10 Best Electric Drum Set for Kids In 2020

A long time ago, when there was a belief that music is only applicable to adults. However, as time goes by and the tradition of the world rapidly changes, this belief has now vanished. The teachers in the school, as well as most parents these days, have a great acceptance when it relates to music.

And because the drum set is also used as a musical instrument, you may purchase one, especially when your child exhibits an affection that they want to play such a drum kit then let your child have one. As a parent that is not into music so much, choosing an ideal drum kit for a child that ranges the age from 3 to 6 years old is quite challenging.

There are many drum sets for kids that are available in the market today, and selecting the best drum sets for your child is considered to be a real task.

Top 10 Electric Drum Set for Kids In 2020

1) GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set


GP Percussion GP50BL

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This complete junior drum set is perfect for parents that have a child that exhibits affection in playing drums but not totally sure if such affections turn into a long-term interest or just only progressing interest.

This junior drum set has everything that your child needs in order to learn the details of drumming. It is a very good quality that will be loved by your child, and it only costs a small amount of money. This drum set is a complete package; this means that you don’t need to purchase anything to get started.

Your kids that have the range of ages from 3 to 10 can love it even more. Compared to other items, this complete junior drum set has the following 10-inch cymbal with a high hat, Bass drum pedal, Junior throne, Drum sticks, Drum keys, and comes with a blue color 3 pieces drum set.


  • This junior drum set comes from an excellent price.
  • Great size that good for kids
  • Created a better decent sound


  • Setting up is not that simple
  • Having a 3 piece junior drum set may lack for some
  • No floor tom drum available

2) Gammon 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

Gammon 5-Piece

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Gammon is definitely a drum company that assembles most of the famous line drum sets, either it is about a drum set for kids or the usual drum kits. Gammon Percussion is a company that is considered the best product support that anyone could ever expect. They are the company that specializes in making the top of the line drum sets with a very affordable price. They offer a complete 5-piece junior set, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything.

Most consumers want more in drums compared to the real wood that is used as drum shells. This Gammon 5-Piece Junior Drum Set is made from real wood drum shells. It is a 5-piece drum set that includes the 16-inch bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, stands, sticks, and the tom drums. The finishing high gloss with chrome rims makes everyone think that it was an expensive drum set. Just like an adult who enjoys playing beats in this complete set, so the kids will enjoy playing it even for a couple of hours.

This complete junior set is no doubt as one of the best junior drum sets that are available in the market today. It has all the things that are needed by your child. It is easy to set up, and your kids may find it enjoyable to learn drums.


  • This complete set has a decent when it comes to their sounding
  • Strong constructions that can endure even heavy beats
  • Handy hardware that very reliable with the kids that playing it


  • You cannot have a good sound from the cymbals the choice is you need to change it
  • The cymbals that include are not considered to be the best to use.

3) Mendini by Cecilio 16″ 5-Piece Complete Kids Drum Set

Mendini by Cecilio

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The kids are commonly easy to link into a certain color of their toys or even in the drums that they want. Mendini by Cecilio Junior 5-piece drum set comes from a set of different colors that your kids may choose. This includes the color Blue, Black, Silver, Green, Wine Red, and the Bright Red. This complete set is not only about the color and also a great set when it comes to drums.

This 5-piece drum set comes with a 16-inch bass drum, 8 and 10-inch toms, 12-inch floor tom, and a 10-inch matching snare that makes it highly recommended for children that are 2.5 to 5 feet tall. This drum set is totally full and a functional drum that is great for young drummers. Having an adjustable throne makes it a drum set that offers a fantastic experience for your child. Your child may easily become a pro with this entry-level drum set. Mendini by Cecilio is the best choice to pick for your little drummer. Your child may see it as a very realistic feeling to learn and to become a great professional drummer.


  • Ideal for a small drummer
  • Good sound comes from this complete set
  • The throne is adjustable


  • Instead of six, it only contains 4 tuning lugs
  • Construction is not that well built for kids

4) Pearl Roadshow Junior Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow

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This drum set is known to be the best-selling drum kits that have a toned-down and smaller type that is very applicable for kids. Considering that the Pearl Roadshow Junior is a great full-sized drum set, I wondered if the smaller kit is able to be the best drum set for kids. This drum set consists of a 16-inch bass drum, 10 and 8-inch toms, 16-inch bass drum, and 12-inch snare.

