The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation


The Stage is a song by Avenged Sevenfold, an American heavy metal band. Before exploring The Stage lyrics meaning, it is important to understand what the title means.

Title – What does it mean?

“The Stage” refers to the world trapped by false information and lies. Due to this, people are not aware of the impending doom that awaits all if the right steps are not taken. With the title explained, it is now time to understand The Stage lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

So I arrived, naked and cold

Since this song is about taking control over our own thoughts and freedom, it starts with the very beginning. Initially, everyone enters this world as a baby from the mother’s womb. A baby is completely naked and cold. This implies that human beings are born vulnerable, ignorant and devoid of opinions when they first set foot on earth. But this purity does not last long.

A welcomed change from the abeyance of a ghost town catacomb

No need for counsel, I appreciate the time, I’m not alone

But are humans really born with a clean slate? Even inside the womb a baby is fed all sorts of information that leads to its development. In that sense, pregnancy can be compared to “abeyance”, which means a temporary state of suspension.

Babies may not possess consciousness or cognition inside the womb. But that does not mean they are completely clean. In fact, human beings like most animals come with some prenatal skills and knowledge. They do not need to be taught these abilities (“No need for counsel”). One such ability or skill is the power to imagine and think independently. Everyone is born with this talent, the narrator is “not alone” in this department.

(Why don’t you get my lawyer on the phone?)

There were days these child eyes

Would overlook the ugliness and fantasize

The narrator reveals the natural order of things. Children are often absorbed in their own world. This is because their brains are still trying to make sense of the environment surrounding them. It is easy for them to focus on what’s directly in front of them than think about abstract issues and problems. The narrator was just as innocent and naïve, overlooking the “ugliness” of the world.

The phrase “child eyes” could also refer to immaturity still prevalent in most adults. This immaturity takes the form of indifference. Most people go about their lives not worrying about long term or far reaching consequences of their actions. When the truth finally dawns on them, it is already too late. They eventually find themselves completely suppressed by a religious idea or a political regime. In this ordeal, they end up losing their freedom to think for themselves.

I found my heart for the first time and I awakened in me

I left myself to navigate and oh I felt control

(It seems these sheep have quite an appetite)

But the narrator does not want to live a life of lies and indifference anymore. He does not want to shield himself from the truth, however ugly and difficult it might seem. The media, political agendas and religious dogmas keep the public ignorant. They keep repeating the same narrative. Soon, everyone begins to believe it.

The narrator has woken up. He no longer allows other to affect his thought process. Finally, the narrator is in “control”. False narratives have reduced the citizens of the world to rules-obeying sheep. As an animal, a sheep is considered harmless and devoid of ambition. But the narrator has now learned that even a sheep can make a difference; that it has “quite an appetite”.

Chorus 1 – What does it mean?


Who is the crowd that peers through the cage

As we perform here upon the stage?

By comparing the world to a cage and the citizens to creatures trapped inside, the narrator asks an important question. Who are the people who put that cage in the first place? As the rest of the world obliviously goes about living and performing inside the cage, who is watching the performance? The narrator is now enlightened enough to ask these questions. Sadly, other citizens are yet to wake up and begin their search for the truth. The chorus captures the true essence of The Stage lyrics meaning.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

As the boy became a man

In came a calm sophistication I can hardly understand

So lost in ego, didn’t notice when the time had slipped away

(Yeah, everybody’s got a sob story)

When the narrator grew up into a man from a boy, the burden of reality dawned on him. His initial response was of regret, for having wasted all that time living in ignorance. It was easy for him to slip into depression but that would have done him no good. Instead, he cheers himself up by acknowledging the truth that everyone has “a sob story”. No one is better or worse. Each has their own set of challenges to face.

These lines also aim to inspire listeners who feel lost. It is important to feel bad initially, but that phase will pass and soon they will be focused on the task at hand.

Jesus Christ was born to die

Leave it to man to levitate his own to idolize

We’re simply sociopaths with no communication, baby

I see your angle but we differ from our points of view

(So tell me, what’s your cross to bear?)

Although Jesus Christ was born to die for the sins of humanity, he was also his own person. Every man should have that right of choice. It is important to think for yourself and contribute to the greater good. But to do good because someone said so is futile. Eventually it will lead to differences of opinion which will worsen relationships.

Every human being is unique. But these differences should not be a reason to fight. Instead, these differences add more points of view, more solutions to the same problem. That perspective is important.

Chorus 2 – What does it mean?

Who is the crowd that peers through the cage

As we perform here upon the stage?

Tell me a lie in a beautiful way

I believe in answers, just not today

The narrator tries to inspire people to wake up and look at the crowd that “peers through the cage”. There have been enough sugar-coated lies.

Bridge – What does it mean?

Hope my wheels don’t abandon me now

Seein’ that I’m out here alone

I’m runnin’ out of fight

And the wind speaks a comforting voice

Guiding me to her arms

Mother, I’m alright

People like the narrator are few in number. They live in danger as the people in power try to suppress them. The narrator is afraid, but unwilling to give up his right to form his own opinions.

It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind

Before a blow to the head

By the gavel of time to wake up

Won’t you wake up?

When did the walking apes decide that nuclear war

Was now the only solution for them keeping the score?

Just wake up

Can’t you wake up?

(You do know this is just a simulation, don’t you?)

The narrator is pleading with the world to “wake up”. He explains that things are getting out of hand. Humans, who were once monkeys, are now threatening life itself with nuclear wars.

Hope you have now properly understood The Stage lyrics meaning.


Taking a stand against tyranny and thinking for oneself is the intention behind The Stage lyrics meaning. It is crucial to rise up to those who abuse power, otherwise they will destroy everything.

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