The Night by Disturbed: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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The Night is a heavy metal song by the band Disturbed. It served as the fourth single from the band’s fourth studio album Indestructible. The song was written by band members Dan Donegan (Guitarist), Mike Wengren (Drummer) and David Draiman (Vocalist).

Dan Donegan’s solo guitar performance in The Night is one of the highlights of the song. It garnered universal praise from critics and fans alike.

The Title – What does it mean?

The song title The Night is written in reverence to the darkness within. Night is used as a metaphor for the evil inside all human beings. Similar to how the darkness of the night blocks vision, human beings are blinded by their own fear of facing their demons.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

What has come over me?

What madness taken hold of my heart

The narrator feels overwhelmed by a new emotion. It is a brand new understanding of night. Normally, night time has dark connotations. It is associated with evil, negativity and hopelessness.

But tonight is different for the narrator. He himself cannot comprehend what is happening to him. The heart is the organ that directly responds to danger, stress and fear. It beats and throbs when in danger. But the excitement from adrenaline can also make the heart beat faster. The narrator is experiencing something similar tonight.

He calls this sensation “madness”. Where most people are afraid of the night, the narrator is beginning to embrace it. This is not something a sane person would do.

To run away, the only answer

Pulling me away to fall upon (the night)

There is a conflicting contradiction inside the narrator’s mind. He wants to act a certain way, yet he ends up behaving in another manner.

His instinct warns him against the night. There is a reason why humans are not nocturnal animals. In the darkness, without night vision, a human only has external sources of light to rely on. Humans are extremely vulnerable at night because they cannot use their most trusted sense – the sense of sight. You will not be able to see a threat coming your way, nor spot the danger lurking behind you. To make up for this, human beings have evolved to seek shelter and sleep at night.

But something lures the narrator, “pulling” him towards the night. There is some charm hidden in the darkness which is beckoning the narrator to embrace the night. The attraction is hypnotic in nature. The narrator is drawn without having any control over himself.

The source of my recovery

Sweet shadow taking hold of the light

In the darkness of the night, the narrator has strangely found a sense of solace and peace. Perhaps it is the silence, the mystery or the absence of people that attracts him to the night. In any case, the narrator has found that the night holds the potential to heal him and aid in his recovery. Night and darkness are not as evil as most are led to believe. Clearly in the narrator’s case, the darkness plays a constructive role.

The writers of this song play with the image of light and shadow. It’s a symbol of balance. The narrator feels balanced and complete because he is now embracing the shadow with the light. But it seems like the shadow has begun to exercise more influence over the light.

Another day has been devoured

Calling me away, bringing a question: Why?

The narrator realizes his growing preference for night over day. He is turning into a creature of the night. The sun-filled days get “devoured”, meaning, they end without a clue like the night passes by in sleep. It still confuses the narrator as he cannot understand why this is happening.

Pre-Chorus – What does it mean?

For saving me from all they’ve taken

Let my honor fall again

The narrator is coming to terms with the drastic change in his life. Symbolically, night and darkness denote your personal demons. Anything that bothers you, any word that hurt you or any memory you wish you could forget. In retrospection, many people feel guilty and embarrassed by their mistakes. They blame themselves for not doing the right thing.

But the narrator is ready to accept his failures and shortcomings by submitting to the night. He is prepared to face humiliation by letting his “honor fall again”. Facing your demons is the only way of gaining victory over them.

Giving me the strength to face them

Feeling it taking over

As he embraces the darkness inside him, the narrator prays for the strength to pull through. He can feel it work. His efforts will pay off.

Chorus – What does it mean?

Now, on a path to take it all away

There can be no better way of knowing

“…a path to take it all away” refers to the extreme situation of do-or-die. The narrator has peaked into the darkness and now there is no turning back from the truth.

In a world beyond controlling

Are you gonna deny the savior

In front of your eyes?

Stare into the night!

Staring into the night is a contradiction. You cannot stare at something you can’t see. The writers here talk about introspection and facing the darkness within. You must accept your flaws and shortcomings. After all, a savior can only save the weak. So you must admit your weakness in order to be saved.

Power beyond containing

Are you gonna remain a slave

For the rest of your life?

Give into the night

The writers encourage listeners to drop their ego. You do not have to be a slave to perfection. Admit that you commit mistakes. It is the only way to achieve freedom and true power which is “beyond containing”.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?


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This self-discovery

Redemption taking hold of my mind

A serenade of haunting voices

Calling me away to feast upon (the night)

By getting an insight into the darkness within, the narrator is rediscovering a new side of himself. He would have never managed to do it had he not embraced the night (the darkness).

The source of my felicity

Dark maiden taking hold of my hand

Lead me away, from hibernation

Strong and unafraid, never a question why


This new found ability to face his own darkness has unlocked the narrator’s potential to experience happiness. It has stirred him up from a state of laziness and ignorance into action. The narrator can now exercise control over his life and destiny.

Outro – What does it mean?


Night, night, night

Give into the night

Night, night, night

Give into the night

Give into the night

The narrator has now fully embraced the night and is pledging his devotion. He is also encouraging the listeners to face their own darkness in order to overcome it.


The Night sounds dark and demonic at first glance. But if you delve deep into its meaning, you will learn that it is in fact a motivating song. It encourages you become a wholesome individual – accepting virtues with vices.

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