XO Tour Life by Lil Wayne: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

XO Tour Life by Lil Wayne: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

XO Tour Life is a hip hop song by the artist Lil Wayne. It is a remix of the 2017 song XO TOUR Lliif3 by Lil Uzi Vert and appeared on Wayne’s 2017 Mixtape titled Dedication 6.

Before you understand the XO Tour Life lyrics meaning you should learn about the significance of the song title.

Title – What Does It Mean?

The term “XO” actually serves as a textual emoticon in the song’s context. It stands for “Hugs and Kisses”. Lil Wayne talks about the impact of his music career on his personal life in this song. The term “Tour Life” denotes how musical artists often stay away from their loved ones when they go on band tours.

With the title explained it is now time to understand the XO Tour Life lyrics meaning.

Intro – What Does It Mean?

Yeah… Sick shit

I been walkin’ on this water, bone dry, hard times

R.I.P. baby, my phone died, but don’t cry


Lil Wayne compares himself to Jesus when he uses the expression “walkin’ on this water”. He has been in the music industry for quite some time now. In fact he can be deemed as a veteran. And in all his years, Wayne has faced many hardships and won many battles. A great example of Wayne’s struggle is his $51 million court case against the record label Cash Money.


Heaven’s gates was closed, I went to Hell, there was a long line

Two hoes in the bed, it’s hard to wake up on the wrong side


Despite all the problems, Lil Wayne has managed to keep his positive perspective intact. Even when the “Heaven’s gates” are shut, Wayne did not sit idle and visited hell instead. The imagery of sleeping in bed with two women on either side implies the love and support he receives from his family and friends. They prevent Lil Wayne from falling off the bed or waking up on the “wrong side”.

The intro creates a strong base for the interpretation of XO Tour Life lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What Does It Mean?

Few bumps in the road, a little bump and grind I don’t mind

Please know, for your fuckin’ piggy bank you could get hog tied


The phrase “bump and grind” is a shout out to R Kelly’s song Bump n’ Grind. Lil Wayne understands that conflicts are unavoidable in life. They are actually important for character development. Therefore Wayne is unbothered by a few obstacles here and there. He realizes that in order to make money (“piggy bank”) he will have to work hard.


Two Ninas on me, you fuck with me, them girls goin’ wild

Guilty conscience pimpin’, make my ho sit through the whole trial


Do not take Lil Wayne’s wisdom for passivity. He carries two “Nina” which is a 9mm handgun. Anybody who tries to push or destroy Wayne will be shot down. This is not a joke.


I been walkin’ on this fuckin’ water for a long time

Molly water got me transformin’ like I’m Voltron


Lil Wayne reminds the listeners that he has been in the game for a long time. He has been “walkin’ on this fuckin’ water” for a while now. Wayne also confesses to using Molly, slang for the party drug ecstasy. The drug makes him invincible like the giant anime robot Voltron.


Smokin’ so much weed, I might just fuck around and hug a tree

A tree without a bird ’cause I deserve every fuckin’ leaf


Other drugs Wayne indulges in includes marijuana. He claims that this drug calms him down and makes him friendly. This is similar to hippies who preach about peace and environmental protection by hugging trees. Wayne also disses the cofounder of Cash Money, Birdman. Wayne calls himself a tree with an abundance of leaves that has no place for birds (that is, Birdman).


Verse 2 – What Does It Mean?

1, 2, 3; triple-OG

At the T-O-P smokin’ P-O-T

From a D-O-G to the G-O-D


In the second verse Lil Wayne demonstrates some remarkable wordplay. He reverses the operative words in these lines for comparisons. For instance, Wayne exclaims that he has been at the “T-O-P” of the charts while smoking his favorite drug “P-O-T”, that is, marijuana. From a nobody (a “D-O-G”), Wayne has now become a “G-O-D”.


Got OCD and not your CD

Hit her with the D-O-P-E D

That’s Dope Dick Tunechi, DDT

You could D-I-E for a F-E-E

I’ll D-I-E for my S-E-T


Continuing the wordplay, Lil Wayne confesses he has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This makes him very particular about what he puts in his music. But he is not particularly fond of listening to terrible songs (“CD” of his rivals). Wayne also claims unbreakable allegiance to his “S-E-T”, which is his gang. He can die for his gang mates.


I told my son that “Whatever the sun touch is yours, little nigga

I told my daughter, “Don’t give up your love to a poor little nigga

I told my bitch if she cheat then she making a poor decision

I told that bitch if she leave then she leavin’ the solar system

But hoes don’t listen


In these lines Lil Wayne boasts about his accomplishments and influence. He is so powerful that his children can buy whatever they want and marry whoever they want. Wayne’s wife or partner would be foolish to ever leave Wayne’s side as that would be similar to leaving the king of the entire Solar System.


But I’m on the road to riches, and she can’t ignore the engine

I bought myself a medallion that cost an Azure, my nigga

I don’t know, guess I was bored, my nigga

Tell foreign hoes “I’m El Señor”, my nigga


However it is very hard for women to leave Lil Wayne because he is very rich. Wayne has so much money that he can buy a gold chain as expensive as the luxury car brand Bentley Azure just out of boredom.


