The Devil’s Bleeding Crown By Volbeat: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

The Devil’s Bleeding Crown by Volbeat: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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If you’re a music enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of The Devil’s Bleeding Crown by Danish metal band Volbeat. Volbeat is a metal band from Denmark that was formed in 2001. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown is their most popular song. It was released in 2016 as the lead single from their album Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie.

But do you know the lyrics’ meaning? The song is about the devil’s crown, which is a metaphor for power. The song is about a person who seems to be in a state of obsession with the devil’s crown, and is willing to do anything to obtain it. The devil’s crown is a bloody one, because it’s earned through violence and bloodshed. The song is about a person who is seduced by the power and violence of the devil’s crown, and willing to do anything to keep it. The lyrics are full of images of death and destruction, and the narrator seems to be in a state of obsession with the devil’s crown.

Thus, there is good reason to properly understand and imbibe the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning because of all the hidden meaning and metaphors used in the song composition. If you’re a fan of music, then you need to check out this song. The lyrics are enthralling and the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning is absolutely amazing and artistic.


The lyrics are incredibly powerful. So, here is a verse-by-verse interpretation and annotation of the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning just for you.

What does the title mean

The title of the song is so captivating that one cannot help but listen to the lyrics. The title makes you wonder what the song may be about. It simultaneously paints a mesmerizing picture in your mind even before you familiarize yourself with the words of the rest of the song. Hence, in this regard, the title does its job very well.

The verses and chorus are equally powerful and intriguing. They hold the capacity to be a thought provoker if you listen carefully and understand the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning from the point of view of the song composer.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

“Falling from the sky, they’re cast out from the heaven’s light

Drenching the soil with blood, baptized in the fire hole

Call upon it’s Father, bless the goat, the womanizer

Take him to Astaroth, Inanna’s temple of Uruk”

What is the first verse of the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning? The first verse of the song seems to be about a person who is struggling with their demons. They are trying to make a deal with the devil in order to get rid of them. The person is desperate and is willing to do anything to get rid of their demons, even if it means making a deal with the devil.

The song is very cleverly using the mythological tale about the nephilim, angels, and women. These are being used as a premise to build up the context of similar struggles in the present day. These struggles may be societal or even internal.

So, the singer is ready to utilize all the willpower and courage. He is ready to give the devil whatever it needs just so that he is able to stay faithful to God.

What does the chorus mean

“The Devil’s spawn no longer breathes

Descending angels and fallen kings

Raise your hands, what do you hold?

The Devil’s bleeding crown!”

Some have cleverly interpreted this tune to be somewhat of a song of praise, an ode, or an anthem. Here the key lines are in fact, “Lift your hands, what do you hold? The Devil’s draining crown!”, where the draining crown is a blend of references. For one thing, it clearly refers to the triumph over Satan and his army of fallen heavenly messengers. This can be picked from the iconic second to last refrain in the beautifully composed metaphorical song. There is a second possible interpretation, but this interpretation too is on similar religious lines. According to this possible meaning is about Jesus’ torturous killing. There is a third point and this is where the anthem bit comes in. All who at any point lifted our hands up at any live performance, making the indication of Satan (also known as “wild fella!”) addressing, I would recommend, triumph over our evil presences from the virtual expulsion rock concerts.

As an interesting fact, the song writers have talked about how they came up with this song. They had not completed the song yet, but played it anyway at the end of a concert, just to see how people reacted to it. To their satisfaction, the audience took to the song quite enthusiastically. This gave the musicians the encouragement to complete the song and present the complete version at the next concert. They did this even though lyrically this song did not fit in with the rest of the songs of their album.

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Verse 2 – What does it mean

“They gathered all the children outside the church

And never would they know what went on in there

Close the door and hear all the angels scream

“Oh mercy, mercy, mercy, oh mercy, please!”

Down, down, down

Down below you can hear his hoof digging through the ground

Oh Lord, Lord, Lord

The horned one is back and he wants his crown”

What does the second verse of “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” mean? There has been much debate among fans about the meaning of the second verse of “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown.” Some believe that it is about the temptations of the Devil, while others believe it is about the dangers of addiction. It is the same thing that the scriptures have talked about. They mention that ones own sins will lead to downfall of kingdoms. The thing is, we no longer see those types of things happen in a world that is consumed in filth. The musicians are highlighting that the world is so full of sin and wrongdoings, that these things are no longer out of the ordinary. No one is being shunned to Hell because of them. This is because the Devil is ruling again and worldly ways are changing.


The lyrics of the song are incredibly relatable if you get the depth of the devil’s bleeding crown lyrics meaning. They will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered about the state of affairs of the world and where things are going. More importantly, they will resonate with those who are on an internal struggle of the fight between the good and bad within. It’s a beautiful track, and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist in the future.

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