I Need Never Get Old By Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

For those who wish to learn the “i need never get old lyrics meaning”, it is pertinent to learn about the history of the band and the song. As a debut single of Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, “i need never get old lyrics meaning” refers to an exaggerated view of their decade long struggle. The band were regular on the Live performance circuit, especially as opening acts for Missouri based Mumford & Sons.

The Denver based Soul Rock Band toured as a support act for over a decade. This song is born from their What if scenario of waiting all their life before the first studio recording. The theme for “i need never get old lyrics meaning” could very well reflect the stubbornness of the artist to remain young until the dream of a debut album is met.

The 7 member ensemble garnered critical acclaim for their fusion of R&B and soul elements in their folksy rock sound. Much to their delight, even Britney Spears shared a small clip of dancing to their songs.

To know more about the “i need never get old lyrics”, read on.

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What Does the Title mean

The whole song apart, the spirit of “i need never get old lyrics meaning”, gets captured in the title itself. The band opines that they have a need i.e. a mandate to never get old. In fact, “i need never get old lyrics meaning” gives a humorous depth to this notion, which also plays out in the title. It also accepts the fact that the band is getting old and that’s why the need arises.

It could be safely said that “i need never get old lyrics meaning” has a punch of wit and grit in it.

Verse 1 – What does it mean


Can we be there

Oh, just think of the time


The first lines reflect the band’s willingness to persist with each other. The lines imply if the Band can ever garner mainstream success, or even record an original album. They ponder upon the time it may take, especially when a decade has gone by with no success.

Thought of love so strange

Said you never knew

While I try my best

To cover our eyes


Then again, they quote their love for music as a strange variety. How they never knew that each of them tried their very best to succeed together. The problem was that they doubted if they gave their best, but held on to each other. Hereafter, there is an overlap of lines too. The singer says that he tried to deceive the rest of the band by trying his best to blind everyone by covering all their eyes, including his own.

It’s a common way to blame and hide the truth

The singer concedes that he did this because it was a prevalent way to blame external factors and hide the fact from the rest of the band i.e. they were not good enough to go big.

What does the chorus mean

I know that some will say it matters but little babe

Oh, but, come on and mean it to me

I need it so bad

Here, the singer uses words to spell out a shared sentiment of the whole band. He implies that each member is trying to convince their loved ones and each other.

The words state that people’s opinions & consolations may not be true i.e. it is immaterial “if they made it big or not”. Then again, the entire band felt different. They wanted success to mean something and wanted reassurances that it is critical for them. After all, they felt that their need for success is paramount, and they are desperate for it. The band had invested more than a decade into music & it had to mean something.

I needed to try

I needed to fall

I needed your love I’m burning away

I need never get old

The chorus ends with the words about needing to try, needing to fail, & requiring love when the band feels it’s suffering burnout from trying again and again. Nonetheless, the band continues in their efforts.

Ultimately, it ends with a plea that they need to never get old i.e. remain youthful in their pursuit of success. It also implies that they never get old in the eyes of the listeners. Perhaps the audience listen to them with a refreshing zeal for years to come.

Verse 2 – What does it mean

Taking our time

Ah just standing in the rain

Meaning what you said ah and mean it to me



The Singer explores their other experiences of taking all the time to produce their first album. Did they take it out of creative freedoms or procrastinated while continuing their small acts? Metaphorically, the singer implies that they continued to spend their time in the rain, away from the sunshine. Perhaps the band chose to stay small and pondered upon releasing an album after a decade had passed.

The singer does not make any such claim definitively but does let the listener imagine the feeling of standing in the rain. Letting it all pour on him, while the band stagnates under bad weather.

All of these lies

Oh and never again

Come on and say it now, say it’s a game

The next line implores others to tell the band members to mean what they say. To really convince them to move ahead or move back. Never to remain in this Status Quo. The singer also feels that he has been lied to. It may also imply that every band member was lied to, by the singer. These words are followed by a promise to stop lying entirely and admit that it’s not just about the music, but also the game of success.

After this verse, the chorus is repeated until the end of the song. It may be understood that the band is unclear whether it should blame itself or the system for its predicament. Nonetheless, it is feeling a little down & seeking kind words of inspiration. It is also reflecting on the journey up to this threshold and seeking the passion to remain young.


The” i need never get old lyrics meaning” is straightforward and simple on the surface, but it carries the Band’s story underneath. It hints at faith and trust at a time when logical answers seemed like killers of dreams.

The song also takes a dip into the family lives of the band members. How they may have struggled to get kind words from their better halves or struggled to perform without them. The importance of support and collaboration transcending across family and bandmates.

Overall, the song is a catchy tune with some contemplative lyrics. It needs to be heard, and this need may add another dimension to the interpretation of the song

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