Meaning Of Life By Kelly Clarkson: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

One of America’s most celebrated music artists is none other than Kelly Clarkson. Born in 1982, Kelly Clarkson is an American singer and songwriter who grew up in Forth Worth, Texas. Her success to fame as a pop-rock star came just after winning the popular television show “American Idol” in 2002.

With the win, she became a star and earned many multi-album record deals. Since her win, she has recorded and released a good number of award-winning albums. Some albums went on to earn a decent number of accolades. Her albums reached the top of the “US Billboard 200” chart and most importantly she went on to win the most prestigious music award thrice – “The Grammys”. There is no denying the fact that she is one of the most successful music artists that emerged from American Idol.

Her music journey started in her childhood when her school’s choir teacher heard her singing in the hallway and persuaded her to join the choir. Later she joined high school and performed several musicals at the school. Once performing at a talent show in the school, one of the audience showered praises saying that “God has given you a gift, and you need to keep singing”. Kelly Clarkson continued singing and got herself trained in classical singing.

After graduating from high school, she convinced herself to pursue her musical ambitions. She shifted her base to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams but ended up landing side roles in television series. These gigs eventually led her to a songwriter and with him, she recorded five demo tracks. With these tracks, Kelly Clarkson was hopeful to land recording contracts but unfortunately, she didn’t.

Shortly, after an unsuccessful attempt to win a recording contract, she again went back to Texas. In 2002, she came across a talent show “American Idol” that was looking for talented singers. She auditioned for the show and subsequently went on to win several rounds and eventually was crowned the winner of the talent show. She was awarded a million-dollar record deal with a recording company, “RCA Records”.

With the company, she recorded several single tracks and a few of them went on to earn several accolades. With hits like “Before Your Love”, her music career started with a bang. Later on, she continued recording and released several albums. Some albums went on to perform extremely well on the “Billboard 200” chart.

Throughout her journey, she experimented with music genres. She began her music career as a pop singer, later she started mixing rock music into her songs. Then she showed interest in Country Music and finally ventured into the Soul And R&B genre by releasing “Meaning Of Life” in 2017.

“Meaning Of Life” is one of the song tracks from her eighth studio album. Written by English singer, James Morrison, this soul-pop and R&B song centers around the meaning of life. The song was released as a promotional song a week prior to the album’s release. The following year, in 2008, a music video of the song was released. The video is available on YouTube.

The video, released on Mother’s Day features Kelly Clarkson strolling in a poorly lit mansion. As the song progresses, she enters an illuminated hallway surrounded by a band. The video song also features her children accompanying her.

Let us look at the Meaning Of Life lyrics.

What Does The Title Mean

The song “Meaning Of Life” is one of the song tracks from the album “Meaning Of Life”. The lyrics of each track on the album center around love and family. The album was one of her first soul and R&B albums recorded by her under the Atlantic record label.

The four-minute song, “Meaning Of Life” discusses relationships and the power of love. The song gives an idea that whatever she has achieved in her life is nothing when compared to her family. The song conveys how her husband has transformed her life. He gave her a new lease on life which could be the reason for the title.

Read on further to know more about the Meaning Of Life lyrics and their meaning.

Meaning Of Life Lyrics Interpretation

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Verse 1 – What Does It Mean

Baby, I’ve been living in the dark


The only friend I’ve got here is my broken heart


Feeling like I’ve finally had enough


Living like an animal can be so rough

In the verse, the singer is addressing her husband. The lines convey that the singer is talking about her past romantic relationships. All her relationships weren’t that great. The first two lines of the verse exactly convey how lonely she was. The last two lines pretty much say that she had enough of the lonely life and wanted a serious partner who would appreciate her.

What Does The Pre-Chorus Mean

I’ve been waiting so long for you to come my way


And now I, I can’t wait another day

In the pre-chorus, she conveys that she was waiting for her husband for so long to come into her life that she couldn’t wait anymore.

What Does The Chorus Mean

When you hold me, I finally see


When you say love, I know what it means


I was broke down so long in the dark


Until you showed me the light (baby)


‘Cause when you kiss me, I know who I am


And when you let me feel it I understand


When I’m lost I just look in your eyes


You show me the meaning of life


Meaning of life, life, life, life


You show me the meaning of life


Meaning of life, life, life, life


You show me the meaning of life

In the chorus, the lines convey that when her husband came into her life, she could see the light in her life. She is expressing the feelings that she felt when she met her husband. One of the lines says that she was broken and once she met him, her life changed. Before her husband came into her life, she was lonely and emotionally devastated. All her past relationships weren’t emotionally satisfying. Once she met her husband she experienced true love. His love has given her a new lease on life. He has shown her the meaning of life.

Verse 2 – What Does It Mean

Every time I spend a lonely night, yeah


Thinking I won’t make it ’til the morning light


All I do is think of you and I (you and I)


Suddenly the wrongs they start to feel so right

In the above verse, the singer conveys that whenever she is alone without her husband, she has sleepless nights. She even thinks that she will not survive the next morning. As she has these bad dreams, all she does is think of her husband, and then everything is good.

What Does The Bridge Mean

You show me love


You lift me up


You take me higher and higher


The truth is I’m in love


Can you feel us, we’re flying higher


Oh, you show me love


You lift me up


You take me higher and higher


The truth is I’m in love


Can you feel us, we’re flying higher

The bridge conveys that the unconditional love that her husband gives her is like intoxication. It lifts her spirits and makes her fly high. She feels emotionally happy. She experiences a ray of hope in her life. This is the power of love. According to her, this is what true love is. This is what the meaning of life is.


Meaning Of Life lyrics have been briefly explained in the article. The song is one of the hit song tracks sung by the talented music artist – Kelly Clarkson. The track’s lyrics throw light on the positive changes that her husband brought to her life after she met him.

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