‘Fender Play’ Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Learning how to play a musical instrument nowadays are nearly very easy. This can be because there are plenty of skilled people and instructors who are willing to impart their talent to others. Although this fact can be a good factor, more and more people have been getting access to learning to play musical instruments through the different facilities brought by the internet.

Music lovers would have great affection for Fender Play. Fender Play is a music learning program online that concentrates on teaching ukulele, guitar, and bass. Ranging from the classic songs up to the latest and famous songs, its music library is abundant and updated. Guitar fanatics get unlimited access to tutorials and the convenience of learning the use of guitar anytime, anywhere.

The First Impressions

Learning about this objective, the program is focused on pure starters, and for people who are planning to get a refresher. A lot of guitar guideline programs are formulated for starters; thus, people with exceptional skills may not appreciate the benefits as much with the beginners. Fender Play is a cheap option for people who do not have the budget to hire private instructors and specifically for people who are at the start of their venture.

Different from other existing online courses, Fender Play is intended exclusively for beginners. This means that once the level of skill improves and becomes higher than a beginner status, you should finally outgrow the Fender Play.

Fender Play was formulated while focusing on the needs of the beginners. The program would walk you through the simplest guidelines as if you have never used a guitar before. Although this may sound very elemental, there should be no reason for the beginners to feel shame about this kind of treatment since it is entirely essential for most people who are just about to start their learning.

Getting to Play

On the back portion, there are plenty of things that lead the Fender Play the better solution as contrary to participating in conventional guitar classes. Easy browsing to its website shall let you land on a page with a design that is modern and wonderfully clean. From there, you will readily view a captivating list of lessons which are classified into basics, techniques, chords, and more.

How does it Work?

If you are planning to use Fender Play as a mean to learn to play the guitar, you should know the following tips on how to go through this program:

1. Know what Instrument you will Use

If you register on Fender Play, you should decide what instrument you will like to play. You will have the option to choose either Ukulele, Acoustic, Electric, or Bass Guitars.

2. Know your style

After deciding for your instrument, you may then confine your learning and choose your kind of music. You will be prompted with numerous options such as County, Folk, Rock, Blues, and Pop. When you register on Fender Play, you will be commonly asked to answer a short form. In that form, you will have to indicate what particular genre you are most fond of.

This will assist you in making a customized curriculum and providing you a break-down of lessons by instructors who are most appropriate to conduct the teaching. The only unpleasant thing about Fender Play is that the browsing of songs is best conducted by searching through artists.

Further, it is essential to know that other than covering various genres, Fender Play has particular lessons for acoustic and electric guitar. The data you endorse after completing the registration shall also help the program direct you on the right path.

3. Simply follow the indicated steps

From there, you may simply follow the bit-by-bit learning process, which is termed as “Bite-Sized Lessons.” A lot of learners have seen the bite-sized lessons a great method to learn to play the guitar.

The lessons are very specific with different angles of the video, plus learners can also view exactly how the instructor is playing. The steps are simple to follow.

4. Difficulty in Progression

Tackling the difficulty progression in any teaching program is always significant. Learners have to understand exactly how difficult the offered lessons are, however, they should also feel comfortable during their first encounter with the program.

Learning to play guitar is an exciting task, although it can be disappointing at first, too. Fender Play offers sufficient content for complete neophytes and intermediate learners. The video under the first level, which tackles the basics of the guitar, provides a quick but thorough discussion in setting up and playing your guitar.

5. Video Production

The value of video production in Fender Play is nearly exceptional. Nearly but not yet there because there is a good offer of older video content. A lot of the older videos were not altered or developed in any way. Some lessons could have been since revisited by a similar instructor or others. However, there is an ample portion of moderate quality videos also.

The value of video production is identified by a lot of factors. Getting HD videos is not the same as superior production. You need to account for the existing camera angles, audio clarity, media player features, the ability of the instructor to discuss the concepts, and a lot more. If you put all these things into consideration and simply deduct some of the moderate quality videos, the general video production value is near to excellent. The lessons for beginners, to be specific, are simple to follow.

6. Songs and Instructors

Instructors play an important role in any kind of online teaching platform. It is not always about the title and the license. Although the names of instructors that you will see in the roster of Fender Play may seem not familiar, know that these people are all expert and qualified musicians and skilled in their genres.

