10 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars in 2020

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Many people enjoy playing a mini acoustic guitar. The small body and easy to reach neck are more comfortable to play compared to very large guitars. If you have a small body frame, then you’d probably go for a mini acoustic as well.

Traveling artists and guitarists on the go also prefer using a mini acoustic guitar because it is lightweight and thus is easier to carry. Also, mini acoustic guitars produce a compact sound, offer better tonal balance, and have a better response than large acoustic models. So if you’re shopping for your first mini acoustic, check out our list of the top ten instruments here. 

What are the best mini acoustic guitars?

1. Washburn Comfort G Mini Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating:  5 out of 5

Best Washburn Koa Travel-Size Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Washburn Comfort G-Mini 55 is made from gorgeous Koa wood. It is a small acoustic travel guitar with a 7/8 size of a grand auditorium acoustic guitar. It comes with a strong, solid spruce top and durable and warm mahogany sides and back. Despite its size, it can provide a rich tone due to its solid and durable top.

The bridge, headstock, and fretboard are made of rare ebony wood, one of the strongest in the world. The nut and saddle are made from black NuBone Graph Tech, strong and very resilient, a material that can take the rigors of guitar playing for many, many years.

This is a mini acoustic measuring 23 – ¼ -inch in size. You’ll love its maple and mahogany parquet rosette giving this mini guitar some personality. Finally, even the tuners are one of a kind as these are made from 18:1 die-cast gold with lovely ebonite parts.

If you travel with this mini acoustic guitar, then you’ll surely appreciate its lovely travel-size gigbag. This bag comes with pockets, enough room to accommodate all your guitar’s accessories.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – a smaller version of a grand auditorium
  • Materials – Koa wood, ebony bridge, headstock and fretboard, NuBone nut and saddle, mahogany sides and back, maple and mahogany rosettes, die-cast ebonite tuners
  • Additional Features – with a rich tone, durable top
  • Is this a bundle? NO
  • Accessories – with a gig bag

2. Washburn Apprentice G-Mini Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating:  4.6 out of 5

Best G-Mini Acoustic Guitar from Washburn

The Washburn Apprentice G- Mini 5 Acoustic Guitar is a compact, quality travel guitar. It is also for beginners as it’s lighter, easy to play, and very durable. This is a smaller guitar at 7/8th size, but don’t let its size fool you as it packs a strong tone and is very comfortable to use.

It has a grand auditorium shape and has a travel size that makes it ideal for first time players and travelers. It comes with a warm spruce top that offers improved resonance. Meanwhile, the mahogany sides and back will resonate better with the guitar’s lower tones. Overall, it is a mini acoustic that will give you more despite its scaled downsize. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini grand auditorium
  • Materials – spruce top, mahogany sides and back
  • Additional Features – comfortable to use, convenient to take anywhere
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories  – comes with a gig bag

3. Cordoba Guitars 4-String Bass Acoustic-Electric Mini Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Best Acoustic-Electric Bass Mini Guitar from Cordoba Guitars

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The Cordoba Guitars 4-string electric-acoustic bass guitar is a right-handed guitar that comes with an extended scale length of 580mm, and it tunes well to a standard E key. This is the Mini Bass with a deeper body to provide an enhanced tone. 

This was constructed out of mahogany tonewood top, sides, and back. It has a hardtail bridge and a Piezo guitar pickup. We recommend using a Cordoba MB103 pickup to use with this Mini Bass for the better sound experience.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini acoustic-electric bass
  • Materials – mahogany top, side and back
  • Additional Features – with a well-standard tone, portable mini bass, Piezo pickup, and hardtail bridge
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories – none

4. Cordoba Mini  II EB CE Mini Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5

Best Mini Acoustic Guitar from Cordoba

The Cordoba Mini II EB-CE is a small yet comfortable half-size guitar that comes with standard tuning. It comes with a spruce top with a stripped back and sides made from warm and durable ebony. The nut is made from NuBone with 1.875-inch width. The neck is strong with its C-Profile design. The body and neck have a satin PU finish that makes it scratch-free, smudge-free, and slightly splashproof. The Cordoba Mini has three variants: mahogany, flamed mahogany, and spruce ebony cutaway electric.  This is the best size for people who are still learning how to play the guitar. It’s light and easy to carry, ideal for those who play their instrument on the road.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini cutaway design
  • Materials – spruce top, ebony back and sides, mahogany neck, with satin PU finish, NuBone nut
  • Additional Features – comfortable to carry, C-profile neck, standard tuning
  • Is this a bundle? NO
  • Accessories – none

5. Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Guitar Acoustic-Electric

Editor’s Rating: 3 out of 5

Best Signature Taylor Swift Acoustic-Electric

The Taylor Swift Baby Traylor signature acoustic/electric guitar comes with a dreadnaught body at a ¾ scale. The top is solid Sitka spruce while the back and sides are Sapele wood. It comes with a standard neck and nut width for easy playability.

