How to learn music online

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Music is perhaps the greatest gift given to mankind by mankind. Reductively, it can be defined as just a combination of sound(s) in a particular pattern. Yet, these sounds have the capability to touch a human soul in a way that cannot be explained in words. Music has the ability induce emotions, feelings, and states of mind. It can put you to sleep or energize you for your daily gym routine. The potential of music is endless. Therefore, it is only natural for us to want to learn to make music.

Making music is making art and it is a process which is meditative in nature. The artist’s mind and soul goes, as documented experiences of artists would have us believe, into a creative state or place. Today, learning music has become even easier as there are courses and teachers to help you out. However, before the question of ‘how’, one must ask of themselves why should they learn music at all?

Why should you learn music at all?

As mentioned before, music is a form of art and making music is an experience should be experienced by every human being at least once. There are many reasons why one should consider learning music. Beginning from more materialistic reasons, making music is a hobby which can look great on your resume. It can enhance your social life as well as give you the satisfaction of calling yourself a musician. However, these are only superficial reasons which can only benefit you materially.

Going deeper, we find that learning music can actually improve a person’s cognitive functions. For instance, it can improve your motor controls as most musical instruments require a person’s brain to communicate to their hands, fingers, feet, etc. quickly. Bob Dylan was famous for performing three actions at once during his live appearances: singing, playing a guitar and a harmonica. Learning music can also help you improve your memory. These cognitive improvements will end up helping you in other aspects of your life such as studies and jobs. Thus, it is safe to say that there is no reason that you should not learn music.

Learning music online

For beginners, the prospect of learning music online can be daunting, especially if they have to learn it online. Yet, in today’s technological age, learning music online can be the right step for a music aspirant. Following is a break up of steps in order for you to begin learning music:

Getting an instrument

The first step you have to take in order to begin your journey of learning music is to buy an instrument. Before you go out and buy an instrument, you should conduct brief research on various factors and ask yourself some questions. This is to ensure that you buy an instrument that is right for you. For instance, are you looking to become a professional musician or make music your hobby? If the former is true, you should consider which instrument-players are in demand in the market. You should also consider your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have enough lung capacity to be able to play instruments such as trumpets, flutes, etc.?

If you have already decided on an instrument, you should check whether a course is available for that particular instrument or not. It is also important to know about the brands of instruments and having the knowledge to check their quality. Bring a musician friend along when you shop, or buy an instrument of a particular brand recommended by experts online.

Choosing a paid course

The best way to go about learning music online is to choose an adequate paid course online. Paid courses provide you with all the necessary tools (except for the instrument of course) and guidance. Another perk of choosing a paid music course is that you can get certified. Certification will help you a lot if you ever decide to go professional. Here are some platforms, where you can choose music courses:





These platforms and websites feature a lot of different courses on musical instruments as well as music production. Research for yourself and find out what course suits you the best!

Learning from free sources

If you do not want to spend money on paid courses, you can always take lessons from free sources. There are many websites where people upload tutorials and lessons for free. For instance, there are YouTube and Dailymotion. Some platforms such as Learning Music (Beta) – Ableton are free for users. On Ableton, you can learn the foundations of music like identifying sounds, recognizing patterns, arranging chord progressions, basslines, etc.

The downside of learning through free sources online is that you will have to put a lot of effort in researching. You will not get organized syllabuses which can guide you through the whole process of learning. The onus to create a customized learning plan for yourself will be on you.

Live sessions with teachers

Proponents of offline music classes will tell you that there is no substituting the interaction between the teacher and their student. It is a truth which renders the experience of an online music course somewhat lacking in weight. Yet, most paid courses offer their students one-on-one as well as group sessions with their teachers. These live sessions are very important as that is where the questions of students get answered. With apps such as Skype and WebEx, the live interaction between the student and the teacher is made possible.

Such interaction, although extremely important for the development of a music student, is not available to those who choose to go with free sources such as YouTube. Moreover, it is recommended that you choose a paid course which ensures live sessions with the teacher.


The one thing that is common for both students of offline music classes as well as those learning online is practice. Without constant practice, the ability to play instruments cannot be acquired. The teacher can only show you the path, but the student has to walk on it alone. This doesn’t only apply to music only, but everything in general. Whatever skill you’re trying to acquire, practice is necessary. Learning music online leaves students ample time, which they can utilize for practicing the art-form.

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Perks of learning music online

Some believe that learning of any kind cannot happen online. Yet, online courses of various kinds are proving this orthodox mindset wrong. Yet, when it comes to music, many still prefer physical classes instead of online ones due to the tangibility of the whole experience. Learning to play a guitar is very different from learning the fundamentals of Economics. But musicians who have learnt the skill online are popping up left and right. Moreover, the infiltration of technology in music production and genres such as EDM and psychedelic music have made the online space even more suitable for learning music. Here are some perks of learning music online:

Corona Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to come to a halt. As the virus can transmit via physical contact, lockdowns have been enforced all over the world. Thus, the day-to-day operations have shifted to the virtual space. People are working online. Students too are learning on online platforms. In many parts of the world, schooling has begun online. This has proved that learning online is possible. The teachers are making use of platforms such as google classroom, and applications such as Skype and WebEx. Thus, there is little to no drop in the quality of education, which brings us to the biggest perk of learning online in 2020.

By choosing to not go to an offline music class, you’re saving yourself from the possibility of contracting coronavirus. Choosing to learn music online is the safest option we have during this pandemic.

Saving time

To quote a clichéd saying: Time is money. Yet, however clichéd the saying might be, it does hold an ounce of truth in it. Going to an offline music class waste so much of your time. Imagine getting dressed to go to the class and the amount of time wasted in the commute. There is no guarantee that you’d find a class near your home, and if you did find one, will you be ready to compromise on the quality of it? On the other hand, you can take online music classes in your pajamas on your cozy bed and no one will bat an eye. The time that you end up saving can be utilized to increase productivity. Better yet, you can use the saved time for practicing!

Saving money

Not only will you save time if you take online music classes but also money. Online courses tend to be cheaper than their counterparts. You will also end up saving a lot of money on commute, especially if your classes are far away from your home. Everything considered, it makes more sense in today’s age to go for online music courses. Moreover, it’s not even required for a person to go for an organized course. The internet is a vast place where you can find anything and everything. You’ll be able to play and make music in no time. All you need to do is learn, practice and give your hundred percent. Once you’ve got your feet wet in the ocean of music, there is no going back. And you will definitely not regret it.

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