Take Me Home By Jess Glynne: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

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Released in November of 2015, Take Me Home by Jess Glynne is a song packed with emotions. If you’ve already heard this song or seen the music video, you’ll know that there’s no shortage of sadness, sorrow, and longingness in this song.

If you’re here to find out Take Me Home lyrics meaning, then you’ve come to the right place. This particular song is not hard to decode. The singer plainly expresses the sorrow, the pain, and the agony she felt after experiencing a bad breakup.

At the core, Take Me Home lyrics meaning is all about how the singer carries her hurt and pain. No doubt it’s a super emotional song, capable of making certain of us terary-eyed. But do you know what each line, word, or sentence means? Well, hang tight! We got your back.

This song, which went on to reach 6th place on the UK singles chart is by far, one of the artist’s best works ever. Many musical critics have commended positively on the song as well, calling it a standout song from the album.

In this article, we’re going to break this song apart verse by verse and bring you its interpretation. So, here’s what the song and its lyrics actually mean.

What Does The Title Mean

If you want to know what the title of the song means, you’re going to need some background context here.

The song was penned and recorded after Glynne experienced a terrible breakup. Narrating to several news sites, Glynne stated that although her career was going forward, her love life was shattered.

This agony, hurt, and pain of losing someone special is clearly reflected throughout the song. However, the title “Take Me Home,” perfectly captures the essence of this song.


Home is where we find comfort, love, and security. So the title here “Take Me Home,” means the singer is longing to go back to a safe place, to a loving place, where she can heal.

The meaning of the words “Take Me Home,” which is the title of the song suggests how deeply hurt the singer is and how she is searching and longing for comfort. The entire song discusses this heartbreak, but the title captures this in three words.

It’s not surprising why many have gone on to praise the poetic skills and songwriting abilities of Gynne after the release of this song. It effortlessly talks about the heartache she faces.

Verse 1- What Does It Mean

The lines to the first verse go like this:

“Wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt

If you ask me, don’t know where to start”

If we look at Take Me Home lyrics meaning in the first two opening lines of the song, the singer immediately dives into the question of emotions. Breakups are not easy and these lines verify that.

The line “wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt,” mean that day in and day out, everything reminds her of the hurt. This line captures her heartache and how it is consuming her.

The second line, “if you ask me, don’t know where to start,” can mean that the singer is speechless when others ask her about how she’s feeling.

“Anger, love, confusion

Roads that go nowhere”

In these next two lines, the singer talks about all the emotions she is feeling including anger, love, and even confusion. These are all emotions that pop up after a painful breakup.

“Road that go nowhere,” means that the emotions are not productive. Whenever the singer deals with such emotions, it does not lead anywhere good or productive, rather it traps her and reminds her of her separation from her lover.

“I know that somewhere better

‘Cause you always take me there”

The last two lines of verse 1 seem to be a reminiscence of the singer. She talks about how her lover was capable of talking her to happy places in her mind.

What Does The Pre-Chorus Mean

Following the first verse, the song enters into a pre-chorus. The lyrics for the pre-chorus go like this:

“Came to you with a broken faith

Gave me more than a hand to hold”

These lines here talk about how the two fell in love. The line “came to you with a broken faith,” can mean that the singer was not in a good place when she met her love. However, the second line suggests that despite not being fully herself, she was made to feel love.

“Caught before I hit the ground

Tell me I’m safe, you’ve got me now”

We see here again that the singer talks about the moment she fell in love and was made to feel loved. The line “caught before I hit the ground,” is taking about how falling in love saved her from whatever issues and battles she was fighting.

What Does The Chorus Mean

The chorus presents a powerful and emotional message from the singer. The lyrics go like this:

“But would you take the wheel if I lose control?

If I’m lying here, will you take me home?

Could you take care of a broken soul?”

Words such as “broken soul,” and “lose control,” shows us just how much pain she is in. The singer tries to tell us that the pain is causing her to lose control and how it is making her feel as if she’s lost purpose.

Will you hold me now? Will you take me home?

Will you take me home? Will you take me home?

Will you take me home? Will you take me home?”

If we look carefully, the chorus repeats the words “will you take me home?” several times. This is because the singer is trying to stress how much she is longing for love and comfort after losing it.

Verse 2- What Does It Mean

If we look at the choices of words in verse 2, we get to see how deep the pain is. The singer also talks about what measures she is willing to take to forget and numb the pain.

Take Me Home lyrics meaning takes a sadder turn in these next few lines.

“Hold a gun to my head, count 1, 2, 3

If it helps me walk away then it’s what I need”

These are the first two lines of verse 2. Here, we get the idea that she is even willing to end her life if that is what it takes to forget the pain she is in.

“Every minute gets easier the more you talk to me

You’ve rationalized my darkest thoughts, yeah you set them free”

The final two lines of verse 2 seem to be talking about how the singer feels some sort of peace and acceptance whenever she thinks of her lover.

What does the bridge mean

The song enters into a bridge towards the end. These are the lines:

“You say space will make it better and time will make it heal

I won’t be lost forever and soon I wouldn’t feel like I’m haunted, oh falling”

These same lines are repeated twice in the bridge. The meaning behind these lines seems simple.

If we take the line “you say space will make it better and time will make it heal,” we get to hear the other person talking through the singer. Here, the singer’s ex-lover tells Glynne that the hurt and pain are all temporary.

Following those lines, we also have “I won’t be lost forever and soon I wouldn’t feel like I’m hainted, oh falling.” This line tells us that the singer is hopeful that the pain will subside over time. She is positive that she will once again find peace, love, and happiness, never having to worry about her heartache.


Take Me Home lyrics meaning is without a doubt about the pain and sorrow that comes after a breakup. The song dives into the intricacies of how painful, complex, and hard a breakup can be.

Both the actual song track and even the music video present a very emotional picture. From the lyrics and the title of this song, we can safely assume that the singer was in a lot of pain when she wrote the song.

The line, “take me home,” that keeps appearing in the chorus is just her way of saying she’s had enough and wants to find love and comfort again.

Whether the “home,” is a person or a physical place, the bottom line is that she wishes to go somewhere safe and comforting. That is the whole gist of the song.

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