This drum set was made from a lightweight 6-ply Poplar shell, and it was hand-cut by 45-degree posture edges to reach the contoured and mostly modern tone. It has a sturdy and well-balanced tripod hardware hi-hat drums as well as cymbals to help for much better support. Additionally, to provide your kids with more comfort while playing, the stands are created to be a height and angle adjustable.

This drum set is created by the White Poplar Drum Shells. It comes with a fully alterable hi-hat, cymbal, and snare drum stands. The cymbal has 13 inches crash and 10 inches hi-hats.


  • It was made from a great material and solid construction
  • Has an adjustable stand for kids to play with confidence
  • It is a complete set and very ideal for kids that is 3 to 10 years old


  • Quite hard to set up without the use of manual instruction
  • Slightly challenging to adjust, especially for starters.

5) Questlove Pocket Kit

Questlove Pocket Kit

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Honor to the one that creates it, Ludwig, for creating this 4 piece drum set for kids that guarantees enjoyment as well as great playing experience. Questlove Pocket Kit is very resistant and made from a hardwood shell. Moreover, you can trust that even how hard your kids can hit the drums, it is tough enough to take all that, these may help your kids learn better.

It is a dense drum set that is very capable of providing pleasant classic drum beats as well as retro looks. You are not required to have much bigger space for this drum set as it has a kick-mounted boom arm. You may feel fascinated by how these 10 inches tom, 16 inches bass drum, 12 inches snare, and 1-inch floor tom can offer a happy experience for your kids.

These were specially designed for the kids that ages from 4 to 10. Questlove Pocket kit is a very portable kit that was created to supply the need for a beginner drummer. The set includes the snare drum, hi-hat stand, foot pedal, cymbal arm, snare stand, drum key and sticks, hi-hat cymbals, and a crash ride cymbals. Aside from that, there is an exclusive online that is easy to follow for a 6 part lesson plan to learn the Questlove Pocket kit drum set.


  • Comes with compact drum kits that easy to set even in a space-limited room
  • All the drums include are made with standard
  • It has a good sound even at a lower price


  • The stock cymbals required for a replacement
  • Those drum heads that include become better if you are going to upgrade them

6) PDP Player 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

PDP Player

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These 5 pieces of the junior drum set is an ideal gear for junior or even kids that love to play drums. These drum sets have a childproof standard that especially builds for good sound. The PDP Player 5-piece junior drum set has a bigger bass drum, which is 18 inches that gives a more mature kind of tone, this may also be ideal for big boys.

PDP is the subordinate of the Drum Workshop, which is a drum developer that is very close to the heart of every drummer. Young drummers who are desired to play drums will never get disappointed with the sound that comes from these 5 pieces complete drum set.

Your kids will definitely feel joy while beating this drum and cymbals. It was made from hardwood that was wrapped with a durable black laminate for finishing. This comes with a junior throne with required cymbals and hardware included. The whole set is ideal for children from the age of 3 to 7 years old. This 5-piece junior drum set also includes two rack toms, floor tom, snare, and a kick drum.


  • Very durable and good quality hardware setup
  • The quality of the sound is very awesome
  • Can withstand even hard beatings from your kids


  • The cymbals look cheap but are very good for kids
  • The edges look bit chipped and dented

7) Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

Image Source

It is another type of 3-piece drum set that may enjoy playing by your kids. It comes from a very compact set that consists of an 8 inches floor tom, 16 inches bass drum, and with a 10 inches snare drum. Though it looks like a lacking kit, this 3-piece drum set component gives every junior drummer who feels hard drums from a multi-ply wood shell.

Aside from having a very durable set construction, this 3-piece junior drum set is one of the easiest sets to play with. It was a fully tuned and very considerate and replaceable drum head, so you will be able to personalize it. Labs Lil Kicker is specially designed for the kids having an age of about three to seven years. This 3-piece drum set comes with all needed to play drums for kids.

Labs Lil Kicker drum set has a black throne, and its 3-piece design is specialized for every junior drummer that is very passionate for music. It is built from the same quality as a full-size drum kit with genuine multi-ply wood shells, totally tunable, sleek black hardware, and replaceable top and bottom heads.


