Capsize By Emily Warren, Frenship: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

Capsize by Emily Warren, Frenship: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Frenship is a popular band comprising of two key stalwarts, Brett Hite and James Sunderland. For the particular song, Capsize, they worked along with the famous and talented Emily Warren. The chartbuster song can be classified as an electro-pop. It is about two exes spinning from a difficult break-up.

In a discussion about the process of writing this song, Hite highlighted that their emphasis is always on true feelings and actual emotions. Their litmus test for any song is whether it evokes and conveys the true feelings related to the situation being described. It was the same case with this song. In particular, the chorus held different meanings for each of the musicians. So, to convey the reality, they each put in their own characters into the verses.

This makes this song very special and an added reason to know capsize frenship lyrics meaning.

If you’re a fan of music, then you need to check out Frenship’s new song “Capsize.” The lyrics are written by Emily Warren, and the capsize frenship lyrics meaning is absolutely beautiful. This song is sure to touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired. “Capsize” is all about the power of love and its ability to overcome any obstacle. The song is about a relationship that is struggling, but the love between the two people is still strong. They are determined to make it work, no matter what.

The lyrics are incredibly powerful, and they will move you to tears. The song is about two people who are in love, but their relationship is struggling. They are fighting for their relationship, but they know that it might not work out. They are scared of what might happen if they don’t have each other. But, they are also scared of what might happen if they are together but do not get along at all. They are both scared of being hurt by the other and hurting the other. So, here is a verse-by-verse interpretation of capsize frenship lyrics meaning just for you.

What does the title mean

The song is about two lovers, who had loved each other intensely. Now they are breaking up. Naturally, the break-up is as intense as the love. So, they are expressing their feelings, emotions towards each other, and fears. The most dominant feeling is of reeling, as if their boat is capsizing. They are drowning in their own emotions. Hence, the title is aptly Capsize. The verses and chorus are equally apt. They hold the capacity to be a tearjerker if you listen carefully and understand capsize frenship lyrics meaning from the point of view of the broken up lovers.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

“Up at night I’m awake ’cause it haunts me

That I never got to say what I wanted

Oh my God, oh my God

I’m not the same as I was with you

I would jump out my skin just to get you

Oh my God, oh my God”

What is the first verse of capsize frenship lyrics meaning?

“Capsize” is a song about a relationship that’s on the rocks. The first verse paints a picture of a couple that’s fighting and struggling to keep things together. The opening line sets the tone for the rest of the verse. It’s a pretty bleak picture of a relationship that’s running out of steam. There’s not much left to keep it going.

The next few lines talk about how the couple is constantly arguing and things are just getting worse and worse. It’s clear that they’re not in a good place. The final line of the verse is the most telling. The person says that they’re “drowning in [their] doubt.” This indicates that they’re really struggling to keep faith in the relationship. They’re doubting whether or not it’s worth fighting for.

Overall, the first verse of “Capsize” is about a relationship that’s in a really bad place. The couple is fighting all the time and they’re doubting whether or not it’s worth it. It’s a pretty bleak picture.

What does the pre-chorus mean

“How could you have ever known

If I never let it show, now I just wanna know are you?”

This part of the song captures “Capsize” by FRENSHIP is full of emotion and longing. The singer is asking how the other person could have known what they were feeling if they never showed it. Now, they just want to know if the other person feels the same way.

What does the chorus mean

“I’m fine

Drop tears in the morning

Give in to the lonely

Here it comes with no warning

Capsize, I’m first in the water

Too close to the bottom

I’m right back where I started

Said I’m fine”

The song reaches its climax in the chorus. The chorus of the song “Capsize” is about feeling overwhelmed and alone. The singer is fine on the surface, but internally she is struggling. She is trying to hold on, but she feels like she is about to break. The chorus is her admitting that she is not really fine, and that she is afraid of what is to come. The word ‘capsize’ is emphasized here by the singer so as to capture the whole jist of the emotion behind the song. The lover is posing as a strong, unaffected person. But in reality, is reeling and drowning in own feelings and wishes to cry out for help and support.

What does the post-chorus mean


Hey-ya, hey-ya, hey


Hey-ya, hey-ya, hey”

The post-chorus or interlude is just sounds and cries. Although without actual lyrics, this section of the song is also powerful. It gives time and space to the listener to feel the emotions, connect to themselves, and be in the song, all with the background sounds that are clearly expressing the intended soulful feelings.

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Verse 2 – What does it mean

“Your silhouette is burned in my memory

Rubble left from the moment that you left me

Oh my God, oh my God

And three words have never come easy

Cause you’re more than they ever could be

Oh my God, oh my God”

The second verse of “Capsize” is about the feeling of being overwhelmed by life and not being able to cope. The lyrics describe the speaker’s feeling of being “drowning” and “sinking” under the weight of their problems. Despite trying to keep their head above water, they feel like they are constantly being pulled down by their problems.


The lyrics of the song are incredibly relatable if you get the depth of the capsize frenship lyrics meaning. They will resonate with anyone who has ever been in a situation where they were afraid to show their true feelings. We’ve all been there at one point or another, and this song perfectly captures that feeling. I also really appreciate the soulful quality of the vocals and the overall production of the song. It’s a beautiful track, and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist in the future.

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