10 Best Acoustic Guitars For Small Hands in 2020

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One of the most common problems with people with small hands is playing a standard guitar. You can’t stretch your fretting hand all the way to reach all the keys. It’s also tough to work complicated keys that even people with normal hands can’t reach! Most people with small hands also have short arms; another problem when reaching around the body of a guitar.

Lucky for people with small hands, there are acoustic guitars that are smaller and more compact. These acoustic guitars for small hands are the best for beginners too as it’s not too hard to move across the neck and hit the best notes on the fretboard. Are you looking for the best acoustic guitars for small hands? Check out our review of the ten best ones here.

What are the best acoustic guitars for small hands?

1) Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best CF Martin & Co. Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic is one of the best guitars for beginners. Not only is this an exclusive Martin guitar, made by one of the best acoustic guitar makers, it also has impressive features that beginners will admire.

The body of this acoustic guitar is made from high-pressure laminate or HPL mahogany giving it a textured finish. The top is Sitka spruce which creates a classic style and finish. The neck is rust Stratabond and is shorter at ¾ of the size of an original Martin acoustic guitar. The fingerboard is sleek and classy made from solid Morado, more commonly known as East Indian Rosewood.

Even the tuners of this mini Martin is classy. These small chrome tuners will resist rust, warping, and scratches.

And to protect this lovely Little Martin guitar, you’ll get a free gig bag. This mini acoustic is compact, lightweight, and is perfect to use as a traveling acoustic guitar.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – Sitka spruce top, mahogany sides and back, stratabond neck, East Indian rosewood fingerboard, chrome tuners, tusq saddle
  • Important Features – shortened ¾ of the original size
  • Accessories – with padded gig bag

2) Yamaha FFG JR1 Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best ¾-Size Acoustic-Electric Yamaha Guitar

The Yamaha JR Acoustic Guitar lives up to the Yamaha playability and quality. This is a mini acoustic with a ¾ size ideal for traveling and also for playing comfortably. It is the best size for a child or for anyone who’s learning how to play for the first time.

This Yamaha mini acoustic comes with a very durable spruce top and Indonesian sides and back. This instrument won’t easily warp or crack even with extreme temperatures. The neck is Nato wood while the fingerboard is made from Javanese rosewood. Both tonewoods are very strong, resonant, and very durable; they will last for many years. 

Just like any mini acoustic guitars, the Yamaha JR acoustic will be perfect as a traveling guitar. To help you carry your instrument anywhere, this mini acoustic comes with a convenient gig bag.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – Spruce top, Indonesian wood sides and back, Nato neck, and Javanese rosewood fretboard.
  • Important Features – ¾ size of an original Yamaha acoustic, comfortable to use, easy to play.
  • Accessories – gig bag and clip-on tuner

3) Oscar Schmidt ¾ Size Dreadnought Acoustic

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar from Oscar Schmidt

The Oscar Schmidt mini dreadnought acoustic is available in five fun colors: natural, pink, blue, transparent red, and flame yellow burst. It’s also available in two styles; a mini guitar model with an engineered fretboard and another one with a rosewood fretboard.

This is ¾ the size of a regular Oscar Schmidt dreadnought with a spruce top and catalpa wood back and sides. This type of wood is very resonant and resilient. The fingerboard and the bridge are made from Alternative wood and come with a fully adjustable truss rod. Even the tuners are very durable because these are made from die-cast chrome.

And because of its size, this mini dreadnought is lighter, more comfortable, and easier to handle. It is recommended for beginner players because It’s much easier to play. It’s for travelers as it’s one of the lightest, easiest to carry even when you commute.  

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – spruce top, catalpa back and sides, tech wood bridge and fingerboard, die-cast chrome tuners
  • Important Features – with adjustable truss rod, available in five different colors, with engineered wood or rosewood fretboard
  • Accessories – none

4) Taylor Academy Series 12e Grand Concert Natural Acoustic Electric

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Best 12e Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar from Taylor

Taylor Academy Series 12e

Image Source

The Taylor Academy 12e is from the Academy Series concert hybrid acoustic-electric guitar. It has a natural color with the top made from solid Sitka spruce. The sides and the back are made from layered Sapele wood with a matte wood finish.

The neck has a standard shape while the fingerboard is made from classic African Ebony; a very durable and resistant tonewood. The neck is made from Sapele with 20 frets.

