Save Me by Jelly Roll: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Save Me is a rap song by American rapper Jelly Roll. It featured on Jelly Roll’s 2020 album Self Medicated. It was not released as an official single. Jelly Roll has collaborated with many artists like Struggle Jennings, Lil Wyte and Ryan Upchurch.

Before understanding the Jelly Roll Save Me lyrics meaning, you should learn about the meaning behind the song title.

Title – What does it mean?

The title Save Me is a call for help from Jelly Roll who is addicted to alcohol and drugs. He feels helpless and hopeless when it comes to dealing with his addictions. Some external help is required in the form of love and support. Most addicts need a strong sense of community to quit the dirty habit and get reintegrated within the society.

With the song title explained, it is time to explore the Jelly Roll Save Me lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?


Somebody save me, me from myself

I’ve spent so long living in hell


The first two lines serve as an S.O.S (Save our souls) call on behalf of the rapper Jelly Roll. He is addicted to drugs and is no longer in control of himself. Out of desperation, the rapper is wishing for somebody to save him and quit his dirty habit. Jelly Roll has been trapped “living in hell” for too long now.

Addicts are often times too dependent on their drug of choice to think clearly. In such situations, it is advisable to seek external support. A strong, supportive community is necessary for drug addicts to retrain their minds and imagine a life free from substance abuse. Unless that external stimulus is received, drug addicts continuing “living in hell”.


They say my lifestyle is bad for my health

It’s the only thing that seems to help


There is a toxic relationship between abuse and coping. Many people pick up a drug habit to distract their minds off of their daily problems. Some people take drugs to numb physical or emotional pain. In this context, drugs work both as medicine and poison.

In the short term, drugs might offer some relief. But their long-term damage cannot be overlooked. Eventually, a lifestyle dependent on substance abuse will cost a person their “health”. A drug habit drastically deteriorates the quality of life. It wastes away money, resources, time and relationships. Even though it might seem like it is working, it is in reality only suppressing the problem. Ignoring your problems makes them worse and more unmanageable.


Pre-Chorus – What does it mean?

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All of this drinkin’ and smokin’ is hopeless but feel like it’s all that I need

Somethin’ inside of me’s broken, I hold on to anything that sets me free


Rapper Jelly Roll admits that he is addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. He understands that his body cannot handle such excessive abuse. But these substances bring him peace and help him cope with his personal demons.

Perhaps there are some deep rooted issues he needs to find and deal with. There is a hole in his spirit which Jelly Roll is trying to fill with drugs and alcohol. He is so dependent on them that he is willing to be manipulated by them. He would go for “anything that sets me free”.

When you do not have control over your urges, you lose discipline. This can eventually lead to an unfulfilled life. In extreme cases, it can hook you up to drugs and ruin your potential and eventually your life.

Chorus – What does it mean?

I’m a lost cause, baby don’t waste your time on me

I’m so damaged beyond repair


These lines carry the essence of Jelly Roll Save Me lyrics meaning. Jelly Roll is depressed and mad at himself. His lack of self-control is costing him his relationships. Talking to a lover, Jelly Roll tells her not to “waste your time on me”.

Most addicts feel hopeless in dealing with their addiction. They end up in a toxic loop of self-pity and self-loathing. It prevents them from getting better and makes them feel guilty for getting worse. In this state of self-defeat, Jelly Roll is begging his lover to leave him to his fate. His addiction has left him “damaged beyond repair”.

But Jelly Roll cares for his lover. So he wants her to leave him and find someone who will truly appreciate her. The rapper on the other hand is incapable of doing so because of drug and alcohol addiction.


Life has shattered my hopes and my dreams

I’m a lost cause, baby don’t waste your time on me

I’m so damaged beyond repair

Life has shattered my hopes and my dreams


There could be any number of reasons that led Jelly Roll down the path of drugs and alcohol. While he intends to do something about it eventually, right now he feels dejected and hopeless. In this moment, Jelly Roll wants to wallow in his sorrows.

Sometimes it is important to face your fears, regrets and sadness head on. It might make you feel terrible but it will also unburden you. Your mind will find some new clarity once it has been allowed to grieve properly.

Jelly Roll is in a bad place right now. He has hit rock bottom with his drug and alcohol addiction. Overstricken with grief, Jelly Roll wants to be left alone with his depression.



Verse 2 – What does it mean?


What if the night sky was missin’ the moon?

There were no shootin’ stars, to use wishin’ on you


Rapper Jelly Roll explains the extent of his addiction. Imagining a life without drugs and alcohol for Jelly Roll is as bizarre as imagining the night sky without a moon. He feels he cannot survive without drugs and alcohol.

This realization makes Jelly Roll feel even more hopeless about his addiction. There are no “shootin’ stars” to wish on and miraculously get better. The use of the term “shootin’ stars” could also imply intravenous heroin injections. Perhaps Jelly Roll is experimenting with harder drugs now.


And all of my sorrows, I’d just wash them down

It’s the only peace, I’ve ever found

As an alcoholic, Jelly Roll supresses his emotions and anxieties with alcohol. His life has been so tumultuous that he has never found peace in sobriety. Only an inebriated state can make him feel normal and happy.

Hope you have now understood the Jelly Roll Save Me lyrics meaning.

In Conclusion

Save Me is a sad rap song which talks about the perils of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Though it has a sad message, this song is ultimately inspiring. Sometimes you just need to face your regrets and feel sad. Facing your sorrows is the first step in overcoming them. Encouraging addicts to accept their problem, feel bad about it and then make healthy changes is the true message behind Jelly Roll Save Me lyrics meaning.

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