Jazz Music Stops: What is this?

If you’re a memer or you just love to check out fresh and funny images online, then you may have seen a popular meme image known by the name Jazz Music Stops.

There are many unique and funny memes depicting musicians on the web like the tuba player meme or the guitar player meme. But the jazz music stops meme is one of a kind. Let’s find out why.


Jazz Music Stops a meme classified as a reaction image where a jazz musician is seen playing upright bass. In the image, the jazz musician is looking at something with his mouth slightly open. He is still holding the bass with his left hand and his right hand still on the strings, but it seems that there’s something that made him stop playing.

The man on the reaction image is a regular upright jazz player with his light brown tweet suit and striped green tie. This is not just an image conceived on the web. This meme was from a real painting of a man called “Cool Jazz” by Fabric de Villeneuve.

The expression of the man in the painting has been used in many kinds of images, in message boards, image macros, and many more. It has been described as a face of disgust.


It’s unknown when the “Cool Jazz” painting by Fabric de Villeneuve was created, but many can attest that this artwork is real, and they have seen it many times in a gallery. Some have seen the work or possibly a replicated piece in a hotel bathroom. 

It is also uncertain how the “Cool Jazz” meme came to be, but if you were to check for the oldest meme for Jazz Music Stops and you’ll see that it’s more than 3 to 4 years old. It is also unknown who uploaded the first Jazz Music Stops meme, but it’s certainly hard to find out who did because of the nature of the web.

Some memers confirm that the Jazz Music Stops image was from a Reddit user. You can easily find this image and even join in on discussions when you use the tags jazz, reaction images, music, musician, teeth, indecible, and rapitak.

The first time that this reaction image was seen was on June 10, 2017, and it was in the site Imgur. But the image was not yet named Jazz Music Stops but rather an image Me Irl. This means that the image may be posted in the /r/meirl subreddit file or category.

Memes come from different sources, and the Jazz Music Stops meme is no exception. To this day, this meme is being shared, manipulated, and liked (or disliked) online.


Despite having a mysterious origin as a painting, the Jazz Music Stops image was first added to the meme template on September 3, 2017. The template archive ShitpostBot 5000 was the first place to find this meme, and the uploader was simply called INDECIBLE. ShitpostBot 5000 is a series of weird and funny Facebook or post-ironic Facebook posts and images. When Jazz Music Stops previewed on ShitpostBot 5000, it was given a 5 rating.

On the same day that Jazz Music Stops was uploaded in ShitpostBot 5000, a Reddit user named ThatONE Eskimo posted the same image in the /r/gamegrumps subreddit. Redditors gave the image higher than 795 points, with 99 percent upvoted in just two months. During this time, the image was seen in threads with a title: “When Arin finally kills the last enemy in Sonic Unleashed.”

Meanwhile, on September 9, 2017, Jazz Music Stops appeared on 4chan/pol/. It was uploaded by an anonymous user, and the post had a caption that said: “What the fuck is this degenerate shit?”

By October, the image has attracted a lot of users online, and on Twitter, @mvgvn used it to react on a conversation/thread that ended with “Why you give me chlamydia?” The same post received 600+ retweets and 850+ likes in just a month. In October, @imthrifter in Instagram uploaded the image and placed a caption that read: @imthrifter posted the image with the caption “Black people: *drinks lean, does Molly, percs,xans* ayyyy lit *Someone does coke* Black people:” The post received 17,400+ likes in just two weeks.

On November 6, a Redditor by the username Rapitak posted the image in the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit and received more than 460 points with 95% upvoted. The post received 20 comments in 24 hours.

On November 9, another Instagram user by the username of @highly_educational posted the original painting, but the name of the artist and title of the painting was not indicated in the post. This Instagram post has received 1,900+ likes in less than one month. This post was also shared on 4chan, 9GAG, and FunnyJunk, to name a few.

Various examples

Jazz Music Stops meme has received numerous interpretations and enhancements. Some of these versions are funny, while some are very funny and some quite annoying. Here are the most popular versions of Jazz Music Stops meme.

The classic Jazz Music Stops meme

This is the classic Jazz Music Stops meme. See the disgust in the musician’s face? He sorts of squints his eyes, and his two eyebrows meet while his mouth is slightly open. Whatever he’s looking at, he is not taking any of it! And because of his appearance in this original meme, this image has been used to reply to something very disturbing.

Something to take note of in all these memes is that the musician’s left-hand remains pressed on the neck of the upright bass. It means that whatever it is that attracted his attention has made him stop playing, but a true upright bass player will never leave his instrument!

Intensified version

Just like most memes on the web, an intensified version is better and more, well, intensified. See what happened to the musician in this image? Determination shines from inside him in the form of bright and blinding light. And aside from his eyes, his smile is intense, and this time his teeth are fully showing.

People have different theories about why this happened. Some say that the man is high on drugs, and this is the effect. He’ll probably play jazz music faster with the tunes livelier and a lot more entertaining. He may even break his instrument if he can’t stop the effects.

Some also say that the man in the meme may have seen someone that inspired him to play livelier. It could be the woman she loves or someone pretty in the crowd that attracted his attention.

People use this meme to reply positively to comments or posts. You can also use this meme to take a challenge as if saying, “I can do it!”

Stronger jazz music

Now the jazz musician is very serious, and in fact, plasma is emitting from its eyes, and it looks like he has closed his mouth this time. The music is stronger, and the player wants to show everyone how serious he is in his work. All the parts of his face are barely seen, but his left hand still holds the neck of the upright bass.

