Old Town Road by Lil Nas Xlean, All in My Bladder: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Montero Lamar Hill, who goes by the stage name Lil Nas X, shot to fame, after releasing his single, “Old Town Road”. The song first gained popularity on the video-sharing platform Tiktok, and eventually entered music charts and became diamond-certified in the same year.

Rapper Lil Nas X began his journey as a young musician from Georgia looking for a break in the American music industry. He wrote the smash hit using an instrumental he bought for $30 online and recorded it in a day.

The original single went viral soon after its release in December 2018. A remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, was released in April 2019, following the initial success of the single. The chart-topper blends hip-hop with country music, creating a fusion called country rap. After climbing several charts, “Old Town Road” was removed from Billboard’s Hot Country Songs because the song does not have the elements of country music. This decision sparked a debate on the existing definitions of the genre.

Although the song did not enter the country charts again, it reached number one at Billboard Hot 100 for nineteen consecutive weeks (both versions collectively), making the highest record in the category.

What does the title mean

“Old Town Road” is the path of success that Lil Nas X took as an aspiring musician. After leaving school, the rapper decided to follow his passion. The title of the song and the song itself reflects the struggles and dreams of the young rapper who was ready to take on the world.

It’s the celebration of freedom. The young man takes the “Old Town Road” to break free from those who want to keep him down. He begins an arduous yet fulfilling journey where he can be himself and chase his dreams.

After the artist came out on Twitter, during Pride Month, the song gained significance as a declaration of his sexuality. The Atlanta rapper broke the norms by coming out publicly within a short period of success. “Old Town Road” became a huge success and opened up opportunities for other young artists from the LGBTQ community.

What does the intro mean

“Yeah, I’m gonna

take my horse

to the old town road

I’m gonna

ride ‘till I can’t

no more

I’m gonna

take my horse

to the old town road

I’m gonna

ride ‘till I can’t

no more”

The song is written from the perspective of a runaway cowboy. He leaves on his horse to begin a solo journey that will take him to new adventures and bring him prosperity.

The horse represents the struggles of the artist. He decides to leave college and home, and run towards his dream of being a successful musician. In a Genius interview, he explains, if he had chosen the “car” over the “horse”, which is not worth much, his life could be simple. But, he is determined to not go back to his old life. The rapper makes up his mind to ride the horse on the old town road. He chooses the long and challenging road to success. He’s willing to fight the obstacles and keep moving forward till he succeeds.

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Verse 1 – What does it mean

“I got the

horses in the back

Horse tack is attached

Hat is matte black

Got the boots that’s

black to match

Riding on a horse

You can whip

your Porsche

I been in the valley

You ain’t been

up off that porch, now”

Donning a black hat that matches his black boots, the cowboy sets out on a journey to find fame and fortune. While others zoom past him in Porsche, the lonely cowboy has no one to back him up. It’s just him, his horse, and the old town road. He keeps whipping the horse and riding on his own.

Lil Nas X talks about the challenges as a new artist trying to enter the music industry. He also takes a slight dig at other budding artists who like to flex. The young rapper does not have resources like others to support his dreams. But he has the talent and dedication to make it big. He’s going to prove it to them through hard work and perseverance. Lil Nas X whips his horse, which means it’s his struggles that will inspire him to make music. He will grow as a person and a talented musician because of his efforts.

What does the chorus mean

“Can’t nobody

tell me nothing

You can’t

tell me nothing

Can’t nobody

tell me nothing

You can’t

tell me nothing”

In the chorus, the artist sends a message to everyone who tells him that he can’t achieve his dreams. He is unstoppable. He repeats the lines to remind others of his unwavering ambition in music.

These lines also show that he is free and independent. He has fixed a goal and is solely focused on accomplishing it without any help from others. Lil Nas X wrote and recorded “Old Town Road” himself by simply purchasing a beat online. The mega-hit itself is the story of his success.

Lil Nas X debunked the claims of paying homage to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye West in an interview with Genius.

Verse 2 – What does it mean

“Riding on a tractor

Lean all in my bladder

Cheated on my baby

You can go and ask her

My life is a movie

Bull riding

and boobies

Cowboy hat

from Gucci

Wrangler on

my booty”

In the second verse, the cowboy has upgraded from a horse to a tractor, signifying growth and wealth. It’s the future now. “Lean all in my bladder” implies that he has let success get to his head. He enjoys drinking lean and is not faithful to his wife. Lean is a drink made by mixing soda, cough syrup, and hard candy. Lil Nas X admits taking inspiration from the private lives of the Hollywood stars for these lines.

Lil Nas X was also inspired by “Dallas Buyers Club” starring Matthew McConaughey. The cowboy in the song starts living his life in the fast lane like Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey). He becomes reckless and promiscuous like the movie protagonist.

The cowboy flexes his wealth and status at the end of the verse. Lil Nas X imagines life after becoming a rock star.


In a Time interview, Lil Nas X revealed that he wrote “Old Town Road” as an encouragement to himself. It was a time when he almost gave up his dream to pursue a career in music. An unexpected turn of events led to the song becoming a success which opened many doors for the artist.

“Old Town Road” blew up on Tiktok shortly after its release on Soundcloud in 2018. The song gave birth to memes, jokes and, challenges that spread on several social media platforms. The viral popularity ultimately led to its success on music charts.

What began as an internet cowboy meme, “Old Town Road” earned Lil Nas X six Grammy nominations and two wins. The breakout hit turned Lil Nas X into a household name.

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