How to Sing Like Adam Levine


Adam Noah Levine, popularly known as Adam Noah Levine is an American singer and songwriter. The song “This Love” brought him and his band Maroon 5 to stardom. Since then, people started idolizing Adam. Some even tried to mimic him in the way his voice sounds. 

Who is Adam Levine and Why He’s So Popular?

Adam was the lead singer of Maroon 5. This American singer started his career in music in 1994 by being a member of Kara’s Flowers. In this band, he became a guitarist and lead vocalist. In 1997, the band stopped singing when their first album “The Fourth World” failed to get sold out.

In 2001, those members of the original group joined forced once again and reformed the group. They named it Maroon 5. This time, Levine is the lead singer and James Valentine becomes the guitarist. They released their 1st album sooner after their return. It’s the “Songs About Jane” that became multi-platinum in the United States. 

The success of their first album encouraged the band to release more. Maroon 5 had 5 more albums. The latest was the Red Pill Blues that they released in 2017. With his amazing stage presence and powerful voice, Adam Levine won 3 Grammy Awards, 3 American music awards, a World Music Award, and the MTV Video Music Award. 

Adam Levine and His Voice

Maroon 5 may not be successful if not because of Adam Levine. He is the gemstone of the band. He played a big part in taking the band to the hall of fame. Adam’s voice is simply captivating. He can perfectly reach the high notes in most cases. 

Adam is a tenor. He has a 3 ½ octave voice range. He also became extremely popular for all his falsettos. When Adam sings, his voice gives the music a great profanity. His amazing ability to sing has inspired many people and encouraged them to learn how to sing like him. 

How Can I Become a Good Singer Like Adam Levine?

Adam is a great inspiration for anybody passionate about music. He can be a motivator for anyone who wants to enter the same industry, make his name, and be as good as Adam. If you’re idolizing him, that does not mean you can just copy his voice or style as you want to be recognized as a professional singer. 

Instead, you should find your way to become popular and unique at the same time. If you’re watching music videos of Maroon 5, you will probably notice that Adam can sing perfectly and hit the high notes.

His biggest asset is perhaps his voice. As said before, Adam is a tenor. If you know and you’re sure that you’re also a tenor, then learning to sing like him is possible. Again, you don’t have to imitate his voice and style. 

Your first step is learning to sing and hit the high notes without hurting your voice. Adam can do it well. 

Learn to Sing and Hit the High Notes

Each singer can sing higher. However, many singers hit the high notes and experience strain afterward. If you want to be a good singer like Adam, then you should know by now the right way to sing. 

You need to know how to hit the high notes without hurting your voice. That’s how you can impress the audience, especially if you want to sing the songs of your idol. Plus, learning the right way to hit the high notes allows you to be more in control.

Straining your voice as you try to hit the high notes will hurt your vocal cords. Likewise, it ruins your tone, making your pitch as poor as it can be. In short, your voice sounds awful.

If you try to hit the high notes without knowing how to do it right, your voice will likely change. With the right technique, you can be more confidently sing the songs of Adam Levine. 

Singing the high notes with both accuracy and power is a very crucial aspect of singing whatever the song’s genre. Be it theater, jazz, or pop, you will be able to hit the notes by knowing how to do it correctly.

It is not something you can learn and achieve overnight. It requires practice, time, and the right technique so that you can easily and reach the high notes. 

Know Your Voice 

Are you a woman or a man? Keep in mind that the standard types of voices for men differ for women. For the ladies, these include:

  • Soprano that lies between the high C and middle C
  • Mezzo-Soprano that lies between A 3 and A5
  • Alto that is around from G3 to F5

For men, the voice types include:

  • The tenor that lies between C3 and C5
  • Baritone the lies between F2 and F4
  • Bass that lies between E2 and E4

Learn How to Prepare Yourself and Voice for Singing

It is wrong to just open your mouth and sing without doing a warm-up. If you don’t know how to do a warm-up, then follow these steps:

Stand up straight. Then, try touching your toes without flexing your knees. Take note of how far you can reach. 

Do some stretching. Stretch your calf muscles, hamstrings, and glutes. 

After doing some stretches, try touching your toes again. See if you managed to go down further. 

Stretching is very important if you like to touch your toes. Likewise, stretching is crucial when learning to sing and hit high notes. It is funny that a lot of people play or exercise without getting themselves ready with a warm-up. 