To the Moon like Warren, nigga

He ain’t the plug unless he foreign, nigga

It ain’t a car unless it’s foreign, nigga

And a R plus another R, my nigga

But I used to want a Ford Explorer, nigga

Had to move the trap house to Florida, nigga

Had to move The Carter by the water, nigga


Lil Wayne goes on to describe his luxurious lifestyle in these lines. Like the famous quarterback Warren Moon, Wayne lives life on a stride. His drugs, just like his cars, are imported. Wayne also owns property in multiple places like Florida and Miami.


But I’m still too scared to get in the water, nigga

‘Bout to throw another pool party, nigga

I told a op that wherever this gun point is holes, lil nigga

Stayin’ on my feet, no tappin’ on my toes, like Moses, nigga

I told the cops that my car is too fast to pull over, nigga

Cool as fuck, keepin’ my cool before my composure, nigga

That’s poker, nigga


Although he has insecurities that prevent Wayne from getting in the water, he still has the courage to play dirty. Wayne is independent and does not need any savior or Moses to help him. He keeps his cool even in the face of danger. Wayne has mastered the “poker” face.


Playin’ the cards I was dealt, and that shit almost broke a nigga

But I could be broker, nigga

But I’m watching Oprah, nigga

In my white house layin’ on my sofa, keepin’ it soulful, nigga

I’m a young mogul, nigga

I’m a young Hova, nigga

My office is oval, nigga


Despite all the hardships in his life Lil Wayne has made it. He is now rich, famous and highly influential. Whatever cards he “was dealt”, Wayne has made the most out of them.

Verse 3 – What Does It Mean?

I step out that bitch like, “What’s happenin’?”

Me and that little bitch I was nappin’ in

Time to run with no rubber, I’m gamblin’

Just call me the rapper, I’m Chancin’ it


The imagery of “no rubber” describes an act of unprotected sex. Wayne is referring to his daredevil attitude in these lines, showing how he is unafraid of his enemies. He also shouts out to Chance the Rapper, another rapper in the industry.


Got a sassy bitch, told her “I’m daddy, bitch”

Do it look like I’m playin’? Kaepernick

Niggas don’t know a star from an asterisk

This that new coffin, new casket shit

My killers killin’ on purpose by accident

And you passed that shit like a laxative


With so many musicians on the scene there are many competitors out to grab Lil Wayne’s throne. But he is not Colin Kaepernick, the infamous American Football player. Lil Wayne is a star among the many asterisks posing as real stars. Sadly, all of them are fakes.


Ain’t where or why you trap, it’s who you trappin’ with

For me it’s about who I travel with

Never about the bitch that I be snappin’ on

It’s the one that the picture just snapped me with

That’s ’cause I’m the shit, and all of my shit be maggot less



Lil Wayne emphasizes the importance of networking in these lines. He tells the listeners that it is important to surround yourself with strong, dependable people who can help you succeed in life.

Verse 4 – What Does It Mean?

Yeah, uh-huh, said, yeah

This that Baby E and Wayne shit

We just landed in a spaceship

So now ain’t nobody safe, bitch

It’s Dedication number 6, bitch


Comparing himself to an alien who has arrived in a spaceship, Lil Wayne shouts out to fellow rapper Baby E. He also calls out the name of his Mixtape Dedication number 6 and announces his return to the music charts.


Got a hundred in the safe, bitch

I been fuckin’ on a gay bitch

Fuck your set and what you claim, bitch

It’s Young Mula to the grave, bitch

I’m still finessin’, and I’m still progressin’


The music business has a cut-throat competition. But Lil Wayne is smart and responsible. He has not spent all of his money. Wayne keeps making more “Mula”, that is, cash and keeps investing in his progress.


This is tick, tick-tick, I’ma blow up any second, yeah

We the bestest, ain’t no fuckin’ question

It’s six, six-six, ’til it’s Dedication 7

Fully loaded, money is the motive

All my bros is Gs, take a guess at what the code is

Pour a four in, fuck it pour some more in

Rest In Peace Lil Peep, we already miss you homie


Lil Wayne is like a ticking bomb, so his haters should not test him. He is here to slay and rule the world of rap. An explosion is due anytime which would shake the music charts. Wayne also pays tribute to the late rapper Lil Peep who passed away from an opioid overdose.

Outro – What Does It Mean?

I don’t really care if you cry

On the real, you should’ve never lied

Should’ve saw the way she looked me in my eyes

She said “I am not afraid to die”

Push me to the edge

All my friends are dead

Push me to the edge

All my friends are dead

Push me to the edge

All my friends are dead

Push me to the edge


The outro beautifully encapsulates the XO Tour Life lyrics meaning. Since this song is a remix of Lil Uzi Vert’s track, the outro pays tribute to the original by using its chorus.

In Conclusion

Music lovers are often drawn to the seemingly lavish and luxurious lives of their favorite artists. They seldom wait to think about all the sacrifices that need to be made in order to achieve that level of success. In XO Tour Life, Lil Wayne unravels the bitter truth. Realizing the price of fame and success is the true XO Tour Life lyrics meaning.

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