Many users use this Jazz music gets stronger memes to feelings of extreme enthusiasm. This is what you feel when people in the audience are rooting for you, and some want to hear more. It’s also the same feeling when you’re playing your favorite song, and you’re in the mood to play for hours.

You can use this meme to reply to threads about something you are very passionate about. This is similar to saying that you’re ready for the challenge and telling people to check out how good you are. But of course, there are different interpretations of this meme, but most are very enthusiastic.

Deteriorating and overly verbose memes

This meme is a sample of an overly verbose meme. If you are not familiar with this kind of meme, then you might learn from the Jazz Music Stops meme.

There are four different images of the Jazz Music Stops man with the first one the original meme image, the second one a slightly overexposed image, the third is simply a poorly-drawn colored sketch of the man. Finally, the fourth is a child’s drawing, barely resembling the original image. The corresponding text for each image becomes too descriptive until it’s overly verbose.

It’s fun to read overly verbose things as if the text was from a writer who’s up for the number of words in his work. It’s barely readable because a bunch of words has been squeezed in a small pane. But we guarantee it’s a fun read for everyone.

Finding Jazz Music Stops brother

The image is similar to the Jazz Music Stops man but from another culture. This man in the image looks Asian and may even have a Malaysian or Filipino heritage. But both play the same instrument, but the image here is more fluid and a lot colorful. The man is also dressed in a fine, hand-woven fabric shirt, and he’s seen looking lovingly at his upright bass.

The Jazz Music Stops man is looking at something in disgust while this man is intently looking at his instrument. This image is not yet a meme, but we’re sure this won’t take long to get noticed.

Freeform jazz

When you say free-form, it’s a smorgasbord of style, and most artists who engage in this form are very eager to show their amazing talents and raging skills.

Free-form for some is playing under the influence. It’s when your mind lingers and tries to take you to different places. The Jazz Music Stops musician in this meme is hardly noticeable except for his iconic fingers on the neck of the bass. His eyes are puffy, everything is red and intensified, and his smile is from ear to ear. You will surely love free-form jazz.

Italian music stops

This meme is an adaptation of the Jazz Music Stops meme with an Italian man holding a classic string instrument. Similar to the man in the Jazz Music Stops meme, the musician here has stopped playing and is looking intently at something or someone.

The man is also holding the instrument with his fingers still on the body of the guitar and the neck, but his face is not amused. You can also see that this is another artwork, probably a classic dating many centuries ago.

This meme is a reply to irritating comments and posts as if saying, “It’s time for you to stop” or “I’m not amused!”

Dandy jazz music

Now, what do you do when you’re too happy to say anything? Get dandy! And this is what our favorite jazz musician did. He is full of happiness that he’s too hyped up! The meme maker has added a few more touches like a new hairdo, a thick mustache, and a monocle.

The musician’s smile is wider too. The word “DANGER” is in the middle of the meme because everyone knows that too much of anything can be dangerous.

Jazz music alignment chart

An alignment chart is popular in television series, animes, and movies and is used to depict the real character of a cast. Because the meme Jazz Music Stops has received a lot of attention online and has been adapted many times, it has not escaped this treatment. And the true neutral (the one in the middle) is the best version of the meme. Watch out for the chaotic evil version of this meme because this is the evilest form of all.

SpongeBob memes

The Nickelodeon cartoon series SpongeBob Squarepants also has their version of Jazz Music Stops. And just when you think the memer is going to use the character with the most musical talent (Squidward), he decided to go with Patrick.

What does mayonnaise sound like? We don’t know, but Patrick knows for sure, and he is stopping his playing from replying in disgust to any comment or post. Yes, you can use this Patrick Star Mayonnaise Music Stops to reply to any repulsive post or comment anywhere on the web.


Memers have had enough of the scowl and disgust in the face of the Jazz Music Stops musician that they decided to turn his frown upside down. You can see him smiling almost wickedly in this picture, and instead of his eyebrows meeting in disapproval, they’re meeting in pure joy. But of course, his hand has never left the neck of his upright bass, and he’s still wearing that smart tweed suit. 

Jazz music continues

For people who love jazz music, this meme is for you. Who cares if there’s a disgusting or disapproving post or comment online? Let the jazz music continue! We have our lovable Jazz Music Stops character this time with beaming LED eyes with a smiling face. Let this meme be our response to all the negativity online.

Famous Memes

Lute Playing Stops

The first lute was played as early as 2000 BC in Mesopotamia, and it’s possible that lute players have expressed their displeasure this way as well. This lute player meme has evolved from the jazz music stops meme, just like all the other memes on this list.

Banjo Music Stops

This banjo meme is one of the earliest memes that evolved from Jazz music stops. This banjo player is a typical muscled construction worker/musician with the same expression as the jazz player in the meme, but obviously, he’s playing another kind of string instrument here.

Slavic Music Stops

Slavic folk music is not for everyone, and this is evident in this meme that the warrior has noticed someone from the audience who’s not enjoying his music. This is not as famous as other variations of jazz music stops but still popular nonetheless. 

Space Jazz Music Stops

No one has heard of alien music before, but a few tunes from Star Wars may refresh your memory. This alien has obviously seen someone who was not pleased with space jazz, but he can’t express his annoyance and just stops playing his instrument. 

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