This mini grand concert guitar comes with a built-in pickup. It is lighter and more compact than the regular Taylor grand concert acoustic-electric guitars making it best for beginners, young players, and travelers. Taylor believes that even beginners deserve to use the best guitars.s

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic-electric
  • Body Type –a mini grand concert
  • Materials – Sitka spruce top, Sapele back and sides, African ebony fingerboard, Sapele neck, matte 2 finish.
  • Important Features – built-in pickup with volume and tone controls, tuner switch and LCD, lightweight, compact, easy to carry
  • Accessories – none

5) Fender ¾ Size Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Steel String ¾ size Acoustic Guitar from Fender

The Fender FSR MA-1 is an acoustic guitar with a ¾ size of the original model. It comes in a lovely red burst color with a very stylish, classy satin finish. This finish also helps protect the instrument from light scratches, marks, and splashes. 

The top of the FSR MA-1 is made of agathist wood, very durable, resonant, and perfect as a guitar top. This comes with standard X-bracing to keep the guitar in perfect shape no matter the climate. The guitar back and sides are made from Sapele wood while the bridge comes with a compensated saddle made from very lovely rosewood. The neck has a reduced scale length and comes with a lovely satin finish. This Fender is ideal for beginners and also for travelers. Sadly, this guitar does not come with a case or bag.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – agathis top, satin top finish, rosewood bridge, Sapele sides and back
  • Important Features – available in red burst color, X bracing, and compensated saddle.
  • Accessories – none

6) Yamaha ¾ Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best ¾ size Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Yamaha

This is the Yamaha APXT2E mini acoustic-electric guitar that’s ¾ the size of the original acoustic Yamaha. It’s available in six different colors: a Figured Natural, Black, Natural, Tobacco Sunburst, Dark Red Burst, and Light Amber Burst.

This mini hybrid is available in two variants: one with a spruce top and the other with an exotic wood top. The one in the picture has an exotic wooden top with Meranti wood sides and back. The fingerboard and bridge are made from rosewood which makes this very strong and durable.

Expect great sounds with his acoustic-electric guitar thanks to its efficient System 68 Preamp. Because this mini Yamaha is only a fraction of the size of a regular acoustic-electric, it is easy to carry, more comfortable to play in and is very lightweight. Your purchase will come with a free guitar bag so you can commute with this guitar.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type –  acoustic-electric 
  • Body Type – figured
  • Materials – exotic wood or spruce top, Meranti back and sides, rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Important Features –  System 68 Preamp, available in six different colors
  • Accessories –  with gig bag

7) Taylor BT2 The Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Best Mahogany Top Taylor Acoustic Baby Guitar

The Taylor BT2 is a mini Taylor acoustic with a warm mahogany top, natural sides, and layered Sapele wood for its back. Expect the best sounds with this acoustic as it is made from a special blend of lovely and resonant tonewoods. The neck width is smaller at 1 11/16 – inch and thus is easier to play.

This baby Taylor is perfect for people with smaller hands as it’s very easy to grab the neck and play. The body is also very light and compact, ideal for first-time users. If you play gigs on the road then this can be your lightweight traveling guitar. And just like any Taylor guitar, expect good quality and design which will last for many years.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – mahogany top, Sapele back, natural sides
  • Important Features – neck width is smaller/narrower at 1- 11/16-inch
  • Accessories –  none

8) Taylor Baby BTe-Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric

Editor’s Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Best Koa Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric from Taylor

Taylor Baby BTe Koa

Image Source

This Baby Taylor acoustic-electric guitar is a mini dreadnought made from lovely Koa wood. The top is made from Hawaiian Koa while the sides and the back are made from regular Koa wood. A sleek matte finish is applied to the surface of the body to prevent scratches and marks and to avoid the effects of splashes.

Meanwhile, the fingerboard is made from genuine African ebony and the neck made from Sapele. The neck has 19 frets with a matte finish. You’ll get great ones with the Yes Brand pickup/preamp that comes with this baby dreadnought.

