Cover Me Up By Morgan Wallen – Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

Cover Me Up by Morgan Wallen – Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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American singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen is a country artist born on May 13, 1993. The artist rose to fame after competing in the American musical reality show, The Voice, but unfortunately got eliminated. After his exit, Morgan released his first EP titled Stand Alone on August 24, 2015. It followed the release of his other two EPs in 2016 and 2018, namely The Way I Talk and Morgan Wallen.

In April 2018, the artist released his first studio album, If I Know Me. His second studio album was titled Dangerous: The Double Album. It contained thirty songs, with two additional tracks in the bonus editions. The album received a positive response from fans and critics and secured the top spot on US Billboard 200 and Billboard’s Top Country Albums charts. The album is certified 2X Platinum by the RIAA.

What Does The Title Mean?

The song cover me up by Morgan Wallen is a cover for the track by the same name, released by Jason Isbell. It describes the singer’s struggles with alcohol and substance addiction and the role of his lover and now wife, Amanda Shires. When readers try to understand the cover me up Morgan Wallen lyrics meaning, they will experience a man’s struggles with quitting his drinking and drug problem. We see the role his lover helped him overcome by covering him with her love and offering love, support, and strength.

Verse 1 – What Does It Mean?

A heart on a run keeps a hand on a gun

Can’t trust anyone

I was so sure what I needed was more

Tried to shoot out the sun

The days when we raged, we flew off the page

Such damage was done

But I made it through, ’cause somebody knew

I was meant for someone

The first verse of cover me up starts with describing the singer’s behavior before he met the love of his life. A heart on the run signifies his constant string of relationships with no signs of settling down. Because of his habit of getting with new partners, he can’t trust anyone, implying that he is walking around with a gun, hinting at the constant threat from his significant other.

The singer shares he was sure of what he wanted in life but later regrets his reckless lifestyle. The singer hints at his addiction to sex, alcohol, and drugs. The singer then admits his cockiness by saying he tried to shoot the Sun. It depicts his level of foolishness and delusion. The singer then describes a turning point in his relationship when they had a big fight, causing a big rift between him and his partner.

Understanding the first verse of cover me up Morgan Wallen lyrics meaning, we see the singer being thankful for the support of his beloved. Despite their fight, his lover always remained by his side, offering unconditional love. He then notes that he made it during the challenging times with her support as they were soulmates and always meant to be together. The lyrics can also be interrupted to hint at the singer’s belief in fate or destiny.

What Does The Chorus Mean?

So, girl, leave your boots by the bed, we ain’t leavin’ this room

‘Til someone needs medical help or the magnolias bloom

It’s cold in this house and I ain’t goin’ out to chop wood

So, cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good

Starting the chorus, the singer asks the girl to keep her boots by the bed, signifying that she won’t be leaving his side anytime soon. He even reflects the sentiment by expressing they won’t leave the room. He desires to keep his lover locked up with him and won’t leave their private bubble until someone leaves medical attention.

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Magnolia is a fragrant flower that grows in late winter or spring, and the singer wants to stay with his lover until the flower starts blooming. He continues to share that their house is cold from the lack of any fire. However, the singer still refuses to leave her to chop any wood. He asks his partner to stay with him and cover him with her love, stating that she has the right to use him as she pleases.

Verse 2 – What Does It Mean?

I put your faith to the test when I tore off your dress

In Richmond on High

I sobered up, I swore off that stuff

Forever this time

And the old lover’s sing, “I thought it’d be me

Who helped him get home”

But home was a dream, one that I’d never seen

‘Til you came along

Learning cover me up Morgan Wallen lyrics meaning listeners hear the singer recall a past incident where he tore her dress. The music video shows the singer grab his partner forcefully, causing her clothes to break over during a verbal confrontation. He admits that the incident forced her to question her faith in him after the incident in Richmond when he was high.

However, the singer continues that the event became a reality check for him, encouraging him to reconsider his choices in life and quit all his addictions. Unlike his past attempts, he promised to overcome his addiction to drugs and alcohol permanently in hopes of earning back her love and trust. The singer is not hesitant in thanking his beloved as he is finally home, signifying his sobriety.

He continues talking about his addiction, saying that he wanted to quit several times in the past but failed to get proper motivation or reason. In his mind, he always believed that he would be strong enough to say goodbye to his vices. Although, he also adds that sobriety was never a priority for him. He never dreamed of being sober, and he only wanted to become clear-headed after meeting his lover.

What Does The Chorus Mean?

So, girl, hang your dress out to dry, we ain’t leavin’ this room

‘Til Percy Priest breaks open wide and the river runs through

And carries this house on its Stones like a piece of driftwood

So, cover me up and know you’re enough to use me for good

In the second part of the song’s chorus, the singer reiterates his thoughts of not leaving his lover’s side by asking her to hang her dress to dry. It reflects that he doesn’t want her to part from her side at any cost. He admits that they are not leaving the room unless the Percy Priest Dam, which flows in the southeast of Nashville, floods the room.

The singer knows that if the river breaks through their house, their place will get washed away by the Stones River. He is aware that their home would float away like a piece of driftwood and has no problem with that. The singer asks his partner to shield him with her love. He wants his lover to know that she can use him anyway, the statement also carrying a sexual interpretation.


Cover me up is the thirteenth track on Morgan Wallen’s second studio album, Dangerous: The Double Album. Morgan started performing the song in his concerts before officially releasing it in 2019. The cover track performed well on music charts, earning the peak position at 52nd place on the Billboards US Hot 100. The singer released an 8-minute short film for the track that explains cover me up Morgan Wallen lyrics meaning. The country romantic ballad expresses the singer’s love for his partner and describes how it motivates him to become a better version of himself.

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