10 Best Velodyne Subwoofer In 2020

What makes the Velodyne subwoofer impressive? It sets an impressive trend in the home audio. And for one, Velodyne is continuing more of its innovations in the subwoofer technology.

Velodyne is providing more affordable reliable subwoofers. Great bass performance is delivered going past the capabilities of budget-oriented subwoofers. The product successfully made an impact on the industry.

Is Velodyne a Good Subwoofer?

Velodyne enjoys much of its good reputation. It is properly integrated that does bring attention to itself. It also tends to be crisp and quick. The goal is also only to bring about seamless integration in the speaker. Plus, set the response of the subwoofer upper matching the lower end of the speaker.

Especially years ago, the Velodyne Subwoofer is among the best performer to find. Product re-generation puts more emphasis on how nice it looked than in how it performed. To say, the product is still good and is competitive.

Which is the Best Subwoofer for Home?

Velodyne MicroVee Powered Subwoofer 6.5 Inch is so far the most amazing and the best subwoofer bringing out its unbelievable output. This can fit almost anywhere while it provides the needed output. This is to fill even rooms with powerful and deep bass.

Sporting mini-jack and input capability, speaker level, and LFE, it is the right choice for precision audio, home theater, and gaming applications. This is the best subwoofer winner for its price, size, and performance. Although this may seem the smallest, it promises such a phenomenal impact and bass output. Moreover, it is the coolest-looking Velodyne subwoofer to find.

What is the Best Subwoofer for Deep Bass?

Deep Bass

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When it comes to the best subwoofer for deep bass, the Velodyne Acoustics EQ-Max 10” 80-EQM10BVB&H is the right choice. This can deliver a strong low-end bass integrated seamlessly in a home entertainment system. This is possible with the use of just one-touch bass correction. Plus, its distortion limiting system ensures a maximum amplifier output and driver excursion. It reproduces home and music theater flawlessly without ever sacrificing dynamics or output. All other excellent features that make it the best subwoofer for deep bass include easy maximization of the room bass, simple-to-use remote control, cabinet design, flexible crossover, high output excursion drivers, & distortion limiting system.

What Are The 10 Best Velodyne Subwoofer in 2020?

I have listed here the 10 best Velodyne Subwoofer in 2020 that best match your preferences.

NameItem WeightSpeaker TypePrice
Velodyne SC10 10-Inch In-Room Front, Built-in and/or Down-Firing Subwoofer36.2 pounds In-wall and In-CeilingCheck Price done
VELODYNE ACOUSTICS CHT-10 Classic Home Theater Series35 poundsSubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne DLS-4000r61 poundsSubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne DLS-3500r44 poundsPowered SubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne MicroVee Powered Subwoofer 6.5 Inch4.0 poundsSubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne Acoustics EQ-Max 10” 80-EQM10BVB&H39.2 poundsSubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne DD15+ Subwoofer120 poundsSubwooferCheck Price done
Velodyne 80-IMPMINIB  18.5 poundsMini-Powered SubwooferCheck Price  done
Velodyne DEQ-8R 8-Inch   44 poundsFloorstandingCheck Price done
Velodyne Impact-12 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer30.8 poundsFloorstandingCheck Price done

So, let us take a closer look at the best Velodyne Subwoofer:

1. Velodyne SC10 10-Inch In-Room Front, Built-in and/or Down-Firing Subwoofer—Easy to Install and Powerful Subwoofer

Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 5

This series is completely easy and powerful for you to install. It is designed to meet your customized installation needs. Whether you want to install it in-wall, in-floor, and in-room, the subwoofer highlights a ten-inch driver. That’s when a strong bass effect is observed.

This features a ten-inch driver for that strong bass in the compact cabinet. It comes in a small size, with a shallow depth & flushes rear type of panel. This is why it is easy to be concealed. It is connected to the SC-1250. Its rack-type of mount amplifier powers it completely. Plus, it has its conventional speaker type of wire to place it flexibly. Place it facing downward so that it is vented through the custom cabinet’s kick plate. There is so far no other subwoofer to provide for powerful, compact, and low-distortion bass than this. This is, however, to be used with the Velodyne SC-1250 amplifier.

To sum it up, the Velodyne SC10 10-Inch is a quality Velodyne Subwoofer known for its ease of installation.


  • Ease of Installation
  • Powerful
  • Amazing Sound


  • None, so far

2. VELODYNE ACOUSTICS CHT-10— Valuable Subwoofer for Its Price


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Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The VELODYNE ACOUSTICS CHT-10 is a subwoofer of great value especially due to its price. It weighs 35 pounds with its 300-watt output. It is integrated seamlessly with the system’s electronics. This is true to say considering the THS, DTS, DVD-Audio, and SACD. Moreover, this is fixed with 85 Hertz low-pass of crossover and high-pass of crossover.

It sets itself different due to its over-excursion and anti-clipping protection. It also comes with a ten-inch forward type of firing subwoofer. It is also likable for its 28 to 120 Hertz frequency response.