  • Built with a compact setup and solid construction
  • It is fully replaceable and easy to adjust drum heads


  • Not all kids want to have a 3-piece drum set
  • The whole set is too small to use for bigger drummers

8) Best Choice Products Kids Beginner Drum Set

Beginner Drum Set

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The Best Choice Products kids beginner drum set is a great choice for parents looking for a good drum set at a very affordable price. This 3-piece drum set offers a child-friendly 10.5 inches handing toms, 8 inches cymbals, and 12.5 inches bass drum. This was built in a very compact manner that a small drum set specialized for 3 years old and up.

Aside from being a space-efficient drum set, this kit also helps your child to create eye and hand coordination that is followed by good motor skills at a very young age. Its drum was made from a block of real wood with chrome-plated hardware that is very sturdy for years.

This 3-piece drum set comes with a complete 1 bass, 2 toms, 1 cymbal, 2 drums sticks, and a very cushioned stool. It is made to be a child-friendly drum set kit that comes with the right size and attractive design that makes it an ideal setting to begin the musical career of your little one.


  • Strong and reliable support for legs
  • Small drum set kit with a compact setup
  • It is not a toy; it has a real sound like drums


  • The cymbals are quite cheap that need for a replacement
  • Quiet difficult to assemble

9) Music Alley Kids Beginners Drum Kit

Music Alley

Image Source

This 3-piece Music Alley Kids Beginner Drum Kit is a compact kit that is a very compressed and space-efficient set. It is designed for kids about four to seven years old. The drums are built from a real wood that also has chrome hardware, so you can definitely assure about its quality. And since it has a very compressed setup, this 3-piece drum set comes with a pair of 8 inches hanging tom drums, 14 inches bass drum, and a 10 inches cymbals. Its bass drum provides the right amount of kick for a great deep rhythmic beat while the toms are making an extra bang.

It also consists of an adjustable cushioned chair that provides extra comfort for you, a little drummer. This 3-piece drum set is a very affordable yet high-quality scaled-down mini drum set that consists of all the great features of an adult drum set. As a beginner, when it comes to playing such drums, this contains everything that needs an aspiring rocker to learn.


  • Comes with a strong bass drum with good toms set
  • Very compressed setup and easy to built
  • Made from a real wood that created with excellence


  • It is good to play for up to 7 years old only
  • It doesn’t have a snare drum, just only two toms

10) Ludwig Junior Drum Kit

Ludwig Junior Drum Kit

Image Source

The name Ludwig is considered as the most celebrated name when it talks about the brands. We cannot just shop for a drum set without even looking at what the Ludwig brand can provide in the class of the best drum sets that are ideal for junior or kids. The Ludwig Junior Drum Kit set comes from a 5-piece set that can be able to compete for the best bet.

Ludwig Junior Drum Kit is an excellent drummer set for your child where they can enjoy its great sound. The hardware itself is very incredible that it supports all the drum setups. This 5-piece drum set comes with the 16 inches bass drum, 8 and 10 inches of mounted toms, snare, hardware, 10 inches hi-hats, and a floor tom. Making a more beat rod and lugs, tuning the drum heads create a breeze-like sound.  This drum set comes with wine red in color.


  • The bass drum provides a full quality sound
  • It has more tension rod and lugs that help for flexibility and tune accuracy
  • The drums are very good quality


  • Quite expensive compared to its competitors
  • Has poor cymbals that considered as a major problem for beginner drum sets

Drum Set for Kids Buyers Guide

Description: The 7 Best Drum Sets for Kids to Suit All Budgets - 2019

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Before you pick the ideal drum set for your child, you just need to know the basics of how to make up a drum set. These consist of different types of drums, drum kits, and kind of cymbals. The following are different types of drums.

