 
  • Foam lining – foam helps protect acoustic guitars by providing padding. Some guitar bag makers claim their gig bags have more padding or overly-stuffed because the more padded a bag is, the more it’s able to keep your instrument safe.

• Where are Gator guitar cases made?

Gator guitar cases are manufactured in Tampa, Florida, USA. The company also has manufacturing plants in Columbia City, Indiana. Gator guitar cases are known as one of the best in the world. These are unlike any other because these are made from durable plywood with a

Black Tolex PVC cover. Tolex is a name for a waterproof, very flexible, vinyl-type material that covers different items like books, cases, upholstery, guitar amps, and guitar cases, to name a few. Different guitar case manufacturers use Tolex to make their products waterproof and stronger.

• What is the best brand for acoustic guitar?

There are many great acoustic guitar brands each with their amazing line of acoustics so it’s difficult to decide the best one. To name a few of the best names:

  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • Yamaha
  • Washburn
  • Martin
  • Ibanez
  • Taylor
  • Is 39-inch guitar full size?

A full-size guitar is 40 inches for concert acoustic guitars and 41 inches for dreadnought acoustic guitars. Therefore, a 39-inch is not a full-size or adult guitar despite only an inch lacking.


Our review of the ten best acoustic guitar cases has come to an end and we have decided that the best product is the CAHAYA guitar bag. We chose this bag because of its many fine qualities.

First, this is an overly-padded guitar gig bag made from very strong, waterproof, and protective Oxford. Also, this guitar bag comes with a 0.5-inch extra-thick sponge padding that will protect your instrument from scratches, bumps, and marks. This material is also waterproof.

It has durable handles and shoulder straps to easily carry your guitar as you commute or travel. We also love this CAHAYA because of its many pockets, some of them are even secret pockets! This case protects your guitar inside and out and thus, we recommend it as the best acoustic guitar case. If you think that the CAHAYA Guitar Bag Guitar Case is the bests acoustic guitar case for you, check this out at this link.


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