The fretboard is made from African ebony, one of the rarest hardwoods. This mini guitar was created as a mini acoustic for kids. It is not a toy guitar, as you can play it like an average-sized instrument. It is ideal for people on the go or for those still learning how to play. Because of its slim neck and very compact size and shape, it is ideal for young people with small hands.

This Baby Taylor hybrid is a three-quarter the size of a regular dreadnought but doesn’t let its size fool you as it can produce perfect, lively, and strong tones perfect for playing your favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini dreadnought
  • Materials –Sitka spruce top, sides, and back, African Ebony fingerboard, Sapele wood for the neck
  • Additional Features – the neck has a matte finish, compact shape, easy and light to carry
  • Is this a bundle? NO
  • Accessories – none

6. Taylor GS Mini Acoustic-Electric Guitar Mini-e

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best Mini Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Taylor

Taylor GS Mini

Image Source

The Taylor GS Mini-e is a mini grand symphony acoustic-electric guitar. The top is solid Sitka spruce, the sides and back have layered walnut and has lovely Matte 2.0 finish. The fingerboard is made from rare African ebony wood while the neck is Sapele wood.

This acoustic-electric may have been scaled down to size, but it still produces full tones. It is portable as it is light, easy to take anywhere. It is a good first guitar for anyone learning how to play, and it’s a travel guitar for playing different music gigs on the road. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – a mini grand symphony 
  • Materials –Sitka spruce top, walnut back and sides, matte finish, ebony fingerboard, Sapele neck
  • Additional Features – portable, compact  and light
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories – none

7. Ibanez PF2MHOPN Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 3 out of 5

Best Mini Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar from Ibanez

The Ibanez ¾ mini dreadnought is an acoustic guitar ideal for first-time guitar players. Because of its light and compact size and shape, it’s also the best choice for travelers and people doing gigs on the road.

This comes with a mahogany top, sides, and top. The neck is also mahogany while the bridge and fretboard are rosewood. This guitar also comes with chrome tuners, black acrylic pickguard, and the Advantage bridge pins. Your purchase comes with a durable, easy to carry Ibanez gig bag.

This mini acoustic guitar has a lovely open-pore finish.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – mahogany top, sides and back, rosewood bridge and fretboard, open-pore finish, acrylic pickguard
  • Additional Features – with Ibanez Advantage bridge pins, easy to carry, lightweight and portable
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories  – gig bag

8. Shop4Omni Mini Kids Toy Acoustic Guitar

Editor’s Rating: 2.3 out of 5

Best Kid’s Mini Acoustic Guitar from Shop4Omni

Labeled as an acoustic toy guitar, this Shop40Omni guitar is playable, tunable and can be carried anywhere inside its FREE gig bag. It is a small acoustic at only 23 inches long. It is ideal for very young kids, ages 4 to 7, to learn how to play. This makes any child’s very first guitar!

The design is a mini dreadnaught with a durable body and neck. The strings are made of nylon and may be replaced if needed. It’s also tunable and comes with a pitch pipe tuner.

This is a bundle as it comes with everything a child needs to learn how to play guitar. Aside from the toy guitar and the gig bag, you will also get extra strings, 3 picks, a guitar strap, and the tuner pipe. The gig bag is just enough for your child to carry on his shoulders. The color is glitter blue, and you can also choose from other colors like a sunburst, glitter pink, candy apple red, coffee, natural wood, and glitter purple.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – durable wood
  • Additional Features – easy to play, tune and carry around, available in seven different colors
  • Is this a bundle? – YES
  • Accessories  – gig bag, extra strings, guitar picks, and pitch pipe tuner

9. Austin Guitars Mini Dreadnought

Editor’s Rating: no ratings yet

Best Travel-Size Mini Dreadnought from Austin Guitars

The Austin Guitars travel-sized mini dreadnought is one of the simplest yet beautiful mini acoustics as it comes with an open-pore finish. It is a strong and durable guitar with a high-grade laminated top made of spruce. The back and sides are all mahogany, and thus it will remain lovely and in the perfect tone for many years. The fingerboard and bridge are made from tech wood, a strong yet lightweight wood ideal for making musical instruments.

