How to Sing Like Shawn Mendes


The songs “Stitches” and “Treat You Better” are both successful and popular songs of Shawn Mendes. This good-looking guy has become the newest favorite of young music lovers. Many have been idolizing him just like Ed Sheeran. 

The way Shawn sings has been so extraordinary, so you may want to know how you can be like him. Is there a way to mimic his voice or even the way he sings? In this post, you will get some hints and details that may help you master your skills and be able to sing as well as Shawn Mendes.

About Shawn Mendes

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, popularly known as Shawn Mendes is a hot Canadian songwriter and singer. He’s another pride of his country, second to Justin Bieber. Born on August 8, 1998, he had the passion and interest in music since childhood. 

He started pursuing his dream to become a singer in 2013. At that time, he was just creating and posting song covers using the video-sharing app called Vine and got followers. His sweet and attention-grabbing voice caught the eyes of Andrew Gertler, an artist manager, and Ziggy Chareton of Island Records A&R.

The two became extremely interested in him that it led to the creation of a deal. Andrew Gertler managed Shawn and they both worked for Island Records’ A&R, Ziggy Chareton. Since then, Shawn produced and launched 3 studio albums, featured 3 world tours, and got several awards. 

In 2014, he launched his self-titled introduction EP. His first studio album titled Handwritten in 2015 featuring the ever-popular song “Stitches” became the most requested song in the UK at that time. The song also went further as it got into the top 10 sings in Canada and the US.

How Did Shawn Mendes Start His Career as a Musician?

The public forgot to find out where Shawn Mendes came from and how he started his career. A lot of people knew him only when his songs “Mercy” and “Stitches” came in. His fans knew more about him. Shawn started as an internet sensation. He was only 14 years old when he started to rise in fame on the internet world, at the time he was uploading song covers on Vine. This platform became popular for teens that it allowed them to upload a funny 6-second entwining video clip. Shawn used the platform for various purposes, mainly to show the people his voice and talent in singing. 

Shawn Mendes and the Secret of His Sweet Voice

He said he doesn’t have any secret pill or some sort of magic that made him so good in singing. Perhaps, the key to his success was his dedication to working with a vocal coach. In an interview, Shawn said he’s working with a vocal coach. The session lasts for an hour.

They meet every day to help Shawn practice and hone further his voice, which is his major asset in his chosen profession. Likewise, he showed the warm-up techniques he’s been using for his voice. He can also speak and sing in a British accent. 

People admire Shawn for his face and personality. More importantly, he was one of the artists with a pleasing voice that you will appreciate in all of his songs. 

Truly, he got the talent. Many have been idolizing him, trying to mimic the way he sings and even his voice.

How to be as Good as Shawn Mendes as a Singer?

If you dream to be the next hot music artist, you don’t need to mimic Shawn Mendes by the way he looks and how his voice sounds. The main thing here is to learn the singing techniques he might be using. This way, you can be as good as he is when it comes to singing/ 

1. Start Practicing

No one can sing perfectly right after birth. Yes, many of us have a nice voice since birth and the ability to sing. Perhaps, you don’t seem to have the potential. But for as long as you don’t sing out of tune, there’s a big possibility you will be a good singer in the long run. 

The most important to do is to practice. Remember, practice makes perfect. The first step to reach your dream will be to practice and try to sing. The more often you practice and sing, the more proficient you will become in the long run. 

Set aside your shyness and believe in yourself. Just like Shawn, he didn’t think of negativities when he was just 14 and trying to make his way to stardom by using Vine. For as long as you believe you have the ability to sing and you can sing, don’t hesitate to continue if someone tells you that you can’t make it. 

2. Attend Voice Classes

While practicing regularly is more important to develop and hone your voice and ability, you should not overlook the importance of joining voice classes. If you’re serious about pursuing your interest in music and be as good as Shawn, then you should start taking classes now. You need to work with a good vocal coach. 

  • With a vocal coach, you will learn how to sing properly. He can teach you many things like:
  • How to prepare yourself and voice for singing
  • The proper breathing technique to sing flawlessly
  • Know your vocal range

To sing like Shawn Mendes, you need to learn a lot of things. You need to learn some warm-up techniques. It’s wrong to sing right on the spot because you have to prepare first your voice. Likewise, you will need to know the kind of voice you have. That is more important. This way, you know your voice capacity and how you can go far. You can’t force your voice to be as high as you want it. 

