Ikuyo by Kyle: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

Ikuyo by Kyle: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

Ikuyo is a song by Kyle, featuring 2 Chainz and Sophia Black. Sonically, Ikuyo is a mid-tempo trap song. The track is inspired by Japanese themes and exudes an upbeat, feel-good vibe.

Before unravelling the Ikuyo lyrics meaning it is important to understand the meaning behind the song title.

Title – What does it mean?

The Japanese word Ikuyo means “Here we go”. From the title, KYLE jump starts the story of his struggles before becoming famous and gaining all this success. With the title explained, it is now time for the Ikuyo lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

Yeah, woah (Woah), I did it on my solo

‘Member I was so low, no one wanted photos (Yeah)


Rapper Kyle remembers the time when he was new in the music scene. His “solo”, synonymous with the term “debut”, did not create much of an impact. On the contrary, it made him the butt of jokes and parodies.

The poor reception of his initial efforts brought Kyle “so low”. It was truly a period of grinding and struggling for the rapper. He was infamous with no fans to follow his moves. There was no one who liked his music or “wanted photos” with the rapper.


Now I’m on the big screen (Huh), used to eat at Wendy’s (Yeah)

Got rich overnight, it’s like I married Mrs. Winfrey, woah (Uh)


Those days of slogging it out are over for Kyle now. He was “made it” in the proverbial sense. Kyle’s music is now appreciated, winning him many fans and the ensuing stardom. It’s not just about the music anymore. Kyle’s fame has catapulted his career on to the “big screen”. This could refer to two things.

First, the “big screen” could literally mean cinema theatres. This is factually correct as Kyle starred alongside Wiz Khalifa in the 2018 Netflix movie The After Party. Second, the term may be a metaphor for great success. According to the lyrics of the song, Kyle is now famous. He now has enough money to eat at expensive restaurants. During his struggling period he could barely afford Wendy’s, a popular fast food chain.

The speed at which his success has skyrocketed is nothing short of a fairy-tale. Kyle has been very lucky. It’s like the popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey married him and made him rich overnight.


And now I’m doin’ shows (Yeah), and I brought all my bros (Yeah)

And I got all these powers (Huh), I’ll vanquish all my foes (Wow)


Owing to the popularity of his music, Kyle’s brand is increasing day by day. Not only is he releasing tracks after tracks, he is also appearing in movies and TV shows. His fame and money has won him many loyal followers and friends (“bros”).

Now Kyle possesses the “powers” to influence people. He takes charge and controls his own destiny. Any “foes” who think they can surpass or beat Kyle are in for a surprise. Kyle is too powerful to defeat. He still sits on his throne. The last line is also a call back to his previous song SuperDuperHero. Kyle compares himself to the likes of Batman and Superman in the song, claiming to have superpowers. But only Kyle knows about them.


I used to borrow clothes (Yeah), I never borrow flows (What?)

Nigga, I got a girl (Yeah), don’t need to borrow hoes (Yo)


There was a time before the stardom when Kyle borrowed clothes from other people. This could be due to the lack of sufficient finances. However, even then he was true to his art. Kyle claims he has never taken any “flows” from any other musicians. This means he is completely original and writes his own material like a true artist.

Fame and money has not spoiled Kyle. While others are driven mad with lust and gluttony, Kyle maintains his character. He does not chase “hoes”, that is, women. Kyle has a special lady in his life and he is committed to her. This personality trait stands out among other rappers who brag about sleeping with numerous women.


I mean y’all niggas gross (Ew), I keep my circle close (Yeah)

I like myself enough (Ooh), that’s why I barely post (Yup)


Not every celebrity is starving for attention. Kyle believes in keeping his “circle close”, meaning he has a tight group of loved ones whom he trusts. He does not engage in obsessive socializing. While other artists flood their social media with their pictures and life updates, Kyle likes to keep things personal. According to his beliefs, there is no need to show off all the time – the work speaks for itself.


