The Mother We Share By CHVRCHES: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

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The song, The Mother We Share is one of the most popular songs created by the Scottish band CHVRCHES. This song was a part of their first studio album “The Bones of What You Believe” in 2013. This song was so well received by the listeners that it was re-released in the United Kingdom in 2013. The song quickly made its way up to the UK Singles top 40 charts. The Mother We Share lyrics meaning touched the hearts of the audience. It is one of the most popular songs created by CHVRCHES until 2019 when they finally collaborated with Marshmallow. Then they created the song “Here With Me” which reached the top 9 in the UK Singles chart in 2019.

To understand The Mother We Share lyrics meaning and its true essence, you must have a little knowledge about the creators of the song. CHVRCHES, pronounced as Churches, is a Scottish band from Glasgow. This pop band was created back in 2011 and its members include – Lauren Mayberry, John Scott (from 2018), Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook. The band gained a huge amount of visibility from the release of their first album itself. The album “The Bones of What You Believe” was released in 2013 and secured the fifth rank on the ‘Sound of 2013’ list by the BBC. Since then, the band has released 3 more albums. Their latest album “Screen Violence” was released in 2021.

What Does the Title Mean?

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Almost all the songs created by CHVRCHES have received a huge amount of praise from all over the world. But, The Mother We Share is undoubtedly one of their most popular songs. The title of the song plays a great role in understanding The Mother We Share lyrics meaning. The title of the song is self-explanatory. It explains that the song is about two siblings who share the same mother. Does that mean they are related by blood? That is where the song takes a twist. The first verse of the song will give you a feeling that the song is about two siblings. As the song proceeds, you will be able to understand it is not as simple as it sounds.

The band has given no specific explanation for the song. They have left it to the listeners to enjoy the song and create their interpretations of the song. There could be two different interpretations of the song. Maybe the song is about two blood-related siblings. They share the same other and the whole song talks about the relationship that they share. It talks about how the younger one is the loyal and calm one, while the older one makes a lot of mistakes and tries to cover them up. Although both have never different personalities, in some parts of the song we can see them connect emotionally. The Mother We Share lyrics meaning could easily be that simple.

But there could be another explanation to the song as well. The narrator and the addressee in the song are not siblings in the literal sense. They are rather the product of the same circumstances and have faced similar situations in life. The narrator refers to that situation as their “mother”. And that is how they are siblings. If you fail to understand the true meaning of The Mother We Share lyrics meaning, the song might appear gross to you. You might end up thinking that both the siblings share a romantic relationship. But, successfully understanding the true essence of the song will make you realize how mesmerizing the song is.

Verse 1: What Does it Mean?

Never took your side

Never cursed your name

I keep my lips shut tight

Until you go

We’ve come as far

As we’re ever gonna get

Until you realize

That you should go

In the first verse of the song, we hear the narrator saying how she has never been there for the addressee but also never talked ill about him. We do not know who the narrator is talking about. But in the chorus, we get to know they are siblings, and they share the same mother. Now, whether it is their biological mother being referred to or if they are the product of similar circumstances is left to the audience’s interpretation. The narrator also goes on to say that now they have nothing to give to each other and so it is best for them to go their own ways. The word “go-o-o-oh” has been repeated twice signifying how their relationship has come to an end.

Chorus: What Does it Mean?

Come in misery where you can seem as old as your omens

And the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling

The way is long but you can make it easy on me

And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling

The chorus of the song is the key to understanding The Mother We Share lyrics meaning. In this part of the song, we hear the narrator saying how her metaphorical or biological sibling has a lot of “misery” or sadness in his life. Those miseries are now making him look weary. But their “mother”, either biological or meaning the similar situations that both have been through, will not help them get over these negative emotions of sadness. In the chorus, we also see the narrator saying how even though both have parted ways, her “sibling” can make things easier. She talks about how they can together survive these miseries and heal their cold hearts.

In the chorus, we get the idea that the narrator and the addressee are not a sibling in the real sense for the first time. They are not biologically related. They are probably lovers who have had similar relationship experiences in the past. Furthermore, They would have gone through similar break-ups from which their hearts have not yet healed. But if they stay together, they can survive through the miseries.

Verse 2: What Does it Mean?

In the dead of night

I’m the only one here

And I will cover you

Until you go

And if I told the truth

I will always be free

And keep a prize with me

Until you go

In the first two lines of the second verse, we see the narrator saying how only they have to look out for each other. It also says how the parents that they share do not care about their situation and are absent. The narrator also goes on to say how she has been holding things to herself. Since she doesn’t want to ruin things between them, saying those things out loud will set her free. In fact, it would not be emotionally freeing, but also like a prize for her.

Bridge: What Does it Mean?

Into the night for once

We’re the only ones left

I bet you even know

Where we could go

And when it all fucks up

You put your head in my hands

It’s a souvenir

For when you go

The bridge of the song will again make you feel how this song is not about a sibling bond, rather it is about a romantic relationship between the narrator and her lover. It is about two people who have shared similar miseries and tragedies in their lives. But when they are together, they can help each other heal. Her lover feels comfortable enough to cry in front of her. Now that their relationship is about to end, and her lover is going to “go-o-o-oh”, she says this memory will work as a souvenir.

The Mother WE Share lyrics meaning explain why this song has successfully touched so many lives. It is one of the best songs from the band and has received a lot of praise from eminent [personalities like Micheal Cragg. Duncan Cooper, etc. a lot of remix versions of this song was also released later on. This song will touch your heart and leave you mesmerized.

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