Shawn himself admitted with confidence and no hesitations that he works with a vocal coach for the past several years. His main purpose for doing so is to develop further his singing ability so that he can reach falsettos. He started working with his coach after his rise to stardom.

He already got the natural talent before even his name became well-known on Vine. He looked for a vocal coach as he needed and wanted his voice and performance to become better than he was before. 

As you can see, there’s no harm if you attend voice classes and work with a coach. Many people think that you need to attend voice classes if you want to sing but you can’t. The truth is that if even you are already good and can sing a song correctly, you still have many things to learn if you want to be a professional singer. Shawn dreamed to be a professional artist, so he attended voice coaching. 

3. Find and Determine Your Voice Type

First of all, you need to warm up. Before you do any form of singing, it is so important to learn how to perform the vocal warm-up. It’s highly recommended, especially when you’re singing beside the edges of your vocal range. 

Then, you have to determine your voice’s lowest note. With a piano, find the Middle C or the one called C4 and try to sing along while the piano plays. After learning your lowest note, it’s time to determine your highest note. Finally, you need to compare these notes to see what your voice type is. 

4. Idolize Shawn But Never Settle on Mimicking His Voice and Style

If you’re just after learning how Shawn sings and not planning to pursue a singing career, then mimicking him might be okay. However, if you want to be a singer someday and want to be as good as Shawn, then you won’t see a future in the industry if you focus on imitating the one you idolize.

Just have Shawn as your inspiration but try to build and have your style. Your singing style has to be unique though you want to sing like your idol. It is where practice can also help. Developing your singing style and undergoing proper training for singers will be the major elements to reach your dream.

Following the footsteps of Shawn does not have to mean you try to imitate him. Instead, use all those tips and hints you learned from him. From there, try to build your fame and reputation. Look what he did. Shawn said he idolizes Ed Sheeran. He is a big fan of that British singer, but Shawn built his career differently. He dreamed to be as good as Ed Sheeran and he made it. 

Follow the same idea as you want to be like Shawn Mendes. Make him your inspiration in pursuing this career. At the same time, try to make your name. It has been the concept of many popular singers that paved their way to success. 

5. Stay Motivated 

Becoming a great singer is not something you can achieve overnight. You need to work for it. Learning and developing your skills in singing will require your time, willingness to learn, perseverance, and determination. It may take months or even years before you can finally get and enjoy what you want. 

Keep in mind that the process is not going to be easy. You will need to stay motivated. Struggles and difficulties will come along as you pursue your dream. When you take vocal classes, you may end up realizing that you knew a little about singing.

Upon learning those things that you don’t know in the past, you may feel bad for yourself. This negative thought will make you think you can’t go any further than singing is not for you. All those negativities will make you less confident, so your motivation drops. Don’t give up no matter what. 

Look Shawn and his journey to fame. He didn’t achieve his dream with just one blink of his eyes. He worked hard for it. He started as a simple person who sings the famous songs and posted it as song covers. 

While he was not expecting too much from those uploads, he did not expect that will he get the eyes of many. A lot of people started to follow him, and that became an additional motivation for him. 

Believe that your journey will not be as easy as Shawn’s. It took years for him to become a well-known singer. But, nothing is impossible. You have to believe in your ability. Just stay confident and motivated even if you don’t know where it will take you. Just go with the flow and never give up that easily.

How Does Shawn Achieve Vibrato in Nearly Every Word in the Lyrics of a Song?

Vibrato will be natural only when you sing and say each word in a tension-free manner. One thing you can do here is to stick two of your fingers into your mouth to prevent your jaw from closing. Just make sure you won’t choke yourself. 

Say and sing the vowels in one pitch and use your other fingers. This technique will teach your vocal cords and tongue to work together. It will make the vowels sound free of tension. This is called the open throat method.

Vibrato won’t be natural if you rely on your mouth and jaw. It is highly recommended to practice the open throat method for 30 days. You will immediately see the advantages once you do it for at least 30 days. This technique can cause a transformation to your voice. 


Shawn Mendes is no doubt one of the most popular singers of this modern age. Just like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and other hot singers, Shawn always shines through on the stage. He conquered the hearts of people, making them his greatest fans.  Learning how to sing like Shawn Mendes has been one of the hottest topics on the internet. His charm and strong stage presence encouraged a lot of teens and young adults to dream and aim to become a respectable singer like him. 

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