Austin Guitars is known for making mini travel guitars. This one is best for guitar players on the road or on tour. It’s also a beginner’s favorite because of its size and its weight. This must be the mini acoustic guitar you’ve been looking for.

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – mini dreadnought
  • Materials – spruce top, mahogany sides and back, tech wood bridge and fingerboard
  • Additional Features –with a natural satin finish, lightweight, easy to carry
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories  – comes with gig bag

10. Music Alley 6-String Junior Guitar

Editor’s Rating:  3.7 out of 5

Best Junior Guitar from Music Alley

The Music Alley Junior guitar is a right-handed guitar that’s available in five colors: natural, black, blue, and pink. This may be the lightest mini acoustic weighing only 2.12 pounds. It is the perfect beginner guitar for a child or for anyone who prefers to play a light, compact instrument. It is the best choice for people with small hands too. It’s made from strong materials and is very durable. It has a natural finish making it slightly immune to splashes and dust. 

Tech Specs

  • Guitar style – junior acoustic guitar
  • Materials – made of strong natural wood, natural finish
  • Additional Features – available in four colors, lightweight, for small hands, easy to carry, easy to tune
  • Is this a bundle? – NO
  • Accessories  – none

Value Section

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Take note of the following when buying mini acoustic guitars:

How to choose the best mini acoustic guitars?

Buying a mini acoustic guitar or any kind of musical instrument for that matter should be considered very carefully. You should weigh your options well, especially when you plan to buy a high-end guitar. Usually, the budget or the amount of money you want to splurge is the deciding factor, but you must remember that not all that glistens is gold. Some guitars may look pricey and are indeed very expensive but are not the best choice for you.

To properly select the mini acoustic guitar that’s right for you, it’s best to shop around. Visit a  music store and have a feel of the different instruments sold there. Mini acoustics are small scale versions of actual large guitars. Some call them to toy guitars, but the difference is that these guitars are playable, unlike toys that can’t be tuned, played, and adjusted.

Some local music stores may not carry all the mini acoustic guitar types that are found online. This is why many enthusiasts prefer to buy their guitars and accessories online. And since you won’t be able to touch, play or listen to the instrument, you need to buy only from a reliable store.

How to find the best music store that sells mini acoustic guitars? Check reviews, look for customer recommendations, and check store accreditations. Read and understand delivery or shipment rules, look for guarantees and warranties for their instruments, and of course, take note of their contact details.  

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re buying your first mini acoustic or you’re looking for a replacement of your old guitar, remember the following important buying tips:

  • The different mini acoustic guitar body types

Just like a regular acoustic guitar, there are different body types for the mini. The most common ones are the mini dreadnoughts and the mini grand auditorium, but there may be other mini body types depending on the manufacturer.

Why do you need to consider this? Some guitar bodies are easier to play because of their shape like the traditional dreadnought, while some are not as easy to play and therefore are less popular. Choosing the right shape, as well as the size, allows you to be comfortable and confident as you play your instrument.

  • The mini guitar neck

The mini guitar neck’s width and thickness varies and considering these are very important. The neck complements the size as well as the style of the guitar body. Assuming that you have large hands, a mini acoustic will not work for you.

  • Guitar strings

Steel strings are made for acoustic guitars used in country, rock, and pop performances. Meanwhile, nylon strings are commonly used in classical guitars or flamenco guitars. Check for steel strings on your mini acoustic guitar since the two types are not interchangeable. Once you purchase your mini acoustic, it’s good practice to replace the strings before you play them.

The type of string also varies in whether they are light or heavy. Lighter strings are for smaller guitars like the mini acoustic. These strings are louder and will create a solid tone. Larger guitars need heavier strings.

  • Types of tonewoods

To shop for the best type of mini acoustic guitar, consider the material or the tonewoods used to construct the guitar. The most commonly used tonewoods for mini guitars are spruce, mahogany, rosewood, walnut, koa, and Sapele wood, among others.

Spruce is the most common material for the guitar top. This is because it’s lightweight and strong and is capable of providing a good amount of resonance. Species of spruce that make a good top are  Sitka, Adirondack, Engelmann, and European spruce. 

