Top 10 party songs to welcome 2021 in style


It feels like yesterday everyone was searching for party venues, ensembles and songs to bring 2020. Little did we know! 2020 has been a hell of a year- there is nothing that we have not seen/heard. It was a roller coaster ride and guess what, we have made it to the last month of 2020. Now it is time to get ready to welcome new opportunities, possibilities, projects and 2021with open arms. With the pandemic still surfacing, it is not completely safe and advisable to hit the pubs, especially on New Year’s Eve. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun on New Year’s Eve!

There’s one thing that this pandemic has taught everyone. Make do with what everyone has and that is exactly what everyone should do this New Year’s Eve. You can’t step out to party? Bring the party home. All you need for the party is good food, and great party songs. If you don’t feel like preparing food at home, then there are many restaurant options available. You will find the food you relish. As it is for party songs, here are 10 party songs that will brighten up your house party.

Party Songs

Whether it is listening pleasure, or you and your family want to hit the dance floor, these party songs will surely bring in the mood. So, brace yourselves for an amazing New Year’s Eve Party you will never forget.

‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink

What better way to start the party with non-other than the world’s best-selling music artist Alecia Beth Moore, popularly known as Pink! The American singer has sold around 90 million records worldwide as of 2020. She has won many awards including three Grammies, two Brit awards, a Daytime Emmy Award and seven MTV video music awards. Raise Your Glass is celebrating the American singer’s first decade of success and has been acclaimed as the PARTY ANTHEM. So, then this one has to be on the list of the party songs to welcome 2021 in style.

‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston

For all the single ladies and gentlemen out there, this New Year’s Eve, say it loud because you why keep it to yourself?! You never know a special someone might be around waiting for to just hear that. Get down on the floor and dance to this classic and enjoy the night.

Whitney won the Grammy Award for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for this song. This song topped the charts in 13 countries including Australia, Italy, Germany and the UK. In the US it became the fourth consecutive song to have sold over one million copies. I know!

‘Don’t Stop the Music’ by Rihana

No, the music ain’t stopping tonight! Party songs have a mood and this one certainly has that along with a clear intention. This song has peppy vibe going on that will make you want to get on the floor, if not that just tap your feet along.

This single was ranked number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the number one on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs. Now, it would be a crime to not have this party song on your New Year’s Eve song list.


‘Dura’ by Daddy Yankee

If this song doesn’t get you on the dance floor, not sure what will! This Spanish song is refreshing and the uptempo is all that is needed to make the party come to life. Dura in English translates to HOT. The lyrics of this song is described as an ode to the girl Daddy has got his eyes on. Just forget the meaning of the song and enjoy every beat.

This track won the ‘Digital Song of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards’ and ‘Best Urban Song at the Latin Grammy Awards’.

‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams

Ah, yes! It is indeed time to be happy. 2020 is behind us and 2021 is at our doorstep. Just clap along if you want to welcome the New Year with joy. This song reached No. 1 in 2014 in the US and UK. People were so taken up by this uptempo song that it was downloaded a zillion times. It was declared as the most downloaded song in the UK.

A part of the movie Despicable 2, this song was written, produced and performed by the American singer — Pharrell Williams. You would hear this at every party as the lyrics of the song just suit the situation and the beat of the song will surely make everyone dance to the tunes.

‘Give Me Everything’ by Pitbull

This song sends across the right message for the NYE party, which is ‘And tonight, let’s enjoy life’. Just let yourself go tonight, relax, don’t care about anything because who knows we might not have tomorrow. It is the last day of the year, guys! Everyone owes this to themselves. Just enjoy and not care about anything and live this moment.

This song also features Ne-Yo and Afrojack. It is the seventh best-selling single of 2011 with having sold over 11.2 million copies worldwide. This song will surely get everyone swaying their hips from left to right.

‘I Gotta Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas

Not sure about the year 2021, but tonight’s gonna be a good night. In fact, this is the perfect song to your start your house party. This American music group gave the world many hits like ‘Where is the Love?’ and ‘Boom Boom Pow’. But ‘I Gotta Feeling’ touched many hearts. This night is such a party song for so many reasons. Turn up the volume for this one, please. This easy-going song is perfect for those who have two left legs. Get on the dance floor and feel the rhythm of the song take over you.

‘Thank U, Next’ by Ariana Grande

You are probably wondering what this song is doing on this list? Well, everyone is thankful for 2020 but are more than ready for the next year. That’s why this song. However, this is totally not what Ariana meant in this song. This upbeat song is totally opposite of any break-up song ever. This song encourages to handle a break-up better. Ariana thanks her exes for all the lessons they have taught her during the relationship. Pain is vital for growth and it is beautifully highlighted in the song.

‘New Year’s Day’ by Taylor Swift

As the world is biding adieu to 2020, it isn’t the end but it is a chance for new beginnings. This heart-warming song is to all those people who don’t just want to stay and enjoy the party. But also stay back and help clean up the mess created during the New Year Eve’s party. This song highlights the importance of people who value the more important things in life. Like enjoying the good times and learning from the bad times. Not getting rid of the bad memories, but accepting that they happened, and moving on.

‘Auld Lang Syne’ by Mariah Carey

A New Year’s Eve party is incomplete without playing this song at the strike of midnight. Dated back in 2010 by the American singer Mariah Carey, this song received negative responses from the critics. The song was labelled as The New Year’s Anthem.

Now that you have a list ready to be played on New Year’s Eve, all you need is to get your family and friends together, and mouth watering food. All the songs mentioned in the list are the perfect way to say goodbye to the old year 2020 and welcome 2021. Songs have a way of getting people together and celebrating love, happiness and unity. These songs are picked keeping all that in mind.

Whether you are a party person or not, it doesn’t matter, just being with your family on this day will let them know how much they mean to you. So, you don’t have to have great moves to enjoy the New Year’s Eve party, you only need the spirit to celebrate. These 10 party songs will surely allow you to welcome 2021 in style. A party without song and dance is like romantic story without any romance. Sure, this year was full of ups and downs. But that doesn’t give anyone the reason to sit at home scrolling through their Insta feed. This gives everyone all the more reason to celebrate and look forward to 2021. 2020 has taught everyone to be happy and content with what is available. That is exactly what everyone is going to do. Stay home, play songs that will instantly change everyone’s mood in the room. Everyone needs to get into the groove and celebrate the New Year! Nobody knows what 2021 has got in store for us but at least everybody can leave all that for later. Just enjoy the present and that is the New Year’s Eve party. So, get your best clothes on or just stay in your PJs and dance to the party songs.

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