This forward-firing type of subwoofer brings about deeper orchestra notes, movie scenes, and loud explosions. The sound it creates exists according to the mentioned Hertz frequency response. Plus, it comes up with 375-watts of dynamic power.

Truly, making connections in just a snap is easy with the inputs coming from the speaker-level and line-level. It is black and beautiful in its vinyl finish. It adds up to a level of excitement and flares to an entertainment and television room.


  • Nice
  • Loud
  • Beautiful Finish


  • None, so far

3. Velodyne DLS-4000r—Powerful Choice of Subwoofer for Its Big Bass Delivered

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Velodyne DLS-400R is something to be serious about. It is the right choice for being powerful, too. This comes with a twelve-inch woofer creating a room-rattling and big bass. It also has its high-powered two-hundred-watt amplifier.

Its uniqueness lies in its advanced circuitry controlling the sub’s incredible accuracy and functionality. It is highly-impactful bringing the excitement of a home theater. It creates delicate bass lines of the jazz quartet. Moreover, it brings about dynamic bass, amazing clarity, and warmth. Its remote control enables you to adjust its volume. You also get access to more different functions at the comforts of your chair.


  • Clarity
  • Warmth
  • Flexible
  • Precise


  • None, so far

4. Velodyne DLS-3500r—Good For Its Quality Sound

Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 5

The Velodyne DLS-3500r is a good product for its quality sound. It limits its distortion capacity giving an impressive sound. Its frequency response is between 34 Hertz to 140 KiloHertz. It is different due to its outstanding output in its sound. It is promising for its crisp and balanced tones at any chosen level.

Its capacity to handle three-hundred fifty watts is one of its amazing abilities. This speaker brings about a high performance in its audio. This also provides for powerful and tight bass making it a good choice than any other.

Plus, it is best fitted with some sort of magnetic shielding. It is ideal to use for purposes relevant to multimedia production. This is somehow suggested for indoor use only.

Its additional features include eight-inch woofer size, one-way construction, fiber woofer material, wired connectivity, 350-watt handling of peak power, and 350W subwoofer power.


  • Good Performance
  • Outstanding
  • Crisp & Balanced


  • Limited to Indoor Use

5. Velodyne MicroVee Powered Subwoofer 6.5 Inch— Amazingly Small Bringing Unbelievable Output

Editor’s Rating: 3.7 out of 5

This Velodyne MicroVee 6.5-Inch Powered Subwoofer 6.5 Inch is known for its unbelievable output. It is amazing as a small & self-powered type of subwoofer. This as well fits anywhere. Its output can fill larger rooms of powerful and deep bass.

It is unique to utilize for audio precision, gaming applications, and home theater. Its price, performance, and size make it the best among subwoofer. It is phenomenal in its bass impact and output. It is also the coolest of all subwoofers despite being incredibly small.

Its features include the patented ERS digital amplifier. It supplies two-thousand dynamic power watts for special and dramatic effects. It reproduces bass with definition and detail. It is rated for its 95 percent efficiency making it incredibly reliable.


  • Excellent
  • Small
  • Powerful
  • Clean Bass


  • Pricey

6. Velodyne Acoustics EQ-Max 10” 80-EQM10BVB&H— Favorite Subwoofer for the Combined Value and Technology

Velodyne Acoustics

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Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 5

The Velodyne Acoustics EQ-Max is the favorite subwoofer of your choice. This is ideal for combining value and technology. This delivers such a powerful and low-end bass matching the desired entertainment system. This is embedded with a digital signal type of processing chips. This is responsible for controlling different audio functions. This is done with such a digital precision making it an unsurpassed option.

Featured as well is the distortion limiting system. This promises maximum amplifier output and driver excursion. It reproduces home and music theater with audible distortion. This is as well found in different products with no sacrifice in the dynamics or output. Moreover, its remote control brings about control on the subwoofer’s functions. It also has its visible feedback through the front panel.


  • Excellent Sound
  • Amazing
  • Simple Setup
  • Cool


  • Does not work well following low volumes

7. Velodyne DD15+ Subwoofer— Highly-Sophisticated Subwoofer of Your Choice

Editor’s Rating: 5 out of 5

This DD fifteen-inch subwoofer is a highly-sophisticated choice of a subwoofer. This hits up just hard and this is also inspiring to use. What supports it well is an exclusive and patented accelerometer. It is also supported by an eight-band type of Auto-EQPlus technology. This brings about low distortion and accurate bass availability.

The response of the subwoofer is also easily calibrated. This is true to say considering the eight-band parametric equalizer. This is also with computer readout or on-screen graphics utilizing the USB port on the front.

This product perfectly meshes with the art of design and audio engineering. This now provides a frequency response of 14.6 to 120 Hertz. This also comes with 1250 watts of RMS, power amplifier, 3000-dynamic watts, and more. This also fills a huge size of listening spaces with accurate and room-shaking bass. This is perfectly optimized with an Auto-EQPLUS equalizer.


