The Meaning Of Life By The Offspring: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

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“The Meaning of Life” – It is a melody delivered by the American underground rock band The Offspring. The offspring meaning of life lyrics show up as the second track on their fourth studio collection, Ixnay on the Hombre (1997), and was delivered as its third single. The single topped at #90 on the Australian ARIA singles graph in August 1997.

A music video was made on the side of the single. It was coordinated by Kevin and delivered in 1997. The video includes a high velocity wheel seat race in the desert. The race film was mixed with shots of lead vocalist Dexter Holland draping topsy-turvy in a tree with a capuchin monkey.

The Offspring was initially shaped under the name Manic Subsidal. The band’s arrangement comprises of a lead performer and beat guitarist, a bassist, as well as a lead guitarist. Throughout their 38-year profession, they have delivered 10 studio collections and encountered numerous arrangement changes, most observably with their drummers.

The drummer who stayed with the band for the maximum duration was Ron Welty, who supplanted unique drummer James all the way back in the year 1987. He remained with the band for quite some time; he was supplanted only as late as 2003. Greg K. was one of the fellow benefactors of the Offspring. He was their bassist until as recent as 2018. Then, he headed out in different directions because of business questions with the band, leaving Holland as the sole leftover unique part.

Kevin was supplanted by Todd Morse of H2O, who had been the Offspring’s visiting guitarist beginning around 2009. The offspring meaning of life lyrics are frequently credited — close by individual California punk groups Green Day and Rancid — for restoring standard interest in underground rock during the 1990s. They have sold more than 40 million records around the world, making them one of the most incredible selling underground rock groups ever.

I cannot move past in what capacity a large number of The Offspring’s melodies connect with such countless things that I have encountered in my life. The offspring meaning of life lyrics resemble the tunes that were intended for me. However, they weren’t. It is truly insane yet so large numbers of the melodies do.

What does the title mean

The offspring meaning of life lyrics are about how you need to follow your own way through life or you will live and pass on unsatisfied. There will constantly be individuals who will continuously attempt to stop for a minute to do and live for (force their viewpoints on you). However, you need to say hellfire no I will track down my own ethics and values and not be impacted by culture or society or cash. “Terrible would be seeing the man that you might have been carrying on with the existence you wish you had.”

The Meaning of Life is about Dexter’s meaning of it. He would rather not be let by others know he and isn’t permitted to do. The importance of the actual melody is exceptionally indistinguishable from other Offspring tunes, for example, Smash and All I Want. Read on and know more details about what this song actually conveys.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

“On the way

Trying to get where I’d like to stay

I’m always feeling steered away

By someone trying to tell me

What to say and do”

The song begins with the singer describing the struggle between wishing to reach some destination, but always being pulled away from it by many external forces. The singer or author feels that these forces are unjustly governing his life. They are not allowing him to be who he is and wants to be.

“I don’t want it

I gotta go find my own way

Gotta go make my own mistakes

Sorry man for feeling

Feeling the way I do”

The singer is not afraid of trying out things and taking risks. He is ready to take full responsibility of his life and its ups and downs. However, he laments that all his actions are being governed by others.

What does the chorus mean

“Oh yeah, oh yeah

Open wide and they’ll shove in their meaning of life

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Not for me, I’ll do it on my own

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Open wide and swallow their meaning of life”

The melody arrives at its peak in the theme. Dexter is saying that assuming one requests that society how carry on with a “legitimate” life, they’ll have no issue packing their perspectives down your throat, or their significance of life. Notwithstanding, Dexter downfalls society’s encouragement to let him know how to live.

On the third reiteration, Dexter offers a wry expression. He is telling the audience to “open wide” and let society fill your “mouth” with their philosophies on a “appropriate” life, or maybe he could be expressing it as an advance notice.

What does the post-chorus mean

“Can’t make it work your way

Thanks but no thanks”

Again, the singer is being sarcastic here. He blames others for making him lead his life their way. He sarcastically tanks them for their suggestions about what he should do. He thanks them and seemingly respectfully declines the suggestions. He says that he cannot make his life work if he tries to live by their rules.

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Verse 2 – What does it mean

“By the way

I know your path has been tried and so

It may seem like the way to go

Me, I’d rather be found

Trying something new

And the bottom line

In all of this seems to say

There’s no right and wrong way

Sorry if I don’t feel like

Living the way you do”

In the subsequent stanza, Dexter absolutely gives the whole story of the melody. There’s no “correct” or “wrong” lifestyle choice your life; it’s your life and you ought to be permitted to do what you need (sensibly speaking, obviously.) Though one could, without much of a stretch decipher the line accordingly, it seems like Dexter sounds a piece kept down. This happens when he says the reality in the tune “seems” to express that there’s no set-in stone lifestyle choice your life.

Furthermore, “seems” could likewise go about as a touch of mockery. Dexter endeavors to “awaken” society. He becomes sarcastic a bit in this instance. He says that assuming you’ve been focusing on the message of this melody, you’ll presumably comprehend that I’m saying you can carry on with your life how you need.


“The Meaning of Life” got acclaim both from crowds and pundits. The offspring meaning of life lyrics are not entirely lovely or very enchanting. However, they definitely have a message and isn’t pointless ramblings like a few troublemaker and pop groups. This is a classic trademark of the band The Offspring. I believe it’s ideal for their music. Why cover the importance? They actually use parody and such, so it’s profound, simply not covered up. This is the artistic nature of the lyrics that the band comes up with. It is this quality that makes music lovers wait for their songs to be released.

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