The Lady Is A Tramp By Sinatra: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

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“The Lady Is a Tramp” is a show tune from the 1937 Rodgers and Hart melodic play, in which it was introduced by a past young person star. This tune is a parody of New York high society and its serious way of behaving and counterfeit social suppositions. It has transformed into a well known music standard. The tune appears in the film type of Babes in Arms (1939) as an instrumental version specifically. So, it would be interesting to know lady is a tramp lyrics meaning.

Sinatra was extraordinarily influenced by the nearby, straightforward listening vocal approach to Bing Crosby and began his melodic livelihood in the swing time frame with bandleaders Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. Sinatra gained ground as an autonomous expert after he supported with Columbia Records in 1943, transforming into the symbol of the “bobby soxers”. Sinatra conveyed his show assortment, The Voice of Frank Sinatra, in 1946. Regardless, by the mid 1950s, his film calling had dialed back and he went to Las Vegas. There he became one of its most well known residency performers as an element of the Rat Pack. His calling was restored in 1953 with the result of the film From Here to Eternity. He won an Academy as well as a Golden Globe.

What does the title mean

“The Lady is a Tramp” is a show tune from the 1937 melodic Babes in Arms and is sung according to a female viewpoint. (The famous melody “My Funny Valentine” is from a similar show and sung by a similar person.)

As per the lady is a tramp lyrics meaning, the verses jab fun of New York high society by depicting major areas of strength for a, lady with her own needs throughout everyday life. She cares very little about messing with social guidelines, triviality, or staying aware of appearances. Consequently the affluent cliché socialites excuse her as a drifter (a bohemian or low class individual).

“Tramp” likewise implies a low-class or indiscriminate lady. A tasteful, trendy lady would have supper at eight, show up later than expected to the theater. She would claim to be great to individuals she abhors, attend extravagant gatherings, etc, however she will not do those things. She is in this way excused as a “tramp” by individuals in high society.

The first verses are more expressive than ensuing adaptations and have dated references to the New York City culture of the mid-1930s. It is additionally included in the 1944 melodic film Two Girls and a Sailor when Lena Horne makes a singing appearance.

Today the most well known adaptation is that of Frank Sinatra. In this variant (and others including male artists) he is guarding the person for being whimsical and staying consistent. Sinatra initially sang the tune in the 1957 film Pal Joey. He sings it to/about Rita Hayworth who considers it first to be mocking and later as a commendation. So, here is the verse by verse lady is a tramp lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

“She gets too hungry for dinner at eight

She likes the theatre and never comes late

She never bothers with people she’d hate

That’s why the lady is a tramp”

The song begins with the singer describing a lady and her way of life. Do note here that this song has been sung in the first-person versions as well. This means that women have sung it, using ‘I’ instead of ‘that lady’. In turns out that this was one of the intended purposes of this song. This fact itself makes the lyrics standout, especially keeping in mind the time it was written in. It was a given for women to conform to society. For them to themselves stand up and make a claim to their free will is a liberating and empowering thought.

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At that time it was considered fashionable for people to gather at fine dining tables. They would wine and dine at that particular hour. However, the lyrics point to a woman who would eat when she wants and when she is hungry. She is not “fashionably late” for events. She respects the theatre and the artists, and wishes to be seated on time. Another of her qualities is of being frank. If she does not like some people, she would simply stay away from them, rather than being diplomatic and artificially sweet to everyone.

In these regards, lady is a tramp lyrics meaning highlight that this woman is not conforming to the etiquette of the elite and fashionable society. Hence, in the eyes of others, she is a tramp or a vagabond.

What does the chorus mean

“She loves the free, fresh wind in her hair

Life without care

She’s broke, but it’s oke


Hates California, it’s so cold and so damp

That’s why the lady

That’s why the lady

That’s why the lady is a tramp”

This part of the song captures the essence of the thoughts and ways of the lady in question. It simultaneously captures the combined and repeated voice of the society towards this lady, because of these very thoughts and manners.

The lady thinks and behaves very divergently from the traditional and orthodox society. For this reason, the society considers her a tramp and almost an outlaw. The society does not flinch in passing such repeated judgements about her character.

The line about California has been in much discussion and is often a cause of debate regarding its meaning. Listeners, especially Americans, know the weather in their country and are confused as to how someone may find California weather to be non-celebrious. Maybe the song writer wished to highlight the extent of independent thought of this lady. For a thing as basic as weather and an opinion about it that most people have, she can have a different opinion. Further, she is not afraid to voice that opinion.

Verse 2 – What does it mean

“Doesn’t like crap games with barons or earls

Won’t go to Harlem in ermine and pearls

Won’t dish the dirt with the rest of the girls

That’s why the lady is a tramp”

In the second verse, Sinatra is subtly turning the tables and giving a voice to this tramp lady. It is her chance to say what she thinks of the manners and actions of the so called elite society. She thinks that elitist games are a waste of time. Wearing expensive clothes and making a show of concern for others is equally hypocritic and she shuns such actions. She is ready to stay and walk alone rather than be a part of what she considers nonsense.


The iconic song by an iconic musician has had several renditions. It is a classic not only because of its poetry and musicality. It is also a classic because of its subtle satirical messaging, including a space for women to stand up and speak for themselves. However, the song has been understood and misunderstood.

A noteworthy point in the lady is a tramp lyrics meaning is that an initial opening verse has been removed from the song in its very early versions itself. On its street to turn out to be amazingly famous, notorious even, “The Lady Is a Tramp” was denied of its unique significance and goal. It was diminished, adulterated. Furthermore, the manner in which it’s been sung for a really long time, it just doesn’t make any sense. Just an unformed teen critic would call California cold and moist.

At the point when MGM shot “Darlings in Arms” after two years, in 1939, “The Lady Is a Tramp” was erased from the score, in spite of the fact that assuming you listen intently, you can hear an instrumental adaptation of it. Nothing unexpected here. Run of the mill of a MGM variation o f a Broadway melodic, a few of the first Rodgers and Hart organizations were erased and supplanted with tunes by different writers.

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