Top 20 romantic animated movie songs

Top 20 romantic animated movie songs

It’s almost time for the holidays. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than reliving some old cherished memories! A warm cup of hot cocoa snuggled in your palms, cozy cable-knits, and nothing but bliss- a perfect winter. To add to the perfection, turn on a classic animated movie, and snack on a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. After all, nothing is more nostalgic than your childhood favorite movies.

If you too are craving some freshly baked cookies, then join us. Let’s take you down memory lane and relive some classic animated love songs.

Here’s our pick of the top 20 animated love songs:

1. Beauty and the Beast.

Do we need to say more? “A tale as old as time, tune as old as song” never fails to stir our heartstrings. The song makes us fall in love, with the Beast. When Belle and the Beast dance their hearts out to the tunes sung by Mrs. Potts on-screen, we can’t help but daydream about our beastly prince. The song perfectly captures the profound feelings the characters share. It makes people believe in the power of true love. It’s a timeless piece to serenade the best couple ever! Plus, it warms our hearts like no song ever.

Memorable lyrics-

Just a little change

Small to say the least

Both a little scared

Neither one prepared

Beauty and the Beast


2. “Something There”.

Another one from Beauty and the Beast! This story is one of our all-time favorite love stories. It’s got everything to make it a perfect one. This score is sung when Belle and Beast are exploring their feeling for each other. Set amidst the snowy hills of the castle, the song is lovely and positive and just pure emotions.

Memorable lyrics-

True, that he’s no Prince Charming

But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see

3. Love will find a way.

From the second installment of every child’s beloved movie- The Lion King, this song has some amazing lyrics. The words manage to capture the all-encompassing power of love. The movie, itself, is a love song between two enemy clan’s children. This song is sung by Kovu and Kiara (Simba’s girl). When two opposing tribes’ lions fall for each other, their love shall conquer all. The song is highly optimistic and hits all the right chords.

4. Can you feel the love in the air.

While we are on the topic of love songs from The Lion King franchise, let’s talk about this masterpiece, shall we? The song is played in the movie as an older Simba meets Nala, and they fall in love in their own cute way. The Elton John version of this beauty will definitely make you cry. This song not only marks Simba’s love story, but it also marks the beginning of Simba’s life journey. After falling in love and realizing his true life purpose, Simba returns to Pride’s Land to reclaim what was once his kingdom.

5. Kiss the Girl.

How could we not include “Kiss the Girl” in this list? It is perhaps the most prominent love song of the Disney animated world. It was even nominated for an Oscar! The background characters singing while our main couple falls in love on a romantic ride on a love boat, under the stars, yet unable to kiss each other. The music is soulful and touches you differently. Overall, the scene from the Little Mermaid is a mesmerizing one to indulge in.

6. A Whole New World.

A peculiar kind of love story, Aladdin literally takes you on a magical ride with this song. The Academy-winning piece whisks you across the world- from China to Greece to Arabia- creating a picturesque view of the lovers’ emotions. Their love quite literally makes them fly through the clouds.

7. I See the Light.

Not just Rapunzel’s tale, her songs also got the movie (Tangled) they deserved. In what can be described as the most beautiful scenery in the Disney animated world, the couple sings their hearts out under a colossal lantern-filled sky. It’s heartwarming to listen to and tender to watch on-screen. As Rapunzel’s lifelong dream comes to life in front of her eyes, she blissfully forgets all about it in the moment she is falling for her prince charming. Besides, Mandy Moore’s voice enthralls anyone and everyone.

8. Bella Notte

Lady and the Tramp’s spaghetti sequence is to die for. That adorable scene paired with this enchanting number is the most fairy tale thing ever. The night stars and the romantic date that two loving pooches share will not only warm your hearts but will also make you believe in love.

9. For the Dancing and the Dreaming.

How to Train Your Dragon 2’s short and sweet romantic number is set on a middle-aged couple reunited after forever. The song is full of genuine human emotions and makes our hearts melt. The son’s reaction to seeing his parents together after so long will definitely turn you into a puddle.

10. At the Beginning.

As an underrated princess movie, Anastasia brings to life a cute, harmonious love story set in a magical world. When young Anna completes her princess training to meet her grandmother, Demitri tries to teach her one final thing- dancing. As they sail in the majestic waters, the soft rhythmic tunes of this song take our much-in-love couple on a nostalgic retreat of the beginning, middle, and ever after of their love story.

11. Love is an open door.

Awkward, funny, and adorable all at once, Frozen’s not-so-villainous love song is a hundred percent marvelous. As Anna and Hans fall in love, the song captures all the perks and cuteness of Anna. Instead of falling for the couple, we fall hard for Anna and her personality.

12. Accidentally in love

The song title perfectly describes the couple in question. Shrek 2’s mismatched lovers give you a peek into the happiness they share over accidentally falling in love with each other. A sweet song with sweet lyrics!

13. Zero

Imagine Dragons know how to induce all the warm, fuzzy feelings. This alluring number from Ralph Breaks the Internet is played during the end credits, so there’s not much we can say about how the song perfectly describes the love between the characters. All we can say is that the song is perfect in so many ways, that we had to include it in our list.

14. Sunflower

We don’t need to say a lot about this musical medley. Post Malone and Swae Lee bring to life a song so harmonious, that your hearts will overflow with all kinds of gooey feelings. From the magnanimous Into the Spider-verse, this upbeat rap serenades his lover as a sunflower. It’s catchy and adorable at the same time.

15. You’ve got a Friend in me.

This may be a song about how their friendship will never die, but Toy Story’s song showcases “love” in a totally different way. Their friendship is so pure that someone is ready to do anything and everything for their friend. It makes us cry every time we listen to it. Randy Newman was also nominated for an Academy for this beautiful piece.

16. Le Festin.

This delicious French number by Camille from the beloved film Ratatouille gives you all the feels even if you do not understand the language. An upbeat and melodious tune, this song is aptly played in the film when Linguini starts his new life with his girlfriend, Colette. It’s also played in the end to wrap up the film beautifully. The song itself speaks of someone trying to start something new, and being totally hopeful about it.

17. Let me be your wings.

While Thumbelina may not be your most conventional animated love story, its songs surely do grip you. Let me be your wings is played when Thumbelina and Cornelius fall for each other, and he asks her to be his only love. The song and the lyrics are sweet and Jodi Benson’s voice adds to the magic.

18. I thought I lost you.

This touching song was performed by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta for the end credits of Bolt. To describe the feelings that Penny and Bolt share, this song is somewhat of a dream. Though the movie may have been a forgotten piece, the song remains in our hearts.

19. I won’t say (I’m in love).

This fast-paced piece is an apt description of how we all deny our feelings for someone we love way too much. Megara’s emotions are explored quite well in this number. The song, performed by Broadway star Susan Egan, is something everyone will relate to. Megara’s reluctant admission of her feelings for Hercules in this animated adaptation of the classic Greek myth becomes both relatable and adorable.

20. Ma Belle Evangeline.

Even though this song from the Princess and the Frog isn’t sung by the couple in question, the harmonious tunes and the very apt lyrics fit the situation brilliantly. This jazz number is performed by Ray as a tribute to his love for Evangeline, a star in the night sky. This dance number plays when Tiana and the prince (Naveen) start to develop feelings for each other.

21. Honorable mention- True Love’s Kiss.

Now, although the film (Enchanted) may not be your most conventional animated love story, this song deserves recognition for being such an alluring piece. The lyrics in question are dreamy and speak of the puppy love we all daydream about. The fact that this song was sung before the princess meets her McDreamy might be a little heart wrenching, yet the song in itself is mesmerizing.

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