This is a limited version and it comes in a durable Taylor guitar gig bag. This will help protect your mini Taylor better as you travel.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic-electric
  • Body Type – mini dreadnought
  • Materials –Hawaiian Koa top, Koa sides and back, African Ebony fingerboard, Sapele neck, matte finish
  • Important Features – Yes Brand pickup and preamp, limited edition, compact and lightweight
  • Accessories – comes with a gig bag

9) Ibanez 6-String Acoustic Guitar Pack

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Ibanez 6-String Acoustic

The Ibanez acoustic guitar pack is a bundle with the acoustic guitar and all the other things you need to play. This is an acoustic guitar with a spruce top with a plastic saddle. This comes with a matte finish to keep away dust, scratches, and marks. 

This guitar comes with a gig bag as well as a tuner, extra guitar strings, picks, a strap, adjustment tool, and an instructional manual. You can take this guitar anywhere because it’s lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type – acoustic
  • Body Type – dreadnought
  • Materials – spruce top, plastic saddle
  • Important Features –  stunning finish, comes with all accessories you need, lightweight
  • Accessories –  tuner, pick, strap, strings, instructional manual, an adjustment tool, and gig bag

10) Washburn Apprentice G-Mini 5 Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best Mini Acoustic Guitar from Washburn

The Washburn Apprentice g-mini is a mini acoustic guitar with great specs. It’s for a beginner player or for an expert musician who loves to travel with his guitar. It comes with all the basic features you’re looking for in a small 7/8th size of a regular Washburn acoustic. It is comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for any musician. 

This guitar has a grand auditorium style. The top is select spruce one of the best tonewood that’s not only durable but will produce a rich and resonating tone. The back and sides are mahogany and are best for lower tones. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar Type –  acoustic
  • Body Type – grand auditorium
  • Materials – spruce top, mahogany sides and back
  • Important Features – small frame 7/8th of a regular instrument, lightweight, compact, easy to travel
  • Accessories – comes with gig bag  

Value Section

How to shape your guitar playing style if you have smaller hands?

It’s hard to play the guitar if you have small hands. It’s hard to reach the neck and to move your hands across the fretboard. But with a few timeless tips, you can use these small hands to play big chords. It takes a lot of patience especially when you’re new to playing the guitar.

  1. Select a guitar with an easy to play, comfortable neck – if you can personally shop for a mini guitar then it’s best to do so as you can size up a guitar that will work for your hand and body size.
  2. Avoid the lazy thumb in playing the guitar – most people with small hands tend to compensate by rarely using their thumbs to fret. If you overlook the lazy thumb, you’ll find it harder to use it for more complicated fretting. You’ll be more flexible and play better if you still use all your fingers.
  3. Do finger stretching exercises – don’t crack your knuckles, hold an exercise ball instead. Use a softball that you can squeeze. First, squeeze as hard as you can and hold. Release after a few seconds. Repeat this around 15 to 20 times a day.

Use finger stretchers. These are stretching devices that you wear in your hand to train your fingers to move well and to reach different hard areas of the guitar neck. There are also finger stretching exercises that you can use to help you improve finger strength, versatility, and elasticity.

• Avoid hand injury, muscle cramps, and pains

Protect your hands and as much as possible, avoid cramping, injuries, and any times of pains. You won’t be able to use your fingers if you injure them.

• Take care of your fingers and hands

As we mentioned earlier, you need to take care of your hands and fingers. Use moisturizer to keep the skin of your fingers and hands soft and smooth. Protect your hands from extreme heat and cold by using mittens, pot holders, or work gloves if you’re working in the garden. Rest your hands right after you play and if you feel any aches and pains avoid playing for a while.

Types of acoustic guitars for small hands

Here are good acoustic guitar types for small hands

1) Mini dreadnought

The dreadnought mini is one of the most popular mini guitars ideals for people with small hands. Most mini dreadnoughts come on a scale of 20″ or a total length of 30″.  The neck is shorter and narrower as the body is slightly smaller and more compact. A new player or someone with smaller hands and arms can work well with this kind of guitar.

2) Grand concert

The grand concert is the smallest major style of acoustic guitars. This has a shallow body and well-rounded shoulders and this makes it quieter than its larger siblings. Because it’s easy to play, lightweight, and a good compact form, it’s best to use by beginners and smaller or younger players.

3) Mini grand auditorium

The mini grand like the Washburn grand auditorium guitar, #10 on our list, is around 7/3th size of a regular acoustic. The body is lighter and easier to manipulate; the neck is shorter and narrower. Also called a G Mini it’s a great guitar for traveling and also for beginners.

