Pisces by JINJER: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Jinjer’s music can definitely be considered among the most popular these days. Their sound is often new and bold, leading fans to flock after them. They are a defining voice in the contemporary music scene.

What does the title mean

The primary meaning of the title is the astrological star sign. The term is one that is easily recognizable to anyone who is fond of checking their daily horoscopes.

Astrology is a controversial field at best. No one has determined for sure whether its teachings are accurate or not. Those who believe in scientific truths scoff at astrology and its methods. But there are also many who swear by their horoscopes. In some countries such as India, people don’t even get married or make important decisions without first consulting their family astrologer.

Whether one believes in astrology or not, the title of the song is definitely one that arouses curiosity in the audience. Regardless of our scientific beliefs, it makes us curious to learn what the song has to say about the term.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

Step forward and meet a new sunrise

A coward is shivering inside

Today I’ll be a friend of mine

Who swallows suffering with smile

I drew a different reality

With unconditional loyalty

Ego hardly can be piqued

‘Cause I’m selfless”

These lines don’t exactly satisfy our curiosity about the questions evoked by the title, but they contain a very striking note of ambiguity. They suggest someone who appears to be strong but actually thinks of themself as a coward. There seems to be a discrepancy between appearance and reality.

The idea of swallowing your suffering with a smile is both sad and courageous. This line indicates that the person is actually very strong even if they believe that they’re a coward. They are someone with “unconditional loyalty,” a person who is “selfless.” They seem quite heroic by nature, like the sort of person you would want beside you in a crisis.

One of the most interesting ideas in this verse is that of “a different reality”. This phrase suggests that the singer sees the world differently from others. They might even be a visionary, someone who is misunderstood or persecuted by others because they have such an unusual way of looking at the world. Such people who see realities differently are often shunned by others whose perceptions are more mainstream.

What does the chorus mean

Scale armour blaze

Virgin innocence

One being brings life

Another runs for death

Scale armour blaze

Virgin innocence

One being brings life

Another runs for death”

The chorus feels brilliantly poetic. It contains unusual fragments of thought and imagery. The word “scale” reminds you of a dragon’s appearance as well as the idea of “scaling” new heights. It also has the meaning of a balancing scale and could refer to the fact that we always need equilibrium in life. The second word, “armor,” also connects to the idea of a dragon. It’s almost as though the song is evoking long-past days of magic, dragons, and knights in shining armor. We could interpret this to mean that the song wants to take us back to a classical period. This interpretation of the lyrics conveys the idea that the song could be about ideas or emotions that used to be popular in a previous era. But these thoughts and beliefs are now dismissed by people.

The term “virgin innocence” adds to the enigmatic sense of meaning. It recalls both the Virgin Mary and the magical practice of doing spells with the blood of virgins. The chorus of the song definitely creates a lot of curiosity about where the song will take us in the next verse.


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Verse 2 – What does it mean

No promises I ever give

Don’t rely on me and I won’t deceive

The beginning or the end you can’t tell

When I wave my fin and shake my tail

I grew in different normality

With unblamable morality

Hooks and nets are there for me

But I’m skittish”

This verse makes us start thinking that the idea of scales mentioned before might actually refer to a fish. It has imagery such as that of fins, which makes us think of fish or other marine creatures.

The verse also refers to hooks and nets, which are terrible images if one is a fish. These are human instruments that are used to catch and kill fish. This imagery suggests that the person singing the song feels that they are in danger from the world. They convey the fear that they are about to be caught like a fish on a hook. This interpretation aligns with the previous notion of someone who is shunned by society because of their unconventional beliefs. Their idea of ‘normal’ is very different from that of others. For being this way, they fear being attacked by others.

Such an idea also reminds us that there are many minority groups in the world who are actually in danger from oppressive systems. These systems attack them from being different. People from marginalized communities are often seen as monsters who should be maligned and attacked. They are constantly in danger in mainstream societies.

Verse 3 – What does it mean

A Neptune’s child shivering inside

Drowns in the liquid gold

Cherished his life to the underworld

Meet me flashing when winter cries

Pisces swimming through the river

All their life against the stream

Searching for a hook to catch on and see their sun beam

Then suffocate in painful tortures

On cutting tables of callous men

Under a knife of handsome butchers

Emeralds are ripped away

Emeralds are ripped away

Emeralds are ripped away

Emeralds are ripped away”

It is now clear what the title refers to. The meaning here is brilliantly unusual, defying all expectations that the title had set up. Instead of referring explicitly to astrology, it plays on the marine imagery of the word. It also wonderfully connects the idea of marine creatures to the mythological god Neptune. Fans of the Percy Jackson series are sure to love this reference.

The haunting repetition of the words about emeralds being ripped away remind us about how cruel human beings are to nonhuman animals as well as other humans. The imagery of callous butchers is powerfully intense in the way in which it evokes the violent tendencies of human beings. The singer is not someone who is daunted by the cruelties of others. They come across as someone who is extremely brave in the face of danger.


This song is enticingly unusual from start to finish. It constantly defies expectations. The lyrics and imagery are perfectly chosen to represent the song’s themes. The song is about how those who think differently from others or have unusual beliefs are constantly targeted by society. Being different in normative societies means that one is almost always seen as a nonconformist, someone to target and attack as a scapegoat.

The singer seems to be an iconoclastic person who will not let go of their beliefs no matter how much they are condemned. In the contemporary world, which is full of violence and hatred, such a song is a true inspiration. It reminds us that it’s okay even if our sense of ‘normal’ differs from that of others. We should take heart in the knowledge that there are others like us.

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