  • Powerful
  • Adjustable
  • Sophisticated


  • None, so far

8. Velodyne 80-IMPMINIB— Stylish and Affordable Subwoofer

Editor’s Rating: 3.4 out of 5

This mini-Velodyne subwoofer comes as a budget-friendly option. This is engineered using lightweight material. Plus, it highlights the furniture cabinet finish and aluminum cone. It is so far the lightest weight of the subwoofer of your choice. It is adjustable that lets you match it to satellite speakers. It is also available in white and black cabinet finishes.

Its feature is a black gloss of lacquer trim. It fits well into your home. Its defined and deep bass enables your favorite music and movies to life. It boasts dish-shaped of aluminum cones, 180-watt RMS amplifier, eight-inch of a down-firing radiator, and six-point five-inch firing driver eliminating distortion. This is also while producing amazing bass.


  • Stylish
  • Attractive
  • Efficient
  • Quality


  • Does Not Deliver a Great Sound

9. Velodyne DEQ-8R 8-Inch— High-Quality Performance

Editor’s Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars

 This subwoofer is known for its high-quality performance. This comes with a 2.5-pound magnet structure, a two-inch and two-layer copper coil, and a stiff driver cone. This produces loud and deep bass and low distortion. This combines accuracy, efficiency, and small size at a lower price.

Easily match it to your room. Its digitally-embedded and controlled DSP chips let you control the audio functions. It is unsurpassed in tuning and price range. It assures you of the maximum amplifier output and driver excursion.

It is incredible in its value, especially with its combined intuitive user interface and technology. Its cabinets are also engineered utilizing slotted bass and front-firing design. Easily place the subwoofer in almost any location.


  • Sound Quality
  • Great night mode
  • Decent


  • After a year, a high-pitch noise is emitted

10. Velodyne Impact-12 12-Inch Powered (Black)— Amazing and Stylish Choice

Velodyne Impact

Image Source

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This Velodyne subwoofer is affordable and stylish and low-distorted, too. This features impressive and beautiful cabinets. This comes with a gloss lacquer trim fitting it into your home. Its defined and deep bass is something to cherish. It features a firing port for high output. This also creates an amazing bass to like the most.

It has its quality and superior features that best enhance a home theater. Its MDP amplifiers also create a more dynamic room for that impactful sound. It comes with two-inch copper voice coils and quality drivers. It has its superior quality and adjustable crossover system matching an impact subwoofer.

Fit it into your home. It is highly-efficient in its down-firing port. This subwoofer is a standard in high value and high-performance bass.


  • Great quality
  • Good Looks
  • Lightweight
  • Great Power


  • None, so far

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Velodyne Subwoofer in 2020

Before finally deciding on buying a subwoofer, it is great if you gather up some important information about its components.

1. Thumping Power and Energy Created

Listen for that thumping power and energy created by the subwoofer under the Velodyne. It should create the deepest bass notes. Talk to those who already have the subwoofer. They already are an expert in the world of stereo. Include checking for the wattage. This can tell something about the size of the internal amplifier.

2. Deep Bass Notes

Search for a subwoofer that is running out of steam on a deep bass note. Now, put on your bass drop. While the bass lowers its pitch, it’s when the volume begins to drop, too. As you choose one from the Velodyne subwoofers, include this consideration in mind. The subwoofer should maintain its output levels way down.

3. Clear, Clean, & Powerful Sound

You can tell that a Velodyne subwoofer is the best of its kind if it produces the right amount of bass. It should then be heard with faithfulness to the music, movie, and source content. This is needed in creating a good experience of a home theater.

Settle with a subwoofer that comes with a clear, powerful, and clean sound. There should be no flattened and unclear notes that seem inaccurate and sound warped.

4. Bass Integrated Well With the Speaker

The Velodyne subwoofer to choose should sound well complementing the audio system. A good experience is totally to be enjoyed. A tactile and powerful sonic element is to be added by the subwoofer.

5. Fast and Extreme Impulse

The Velodyne subwoofer should be extreme and fast in impulse. You can tell that the subwoofer is world-class if it stops playing its bass in the accurate way possible. It should kick back in the most perfect moment. Thus, the sound created is promising and indistinguishable. Everything also plays in perfection and unison.

Final Verdict:

Now, you can make your best choice considering the best Velodyne subwoofer. All of the cited Velodyne subwoofers are on top of the lists. We recommend that you prioritize two of the best choices. As for your home, the best subwoofer is the Velodyne MicroVee Powered Subwoofer as it can fit almost anywhere. This also creates powerful and deep bass. The next to buy is the Velodyne Acoustics EQ-Max 10” 80-EQM10BVB&H that delivers a strong and low-end bass.

Nevertheless, it still boils down to your preferences. You must choose the right Velodyne subwoofer that meets your needs.

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