4) Baritone ukulele

The best guitar for people with small hands is a baritone ukulele. This is included in this list because it’s a regular acoustic with four strings. A ukulele has only four strings and the two lowest strings in an acoustic guitar are eliminated. This is played similarly to an acoustic too and has a shorter and narrower neck and smaller body than an acoustic guitar.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best acoustic guitars for small hands? 

Remember the following when shopping for the right kind of acoustic guitar for small hands.

• Decide if you want an acoustic or an acoustic-electric guitar

Which type of guitar do you prefer? A pure acoustic or an acoustic-electric. If you’ll be playing with a band or on-stage then it’s best to use an acoustic-electric. If you prefer an acoustic instrument then you may use a detachable pickup/preamp instead.                                                                                              

• What type of tonewood/material you want

There are many types of material to make a mini acoustic some of the most common woods are spruce, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, and more. Take note of the different tones that these hardwoods come with different characteristics and tone.

• Accessories you need

To get more out of your money, it’s best to buy a  guitar with complete accessories. Accessories like a gig bag and strap are staples but don’t forget extra strings, guitar picks, instructional manuals, cleaning cloths, and adjustment tools. Mostly, affordable guitars have some kind of bundle offers for beginners and these offers come with a bag and accessories when you purchase a guitar. Consider these when buying your first small or mini guitar.

• Heavy, compact or lightweight

If you plan to travel with your guitar then it’s best if you have a small version of a traditional guitar like a dreadnought mini or a grand auditorium mini. Because of their size, it’s easier to take them anywhere and are also compact, perfect for beginners, and most especially, people with small hands. 

• Budget matters

Acoustic guitars for small hands may be cheaper or more expensive than regular acoustic guitars depending on the brand. If you think that a brand new one is too expensive then why not buy a second-hand model? Some borrow instruments for practice or travel and just buy a new one once they have saved enough money. 


• What is a good guitar for small hands?

Many guitars are perfect for people with small hands but we recommend one of the classic mini guitars, the Martin LX1 or the Little Martin Acoustic. We chose this guitar because of its size, shape, and weight and its ability to produce the best sounds. Although there are much mini acoustics the Martin LX1 is the most trusted name and model of many players and users.

• Is it harder to play guitar with small hands?

Yes, it’s hard to play guitar if you have small hands since you can’t reach the chords you need to play to produce the right tune. It’s also hard to hold a full-size guitar and reach the soundhole if you are too small or your arms are too short. This is why it’s best for small people or people with small hands to play a mini version of an acoustic guitar.

• Are small guitars easier to play?

Yes, almost all small or mini guitars are easier to play by people who have smaller hands. These guitars have shorter and narrower necks and thus it’s easier for people with smaller hands to reach the fretboard. Also, small guitars are lighter, more compact, and are perfect for people new to playing the guitar. These are easier to handle and therefore more comfortable to play.

• Does hand size matter in the guitar?

Although many guitar players have managed to play the guitar perfectly even with small hands, it can take many years of practice and of course, with a little help from acoustic guitars designed for small hands.

And if you have small hands, don’t worry. You can still learn to play the guitar by playing smaller models like mini guitars and baritone ukuleles. Practice well and play regularly to improve finger strength, movement, and ease. Exercise using softballs or use fretting exercise videos that are available online.


All the mini acoustic guitars featured on our review are clear winners but if we were to pick the best, it would be the Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic. This is one of the best guitars for beginners. There are a lot of reasons why we selected this guitar but the best reason of all is that it’s an exclusive Martin guitar, made by one of the best acoustic guitar makers. Also, this mini Martin has impressive features that people with small hands will truly love.

The Martin LX1 Little Martin has a very durable body made from high-pressure laminate or HPL mahogany with a textured finish. It also comes with a Sitka spruce top, a Rust Stratabond neck, and a solid Morado fingerboard. This mini Martin also has classy chrome-plated tuners that resist rust, warping, and dents.

And as a bonus, you will get a free gig bag. This mini acoustic is compact, lightweight, and is perfect as a traveling acoustic guitar. We recommend this to people who have shorter hands and those new to playing guitar. If you think that a Martin LX1 Little Martin acoustic guitar is the best guitar for you, check this out further from this link.

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