Meanwhile, rosewood is used to make the guitar fingerboards and bridges. Rosewood comes with a rich tone that’s very distinct, and this is why it’s usually used to make the neck. Another good material is maple, which is mostly used to make the side and back. Maple has a low response rate and dampening and creates a dry sound and very high tones.

And in most guitar bodies and necks, mahogany is the best choice. Mahogany is very dense and with a low response rate. With a mahogany top, you can play distinct notes; this is why it’s commonly used in blues music or country songs. 

  • Other factors you’re looking for

You might be looking for a lightweight, easy to carry a guitar, which is why you’re shopping for a mini acoustic. You may be looking for a guitar that you can hold better because of your small fingers. For these reasons, it’s best to personally shop rather than take a risk online.

  • Accessories

Get more value for your money by buying guitars on a bundle. The bundle we are talking about here are the accessories that come with your purchase. Usually, beginner guitars come in a complete set with the mini acoustic, gig bags, guitar straps, guitar picks, guitar strings, tuners, instructional guides, and or instructional videos.


• What is the best mini guitar?

The best mini guitar on our list is the Comfort G-Mini 55 from Washburn. We selected this guitar because of its size, easy playing, good quality materials, lovely features, and it comes with a free gig bag. You may have other opinions of the best mini acoustic from our list, or you may have your preference, and this is entirely up to you. Just make sure to read reviews, consider all the qualities, technical specs, and the pros and cons of a particular guitar before you settle with one. Don’t be in a hurry to decide. As we have said before, buying a musical instrument is an investment. Always consider all the factors before you make a decision.

• What are the best sounding acoustic guitars?

The best sounding guitars are those that produce the clearest tones, the best volume, and good resonance. We can’t pick the exact model of acoustic guitar as the best sounding instrument; you must rely on the following factors for good sound:

  • The material – as you may know by now, the material or the tonewood that was used to construct the guitar affects its sound. Spruce and rosewood are used to create a brighter sound while walnut and mahogany to produce distinct notes. Study well the differences of each type of wood and the kind of tone they give so you’ll find it easier to make a choice.
  • The type of strings – steel strings creates a bright and cheery sound, and so does light strings. Also, nylon strings create a dull tone as well as heavy strings. Light strings are for small instruments, just like mini acoustic guitars, while heavy strings are perfect for large guitar shapes like the jumbo and the dreadnought style.
  • Playability – guitars that have a simple design are easier to play and hence will sound better. A guitar that’s too large or too small for you can sound the opposite as these are very hard to play. Find the best fit mini acoustic that’s right for you, and you’ll surely learn how to play guitar like a pro.

• What are the best cheap acoustic guitars?

You get what you pay for when it comes to buying musical instruments. But if you’re very particular about the cost of a cheap acoustic guitar, then we suggest the following

  • Instead of buying a new one, try pre-loved guitars or second-hand ones. There’s a lot of valuable items that sold second hand, so don’t be afraid to try.
  • Borrow a mini acoustic instead. If you’re buying a mini acoustic because you want to use it as a beginner guitar, then why not just borrow one for practice? There’s no need to buy one. Just save your money until you can buy a quality mini acoustic soon.
  • Barter your way out of a mini acoustic guitar – the barter system is back, and you can exchange anything you have for anything you require. Simply locate a local barter site and arrange for your trade. Wait, and you’ll surely find someone willing to trade his mini acoustic.


The Washburn Comfort G-Mini 55 is our best mini acoustic guitar. We selected G-Mini because of its many amazing qualities. First, it is made from a rare tonewood called Koa wood, and this means it’s strong, resilient, and resonant. Next, this is a travel guitar with a 7/8 size, a grand auditorium acoustic guitar.

The body is made of a strong, solid spruce top with very durable and warm mahogany sides and back. This mini acoustic is made to last with its headstock and fretboard made of ebony wood. The nut and saddle are from black NuBone Graph Tech, strong and very durable material that can take the pressure of regular guitar playing for years. Other qualities are a standout like its lovely rosette and delicate die-cast chrome tuners.

Finally, this mini acoustic guitar has a spacious, quality travel-size gig bag. This has many pockets, enough to accommodate all your playing accessories. We truly say that the Washburn Comfort G- Mini is a good buy, and we recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality mini acoustic guitar. If you think that the Washburn Comfort G-Mini 55 is for you, check this lovely mini guitar out from this link.

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