Three Types of Drums in a Drum Set

Three Types of Drums

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  • Tom Drum: These kinds of drums are also called tom-tom drums. Tom Drum is played using sticks, and a drum set must have at least up to three of them. They play as the mass of most common drum fills as well as solos. Tom Drums consists of four roots that include floor toms, double-headed rack toms, concert toms, and the rototoms. The drums without snares like the octobans and gong are commonly considered as toms.
  • Snare Drum: The snare drum stands as the center of the drum kit. It works as the strongest regular accents and backbone for most fills. For those people who are right-handed, the snare drum is played with the use of the left hand. The snare wires are suitable for producing a snappy but still a buzzing sound.
  • Bass Drum: These other kinds of drums are also known as the kick drums. Bass Drum serves as the low pitch drum that gives the basic beat and timing the elements with a basic pulse motif. There are a few people that prefer to use more bass drums, and there are a few that use the double bass drum pedals in a single kick drum. You can do a recording with the use of a microphone for kick drums. Double bass drumming is commonly used for heavy metal songs. Most people tend to use the double bass drum pedal to provide space while performing and lessen the transportations problems as well.

Other Kind of Drums

Other Kind of Drums

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The Rocket Toms, Deccabons, and Octobans are made to expand the high pitch by increasing the depth as well as the diameter. The Timbales are adjusted higher than the toms with a similar diameter. They are played using light, thin, and non-tapered sticks. They have a different tone and thin head compared to toms. It is only used by a drummer that prefers to expand the range of the tom into a high pitch. It is suitable for tom heads and sounded like a little depth concert toms.

The Drum kits are usually divided into four different parts, such as:

  • Shells – that consist of bass drum and toms
  • Breakables – consist of sticks, snare drum, different cymbals, throne, and the bass drum pedal.
  • Extensions – contains cowbell, tambourine, and chimes.
  • Hardware – which consists of the drum stands, cymbal stands, and the pedals.
  • Cymbals

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Another essential element of having a drum set is the cymbal. The cymbals are like a round plate made from a metal alloy. The following are the three main cymbals that commonly use with the drums and what they are useful for.

  • Hi-Hats Cymbals: The Hi-hat cymbals consist of two parts. Such two cymbals are organized to face each other in a metal pole that is assisted by the legs. It also consists of a pedal for the foot that can be pushed to move them closer. When you lift your foot, the cymbals can move apart. You can play them by the use of one to two sticks or just simply push and pull the foot pedal.
  • Crashes Cymbal: These types of cymbals are the strongest accent makers that mark crescendo and climaxes and can change the mood effects. They can be used to play with the ride and hi-hats cymbals.
  • Ride Cymbal: The Ride cymbals are used to maintain a persistent rhythmic pattern. Most drummers tend to play a single ride that is placed in a playable reach as it can use fair every day. Ride cymbals have a medium weight that cuts through different sounds.

FAQs to Cover

· What age is a junior drum set for?

Junior drum sets are ideal for children of ages 3 to 8 years old that are less than 5 feet tall and are very much interested and excited in learning how to play drums.

When you just begin to play the drum set, you just only need three toms, kick drum, snare, the cymbals, and the hi-hat cymbals.  Such pieces assure that your child will do a better grounding in drumming skills. The age at which the junior drum set can be used is variable. There is a junior drum set that has a smaller size that kind from three to seven can use it without any setbacks. More differences can still show as all the kids are considered to be different such as with their height, weight, and size. The essential considerations of choosing a drum set are on how comfortable your child while playing it.

· Are electronic drums quiet?

You may connect headphones to the drum module to play it quietly, or you can separately connect the amplifier. It is pretty quiet, but the dense kit materials are still spread out enough to feel like it is a drum set.

It depends on the kit. Mesh’s heads are the quietest electronic drum pads and tension adjusted.

· What drumsticks are best for electronic drums?

Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks and Nylon Black Drumsticks, and Vic Firth American Classic Drumstick are some of the best drumsticks for electronic drums. The best drumsticks that your kid may use to play the electronic drums is the one that has a lighter and shorter that makes for your kids easier to play and make a sound.

· How do you practice drumming silently?

Using an electronic drum kit and investing in low-volume cymbals would help you practice drumming silently. Other tips include fitting mesh drum heads on to the acoustic kit, dampening the bass drum using household objects, replacing sticks with hotrods or brushes, and setting practice pads on the acoustic kit.


You are now more confident to make a drum set purchase for your kids. Learning how to play drums as early as they are will surely bring a lot of good memories and bonding moments together. All drum sets are recommended for your reference, giving you options and closer look as to what likely you’ll experience and receive.

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