Wait by M83 Lyrics: Meaning and Interpretation

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Wait is a post-rock / dream pop song by M83, an electronic music band from France. The song was released as the fifth single from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming from 2011.

The song was a massive success. It was even used in popular media like the films The Fault in Our Stars (2014) and Step Up Revolution (2012).

Before understanding the M83 Wait lyrics meaning, you should learn about the song title.

Title – What does it mean?

The title of the song is contradictory to its message. In life, if you wish to succeed then there is no time to wait. Stop crying over past failures and the time that you lost. Get on with life and start working towards your dreams.

With the title explained, it is time to understand M83 Wait lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

Send your dreams

Where nobody hides

Songwriter Anthony Gonzalez refers to broken dreams in these lines. Everyone has dreams that they want to achieve and fulfil. But sometimes, regardless of how hard you work, these dreams do not come true. Losing out on your goals and ambitions can hurt you. The pain can be as bad as, or worse than, getting your heart broken.

It is natural to go through a period of recovery, where you feel sad and demotivated. But this song encourages you not to give up. There are second chances available and many other dreams to work towards. Songwriter Gonzalez motivates you to let go of your unfulfilled dreams to a place “Where nobody hides”. This is an important message because many people give up trying due to shame and embarrassment. When they lose, they feel humiliated and become under-confident. As a result, they are afraid to try again.

But a loss is not an ultimatum. In fact, you should treat your losses as lessons to learn and try harder next time. Embrace your failures and focus on living your life. Find confidence in the fact that you have nothing to hide.

Give your tears

To the tide

These lines are a play on the proverb “Let the tide wash away your tears”. In an interview, songwriter Gonzalez stated that when he was a child, he would often cry alone in his bedroom. The source of his grief was the wrongs he had committed, which he thought he could never re-correct. This made him melancholic and hesitant to try new things in fear of failing again.

But failing is a stepping stone in the path to success. There is not a single successful person who has not failed. The opposite is in fact true – those who have never failed, have never tried to be successful. It is human nature to feel bad when things do not go as we want them to. While you must embrace your humanity and its inherent limitations, you should also trust in hope. Your tears will not go in vain if you have a firm resolve. Accept defeat as a part of life, then, buckle yourself up for another attempt at fulfilling your dreams.

Chorus – What does it mean?

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No time

No time

The chorus captures the real essence of M83 Wait lyrics meaning. Songwriter Gonzalez reminds the listeners that our time on Earth is limited. While it is important to take some time off to grieve, we should not get carried away by it. When we have learned our lessons, we should get back on our feet and continue striving for success. There is, after all, “No time”.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

There’s no end

There is no goodbye

When it comes to working hard on your goals and dreams, there is “no end” and “no goodbye”. It is a lifelong process. Some may find this intimidating, but once you get into the groove the process becomes immensely satisfying.

These lines work as a double-edged sword. If on one hand, there is no end to failure and hardships, then the opposite is also possible. That is, there is no end to opportunity and the chance to succeed. Eventually, what truly matters is the work and not its result. If you are truly passionate and driven, you will focus on doing the right thing to the best of your abilities. Then the thought of success or failure will mean little to you. What matters is that you work on your skills, meet your own expectations and approach your goals in a clever and smart fashion.

And never give up on your dreams, till you have tried your best. Remember, there is “no goodbye”. While you should understand your own potential and aim accordingly, never get discouraged by small setbacks. Until you have given your all, never back down from a challenge which will take you closer to your dreams.


With the night

Many artists and entrepreneurs work at night. This is the time when they can work hard without being disturbed by anyone. Mind you, this is a preferred time to work. There are many successful people who work during day and sleep at night. The idea is to take out the time to get all you work done.

To “disappear” into something means to be completely absorbed into the task at hand. Whatever you do, put all your attention into it. Through sheer focus, not only will you learn faster and grow bigger but you will also enjoy the process. Most of the time when people are working, they get distracted by thoughts. This is especially true for negative thoughts. People think “I am not good enough” or “I will never be able to achieve this”. These pessimistic opinions keep you from working hard. When you are fully attentive to what you are doing, you only think about the work. There is no room for negative self-talk.

Second Chorus – What does it mean?

No time

No time

No time

No time

No time

After providing the listeners with sufficient motivation, songwriter Gonzalez reminds them again that they should act now. There is “no time” to wait or waste.

Hope this explains M83 Wait lyrics meaning to you.


Following your dreams by working hard and not fearing failure is the M83 Wait lyrics meaning. You should be focused, positive and willing to give your all if you want to achieve success.

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