That’s Not My Name By The Ting Tings: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

For those who wish to know that’s not my name lyrics meaning, it is important to understand the artist & the backstory that resulted in the song. Without much adieu, that’s not my name lyrics meaning can be summed up with the phrase “sharing frustration in a fun way”. The Ting Tings is a two-member band from the Greater Manchester area of Great Britain. Katie White is the vocalist & multi-instrumentalist who is supported by another multi-instrumentalist Jules De Martino.

The band was founded in 2007 & became an instant chart topper with their debut album in 2008. It had 4 hit singles, including That’s not my name. The song was a lso a runaway hit in USA, peaking at 39. It helped win them a Grammy Nomination for the 2010 award of Best Newcomer.

In an interview, Katie White equated the that’s not my name lyrics meaning, with her rant about the current state of the record industry. To learn more about that’s not my name lyrics meaning, read the following interpretation.

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What Does the Title Mean?

The gist about that’s not my name lyrics meaning comes from the name itself. It addresses the people who get the name of the band wrong. It also implies that many people maybe get the names of the band members wrong. For example, Katie may have witnessed people who call her nicknames instead of her actual name. It could be a hint at the unprofessional behaviour of people in the recording industry. Another possibility, they may mispronounce the name of Jules De Martino because it is not a typical English name. In fact, it is an Italian name, unlike any English name. During Live performances, KLatie has dedicated the song to people who are almost invisible to society & they are highly vulnerable to being called the wrong name, title or stereotypical label.

The words of the song are fun & simple, but there are hints & references to many things within that’s not my name lyrics meaning.

Verse 1- What does it mean?

Four-letter word just to get me along

It’s a difficulty, and I’m bitin‘ on my tongue

The singer explicitly tells the listener that a four-letter word gets her through the day i.e. Ting. It captures the identity of the band & the individual members. The band is The Ting Tings because it is comprised of two Tings i.e. Katie & Jules.

She shares her frustration that it is difficult to get on with this identity & she ends up tongue-biting while suffering the anguish of explaining herself to ignorant people. After reading this second line, it may be implied that the 4 letter word refers to Fuck i.e. an abusive way of forcing her way out of challenging situations or showing her disgust towards it.

And I, I keep stallin‘, not keepin‘ it together

People around gotta find somethin‘ to say now

Holdin’ back, every day the same

Don’t wanna be a loner, listen to me, oh, no

Then the singer concedes that she wants to stall the recording process until people get her name and identity right. Then again, she can barely string together her reasons into a cohesive communication. This attitude gives people around her to ridicule the band and blame their attitude. The frustration repeats in a vicious cycle where her need for courtesy & identity falls on deaf ears.

I never say anything at all

But with nothing to consider, they forget my name-ame-ame-ame

Katie ends this verse by sharing her restraint to escalate things, but it emboldens the ignorance of others who call her something else than her actual name i.e. the band name of The Ting Tings & her real name. Her silence results in their forgetfulness of her name.

Chorus- What does it mean?

They call me hell

They call me Stacey

They call me her

They call me Jane

Here, the band lists out all the wrong names she has been called. Sometimes she is merely her, sometimes she is Stacey or Jane. Every single time she has to correct them & say, “that’s not my name”.

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

The lyrics also hint a the fact that people repeatedly forget her name. Additionally, if her name is so hard to remember, they could at least remember the 4 letter word that defines their band name.

They call me quiet

But I’m a riot


Always the same

The band repeat the same tempo of the chorus but extend it with lines where the industry calls them derogatory terms like riot, hell, or someone quiet. This also reflects on their attempts to be called the right name & being labelled hell or riot, & their surrender to the flawed name-calling when they are labelled quiet.

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

That’s not my name

Nonetheless, they repeat the mistake and call her Jo, Lisa or Mary. Again, she voices her frustration by letting them know, “that’s not my name”.

Verse 2- What does it mean?

I miss the catch if they throw me the ball

I’m the last drip standin‘ up against the wall


A common term in the record industry talks about artists who play ball i.e. remain compliant & courteous towards the industry. Katie shows her rebellious streak in the first line when she refuses to catch the ball thrown at her. This also talks about the practice of calling out another player’s name before throwing the ball at them. She pretends to be aloof like any player whose name isn’t called out.

Next, she equates herself with the last drip or person standing at the wall of a firing squad. Here, she hints that she annoys the industry to the extent that they may fire her.

Keep fa-falling, these heels that keep me borin

Gettin’ clamped up and sittin‘ on the fence now

The following lines are about falling while running around & her heels bore into the ground. The wordplay also implies that she bored of doing non-essential things that have nothing to do with recording the song. Eventually she stands her ground, clamped up & holding on to the fence.

So alone all the time and I

Lock myself away, listen to me, oh, no

And though I’m dressed up, out and all

With everything considered, they forget my name-name-

Katie then shares the fact that she feels lonely, dressed up for performance but locking herself in to have listened. Her anguish peaks when she states that they still forget her name. This is followed by a campy repetition of the chorus.

Bridge- What does it mean?

Are you calling me darling?

Are you calling me bird?

Are you calling me darling?

Are you calling me bird?

This section questions the dubious nature of some names that a woman must never be called in a professional space. The band asks if the listener is calling her Bird or Darling & implying some immoral quid-pro-quo for progress.


That’s not my name lyrics meaning is a right on the nail challenge to the record industry to use the right words for the band. It also applies to members of society who are ignorant of other members in society, especially the neglected ones.

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