Tru Lyrics by Lloyd: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Lloyd is one of the lesser-known names in the hip-hop industry. This might be partly due to the fact that he was overshadowed by other greats in his own label when he was signed in 2003. It was Murder Inc. that signed Lloyd and helped him launch his debut album “Southside”. The album also featured a well-known rapper by the name of Ashanti. Before being signed to Murder Inc., Lloyd Polite Jr. was a member of the boy band N-Toon. However, the group disbanded and the members went their separate ways in 2001.

Over the course of his solo career, Lloyd would go on collaborating with legends of the game such as Lil Wayne and Ludacris. His song ‘Tru’ was released in 2016 after he had properly established himself in the industry. It was released as part of his extended play by the same name, “Tru”. The song is about the personal struggles and pains of Lloyd that broke him from the inside.

What does the Title mean?

The title of the song might be short but it is quite impactful when the lyrics of the song are taken into account. The title of the song comprises one word – Tru. The word ‘True’ is repeated again and again in the chorus of the song to let the listeners know that this is the true Lloyd. He wants everyone to accept him for who he is as he goes on about the blows he’s taken in his life. Another way in which this title can be interpreted in addition to this is that it could be a confirmation of the events in the song. Llyod might have titled this track ‘Tru’ because he wants his audience to know that everything that he recounts in this song is absolutely true.

What does the Intro mean?

“I lost it all, my friends, my loved ones

But in life there’s always a chance to grow

From the struggle, from the pain, from the realness

Here’s my story, Lloyd”

Before one starts to dissect the lyrics of this song, it’s important to remember that it came out in 2016, nearly 13 years after Llyod had begun his solo journey in the industry. Thus, it’s more of a recap of what has happened in his life till then. In the introduction of the song, it is made clear that he intends to tell a story. He tells his audience that he lost everything that mattered deeply to him – his friends and his loved ones. One important thing to notice here is that what was dear to him was not something materialistic such as money or fame but people who were close to him. In the second and third line, however, he instils a hope in the listener. He is sure that there’s always a way to grow from the pain and the struggle. He believes like almost any other Hip Hop artist that true credibility and growth comes from being ‘real’ – a term that is very important to the Hip Hop culture.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

“Hey world, yeah I know it’s been a while

Thought I’d come around to let you know what’s up now

No album lately so my mind is kinda up-down

I still been taking care my mama and them somehow

Disappeared from the scene and left my old team

Had to find a new approach to an old dream

And it’s not to take a shot at my old team

I just want you to see”

The song begins with Llyod addressing the fact that he has been away from the game for a while. Lloyd took a three-year break before this song came out in 2016. He mentioned in an interview with Genius that it was somewhat of a hiatus from recording his own music. Although, he did partake in collaborations with other artists such as Childish Gambino. Lloyd also addresses the fact that his financial condition has been quite up and down due to him not putting out any new music. Of course, as Lloyd isn’t that big of a name, his income depends upon his ability to put out new music. He mentions in this verse how he went back to take care of his mother and left the game for a while. By his old team, he means people like Irv Gotti and everyone from Murder Inc. He wanted a fresh start and a break from the life. Towards the end of the verse, he also adds that he isn’t dissing anyone and he left because of his own personal reasons. He wants to lay bare his own story after being away from the game for so long.

What does the Chorus mean?

“This is me so please accept me for who I am

And please accept me for what I do

I’m just doing everything that I can

Cause all I wanna be is true

So please accept me for who I am

And please accept me for what I do

Cause there’s no me without you

And all I wanna be is true”

In the chorus, Lloyd speaks to everyone who believed in him, from his friends and family to his ardent fans. He begs them to accept him for who he is. This song is sort of an emotional outburst for him. Most Hip Hop artists tend to front a tough personality. Thus, releasing a song that portrays Lloyd as emotionally vulnerable is a big deal. Lloyd’s longing to be true to himself is crystal clear in the chorus and there is real emotion in his voice when he sings it.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

“Apologies if I ever let you down

But so much shit done happen that it’s hard to talk about

So many lawsuits that my lawyer said don’t talk about it

Just had to breathe, keep it cool ’til I can walk up out it

Came home helped my sister raise a child

Kinda hurt me cause I could’ve had my own now

Lost my baby damn it’s really hitting home now

I just had to learn”

In the second verse, Lloyd opens up more about his life. He acknowledges the fact that he may have let some people down and apologizes for the same. Apart from that, he tells us of his lawsuits and the constant hassle that his life has become. He handles it by breathing and taking things one at a time. He also touches upon the subject of raising a child. Llyod says that he helped his sister raise her child. And that made him wonder about his own child who could not make it into this world. The woman who was pregnant with Lloyd’s child chose to abort the child. Lloyd was against it but he had to respect her decision. That pain of losing his child never left him and it’s revealed in this song that he still carries it to this day. Moreover, Lloyd himself did not have a father around. Thus, it only makes sense that he wanted to raise his child and be a father that his own couldn’t be for him. This contextual detail from his childhood adds even more to the emotion behind this song.

What does the Bridge mean?

“I look up to the sky, Lord why do I cry

When no one is looking, is the blame for this pain

Even caused by the shame of this fame I’ve been given

My pride don’t cause me to hide my true feelings

Cause I can only be real

Cause I can only be real”

In the bridge of the song, we find Lloyd to be truly vulnerable. He often looks up at the sky and cries. In his interview, he opened up about how he was always crying from the inside as he had no support. He wasn’t taught how to deal with the pain by his father as he was never around. He had to toughen up and take it all in by himself. He also mentions how he has to put up a tough front because of his fame and his identity of a Hip Hop figure. However, he realizes that he can only be real. He has to show this side of his self to the world too.

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All in all, it’s an amazing song that recounts the pains and struggle of a very important Hip Hop figure. Lloyd really breaks the taboos by talking about his want to father his aborted child. Most Hip Hop artists do not tackle such emotionally deep and thought-provoking subjects. Lloyd is one of few who showed courage to do so.

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