Your voice box is a muscle. Meaning, the more often you can use it properly, the more flexible your voice will become in the long run. Make it a habit to stretch your voice before and even after you sing.

Once you work and stretch your vocal muscles daily, your muscles will eventually get used to getting stretched. It then becomes easier to sing and hit the high notes.

In stretching your voice, make sure you keep your face relaxed. Also, you have to support your singing with the right breath control. This will be a killer exercise that will let you see and find out that you can also sing and reach the top notes without pressuring your voice. 

Begin with a humming sound. Say “Mmmmm”. Take note of where you’re making this sound echo within your head. A neat full sound must be expected forward and must resonate inside your sinuses across the forehead and nose. 

Make sure the sound you’re making isn’t stuck at the rear of your throat. You should feel and notice the vibration due to the sound you’re making in your lips. 

At the base of your vocal range start with singing the note on the “Mmmmm” sound. Then, make the “ahhh” sound as you open your mouth. Keep the feeling of resonance inside your mind for both these sounds. 

Just keep moving and repeat those sounds until you have reached the vocal break. Even during the vocal break in which you have to switch to head advice, try, and keep a clear, even tone. Work on and have a nice switch between those two. 

Move higher the scale inside your head voice, hitting the peak of your vocal range. Pay more attention not to the height of the note, but on forming the resonance inside your head. If you keep on telling yourself that the note that you’re singing is way too high, you will mentally believe it. Just focus on the clean and crisp sound coupled with the resonance you’re making while moving up the scale. 

Getting Started Your Journey Towards Becoming a Great Singer

Of course, you can’t become the way you want to be with just knowing how to do a vocal warm-up. You need to do more than that. You have more things to learn before you can finally become as great as Adam Lavine. 

The key is joining and taking voice lessons. It can be online or offline. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to learn more things. It is where you can learn those things you will never know on your own. 

Learning how to do a vocal warm-up is just the initial step. Only a vocal coach can tell what you don’t know or what you might be missing. Feel free to tell him that you idolize Adam Levine and want to be as good as he is. Don’t hesitate to tell him that you dream to sing like him. 

Your vocal coach will not encourage you to just learn how to sing and copy what your idol does. A vocal coach can often see if a person has a potential even before he or she realizes. If he sees you have the potential and can achieve your dream, rest assured he will help you make it come true. 

By taking voice lessons, you will better yourself and your ability to sing. You will know better your vocal range so that you can sing better and choose the songs that match your voice and ability. Your choice of song is very important. Plus, you have to know how to sing it right, especially if it’s from Adam.

When you take voice lessons, you will understand the importance of singing in your style. You don’t need to be exactly like Adam. You’re a big fan of him, but he should serve as an inspiration for you. No one will ever make it to fame in the world of music if he lacks originality, which is more important than having a beautiful voice. 

The voice is one factor. Having a good voice is not enough. You also need to be different from the way Adam Levine sings though you’re using him as an inspiration. When you try to sing his songs, you can add some sort of personal touch but don’t overdo it. You will understand these things once you started taking classes. 

Likewise, you need to do more practice. Start practicing aside from taking classes. Give enough time for both, because practice is another vital key to master and develop your singing skills. 

While you practice and take lessons, don’t expect to see the changes and results in a few weeks or so. It can take months to years before you can see yourself as a great, professional singer. 

Perhaps, there would be times you’ll realize and feel you can’t reach the peak. Don’t give up. All those struggles and negative thoughts are sure to come along. You just need to be confident and brave to face and overcome them. It’s okay to feel not okay, but remember to push yourself. You have to motivate yourself. Believe that you can do it. 

Adam may not be telling it but he might have worked with a vocal coach before. Every person who wants to be a good singer like him must consider the importance of taking vocal classes. Seeking help from a good vocal coach is a big key to ensure your success as you pursue your dream. 

Even other singers admitted they worked with a vocal coach, which became the key to their success. They never stopped dreaming and working hard for their goals to become the singers that people admire today. 


Learning how to sing like Adam Levine is a good idea for anyone who loves and admires him and the rest of Maroon 5. Like you, Adam encountered failures and challenges before he managed to reach his success and become the public’s new favorite.  As you want to sing like him, you should follow his footsteps. Stay focused, eager to learn, and don’t forget to add some sort of creativity. Once again, keep in mind that you don’t need to mimic Adam just to sing like him. Make him your inspiration and find out how you can sing his songs in your way. 

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