She Don’t Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation


She Don’t Use Jelly is an alternative rock song by the American band the Flaming Lips. It was released in the year 1993. The song was successful, reaching the number 55 position on the US Billboard Hot 100. Before exploring the She Don’t Use Jelly lyrics meaning, you should know the intent behind its title.

What does the title mean?

The tile of this song is as nonsensical as the song itself. Inspired by the philosophy of Dadaism, this song aims to negate the emphasis on having a meaning behind art. She Don’t Use Jelly is for pure fun and laughs. Just groove to it, without worrying about its underlying messages. Now that the title of the song has been explained, it is now time to understand the She Don’t Use Jelly lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

I know a girl who thinks of ghosts

She’ll make you breakfast

She’ll make you toast

A reminder, the lyrics of this song are nonsensical. Their main objective is to rhyme with the beat and maybe sound a little humorous. Throughout the song strange people are introduced. They do not seem strange at first, but the lyrics soon reveal their respective kinks and weird habits.

In the first verse the song introduces a girl who “thinks of ghosts”. Many people find ghosts scary, which explains why so many horror films are made every year. But this girl thinks about them. She could be obsessed with the supernatural. Perhaps she practices witchcraft or other activities related to the occult. “Ghost” could also be a metaphor for the past. So this girl in question likes to take frequent nostalgia trips. These memories could be about better days, silly former boyfriends or childhood incidents.

Also, she seems like a nice girl. If you are a friend, or lover, she will take care of you. Cooking for the people you love reflects nurturing instincts. It shows that you are invested in their wellbeing and health. This girl will also make toast for you and serve you breakfast.

But she don’t use butter

And she don’t use cheese

She don’t use jelly

Or any of these

Now the song begins to build up on this girl’s character. It leads you on to guess what could be wrong with the girl. Yes, she will make a nice breakfast with toast. But what does she spread on the toast? Hint: it is not your usual pantry item like butter, cheese or jelly.

Just as you begin to scratch your head in confusion, the song reveals the secret ingredient. It is quite shocking to know, actually.

She uses Vaseline



There you have it. The girl in the first verse eats toast layered with Vaseline. Is it a way for her to get high? Only the Flaming Lips can answer that question.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?


And I know a guy who goes to shows

Another character is introduced in the second verse. This time it is a man. The man in question likes to go to “shows”. He is a fan of music concerts apparently. It is also possible that he follows celebrity culture through gossip channels and magazines, nothing weird here. Celebrity gossip sells more than actual news about events that can actually impact the world. So he is one of the “fans” who prefers entertainment over substance. That is very normal as per today’s standard.

When he’s at home and he blows his nose

He don’t use tissues or his sleeve

He don’t use napkins or any of these

Now comes the build-up. This man “blows his nose” at home. This could mean two things – First, he literally blows his nose. Perhaps he has a weak immune system. So he frequently falls sick, which gives him a runny nose.

The second meaning of blowing “his nose” could be – he snorts cocaine. Many people who frequently attend music concerts and festivals regularly indulge in drugs. Whenever this man is home, he snorts cocaine to keep himself entertained. Of course, some good music plays in the background.

Regardless of whether he catches cold or snorts coke, this man ends up with a runny nose. But when he blows his nose to clear out the mucus, he does not use a napkin. He does not even use tissues; not even his sleeve. Are you ready to learn what he blows his nose into?

He uses magazines




There you have it. Perhaps there are too many magazines in his place. Why read and throw them when you can put them to some use? This man must have used some logic like this. Well, to each their own kinks.

Verse 3 – What does it mean?

I know a girl who reminds me of Cher

(Reminds me of Cher)

She’s always changing

(She’s always changing)

The color of her hair

The song introduces the listeners to another girl. This girl resembles the singer Cher. In what sense, you would ask. Well, this girl is always experimenting with her looks. Anytime you meet her, she will look different.

She is indeed like the singer Cher, who is known to reinvent her style and come up with something new with every album. This constant transformation is not restricted only to her clothes or make up. She also likes to color her hair.

But, you will be shocked to learn how she colors her hair.

(Color of her hair)

But she don’t use nothing

That you buy at the store

She likes her hair to be real orange

You would assume she goes to a salon to get her hair done. She does not. Does she color her own hair? Yes, definitely. But she does not buy the hair color from a chemist or supermarket. Then what does she use? Here is a hint: she likes the color orange. In fact, that is the color of her hair. You have probably guessed this one right.

She uses tangerines







The secret is out. This girl literally uses tangerines to dye her hair orange. You may not think it will work, but apparently this girl is able to pull it off. Emphasizing idiosyncrasies in seemingly regular people is the underlying theme in the She Don’t Use Jelly lyrics meaning. Hope you have now understood the She Don’t Use Jelly lyrics meaning.


The She Don’t Use Jelly lyrics meaning is not to be taken seriously. This is a fun song, made with the intention for the listeners to groove and laugh. Hope you too had a fun time reading this dubiously accurate interpretation.

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