Ooh-ooh, you niggas funny, go get you some money

All these niggas cryin’, go get you some Huggies, haha


Kyle taunts and pokes fun at his haters. Anybody who is jealous of Kyle and his success is “funny”. Kyle advises them to stop wasting their time on hating him. Instead they should focus on getting a career and strive to be as successful as Kyle.

However, some of his enemies still prefer to crib and cry like little babies. Kyle mocks them by suggesting they should get some Huggies, which is a brand of baby diapers.


‘Cause I look like a couple M’s (Damn)

My paycheck only had a couple cents (Damn)

Back then, I only had a couple friends (Guess what?)

(Bitch) I still got a couple friends (Yeah), haha


The term “a couple Ms” refers to couple of million dollars. Though he started out poor, Kyle is now a millionaire. The people who supported his journey from the start are still around him. This means Kyle did not lose his individuality and continues to maintain his character.

Pre-Chorus – What does it mean?

Doko-Dokokara mitemo itsumademo

Style mo ginsei sutekidayo

I-Ishou killin’ it fuan demo (Oh)

Dokokara mitemo sutekidayo

Doko-Dokokara mitemo itsumademo (Yeah)

Style mo ginsei sutekidayo (Oh)

I-Ishou killin’ it fuan demo

Dokokara mitemo sutekidayo



These lines have been written in Japanese. They talk about fashion and style. Unbound and wild, the aesthetic sense of the artists on this song is unparalleled. They are “killin’ it” with their style and coolness.

Chorus – What does it mean?

(Uh) I think we got one (Got it) (Ya)

I put the team up on my back like I’m Marshawn (Marshawn Lynch)

When I asked niggas for help, yo, I got none (No, haha)

When I did this shit myself’s when it got done (Yes) (2 Chainz)

Yeah, woah (Woah)


Kyle is the leader and support of his team, comprising of friends and family. Like the running back from the National Football League, Marshawn Lynch, Kyle has got the back of his loved ones.

In the last two lines of the chorus, Kyle boasts about his strength. He got everything done on his own, without the help of anybody.

The chorus perfectly captures the Ikuyo lyrics meaning

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

Thawed off with the top down

High speed like the cop’s ’round (Huh)

Dick tall, made her climb up

Then after that, make her hop down (Down)


These lines depict a sexual act in a moving car. They highlight the thrill of public indecency. There is always the threat of being caught and persecuted by the cops. But the rappers here find a thrill in it. Kyle and 2 Chainz talk about having sex with a girl in a car while she is on top. This shows how confident and fearless these men are.


Draymond with the lockdown (Yeah)

Look at my birth pictures

Had an AR in the background (Bah, bah)


2 Chainz refers to his ability to face any difficulty. He is like the basketball Draymond Green, he never lowers his defences. Ever since 2 Chainz was a little boy he has been standing his ground and protecting against attack with his “AR” (Assault Rifle).


Black out, won’t back down

Tell the squares I’m back ’round (Yeah)

Sak ’round, walk in, no pat down, then sat down (No)

If I’m here, my strap round, my girl brown, her tongue wild


2 Chainz continues to prove his tenacity and his ability to never “back down”.


Gun pow, shoot ’til I run out (What? What? Oh)

Brighter than a sunflower, rolled a joint that last one hour

All I need is one mic, I got stripes like an umpire

Hotter than a brush fire (Ooh)


As a musician, 2 Chainz’s artistry is sharp like a gun and soothing like a joint which lasts long. With just a microphone 2 Chainz can win any rap battle.


Drench God, Drench Messiah

Up David, I can get higher, up late, I don’t get tired

Seen me on 6’5″, stood on a quarter milli

That made me 6’9″, that made you itty-bitty

I like when she independent ’cause when I try to buy her shit

She say she don’t need it, ha, cool with me (Yeah)


2 Chainz might be rich but his girl does not depend on him. He likes the fact that his lover is independent. She loves him for him and not his money.


Hope you have now understood the Ikuyo lyrics meaning.

In Conclusion

The Ikuyo lyrics meaning is in understanding the impact of fame and success. It is important to not lose your character and integrity in the process.

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