You should know that not all lessons will give you the feeling of a one-on-one lesson. Some tutorials may not display instructor exhibiting techniques. Others may show instructors but only in minimal to no communication. The discussions in some videos are not audible but instead visual.

Learning about that, it would be good to get access to a wide range of libraries made by famous older and conventional artists. It would be fair to tell that if you are an enthusiast of music, you will see some of your most wanted hits through Fender Play added with TABs and directs on how to use them.

7. Tools

Fender Play is available with some extra tools. Firstly, the program features an online tuner that operates with any kind of device. Another impressive app that you acquire access to is the Fender Tone amp controller. The app would let you use your tablet or smartphone to make alterations to your amp. It is not suitable for all kinds of amps; however, if you happen to get the Rumble or Fender Mustang GT amps, you should be able to manage this useful app.

What will you get from the Membership?

Becoming a member of Fender Play will also open you to various benefits and edges. Although there should be a corresponding fee when becoming a member, you should at least know the potential benefits of becoming a member:

1. Easy Guided Learning Direction

Learning online can offer convenience in a way that you do not have to travel far to attend classes. Also, it can accelerate learning speeds. However, it may also suggest plenty of issues like the lack of communication between the student and the instructor and the inadequacy to get personal advice. Nevertheless, Fend had managed to jump over these complications by offering simple and step-by-step learning guidelines.

The cascading of the lessons is suitable for neophytes, beginning with very basic up to the lessons that will slowly assist learners to enhance their skills. Lessons are cleanly organized and classified according to the type and adversity of the level. Each lesson may differ from 2 to 15 minutes. Every video is associated with a video containing the instruction. Each lesson also has a list of tools, and relying on the kind of lesson; guitar tabs are attached.

Each lesson is broken down into little parts, providing the learners expansive time to recover and absorb the lessons. You will have to allocate more time to effectively learn and master every step before you proceed to the next step. This is the reason why lessons are kept short. You should quickly do over the video and master that specific technique.

2. Conventional Design

The layout of the Fender Play is beautifully designed. It is clean and simple and has a conventional touch. Further, the design is very attractive and simple to navigate.

3. Access to Various Songs

Ranging from classic songs up to the newest popular songs, the music library has abundant selection and always updated. Beginners may select from a huge collection of songs, organized based on the difficulty level and instrument type. As discussed earlier, guitar tabs are available together with the instructions on playing techniques, styles, and more.

Significantly, the learners will have a great time while playing the song they have chosen – this will keep them interested and shall motivate them to continue, even if things can be tough sometimes. That being said, having a wide option of songs in the program of Fender Play is a complete advantage.

4. Progress Tracker

Fender Play utilizes a platform that is self-initiating. This implies that it requires a certain level of commitment and encouragement from the user so the program will succeed.

For some learners, monitoring personal development can be an origin of encouragement – an urge to make them keep going and work even harder. With that in consideration, the program of Fender Play also incorporates a Progress Tracker for their learners.

Learners may take a glimpse at the lessons they have completed as well as the songs they have learned. Learners are also given access to review their past lessons anytime.

5. Perks

Membership with the Fender Play also comes with perks. Learners of the program of Fender Play may also avail of a 10 percent discount on Fender gear. This is particularly beneficial for starters who are planning to buy more gadgets and accessories from Fender.

Is It Worth It?

Fender Play is no doubt a good program, and that makes it worth trying. It is an impressive platform in learning guitar. The program has a lot of helpful features that assist the learners in improving their skills on guitar.  Fender Play is remarkably fitted to any beginner.


Fender Play is the best option for any neophyte planning to learn how to play guitar. Online courses in learning guitar is a great way to go. The program has lessons that are formatted traditionally and also offers plenty of playthrough content that is simple to follow, collective, and completely exciting to neophytes.

Fender Play works well and shall assist you in learning to use a guitar. It is most suitable for beginners. Even if you do not have the background in using a guitar, this should not be a concern at all. You simply begin with the complete basics. You simply trace a structure that is a proven working formula.

Nevertheless, it would be fair to say that Fender Play is great for starters and not really on skilled players. Skilled people who would try the program of Fender Play may have the impression that they are a lot skilled compared to the lessons being lectured. You have to recognize that the program has certain limitations. Although beginners may learn the theory of music, comprehend some skills, strategies, and tone intricacies, skilled and advanced players may not have the satisfaction out of the program’s platform.

It all boils down to what stage your development is. Fender Play is a great tool for beginners.

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