Run to You by Pentatonix: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Pentatonix is a highly loved Cappella group. The group is wildly popular across digital platforms, as they forwarded their journey through social channels. They came into fame through The Sing-Off. That was the Kickstarter, after which there was no stopping them. All five members of the group have been applauded highly.

They have covered great songs, like Somebody That I Used to Know and We are young. Not limiting to these songs, they have also released full-fledged albums. Their albums are connected to their band name itself – PTX, PTXMas, etc. One of the songs from their album, PTX, Vol II – “Run to you” has been very famous. Run to you lyrics Pentatonix meaning is connected with the themes of love, compassion, warmth. It is like a hug in a song. It is soothing, therapeutic, and highly addictive.

What does the title mean?

The title of the song quite gives away the theme of love and affection. “Run to you” is a phrase used a lot of times in romantic comedies and classic love songs. It is a phrase that is used to describe how love beats the sin of the world. It is the power of love that helps us rise above. Running to the person you love is a means to run away from the problems around you. So, the title is quite engaging and relatable. A lot of times all we feel is the need to run away to the person who comforts us. The same is the intense emotion conveyed by Pentatonix.

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Verse one – what does it mean?

A light in the room

It was you who was standing there

Tried it was true

As your glance met my stare.

But your heart drifted off

Like the land split by sea

I tried to go, to follow,

To kneel down at your feet

Staying true to their acapella style, the song starts with the humming of light words and tones. The entire song is extremely soothing. The opening lyrics lay a base of the emotion ahead. It puts a focus on the power of “love”. It starts with talking about the comfort that love provides. It is the guiding light. But then the lyrics diverge into reality. There is a poetic reference to the sea-shore relation. The lines focus on how love slips away. There is a desperate movement for attachment. There is a need, raw, and real love. The last words of this verse are quite intense “to kneel down at your feet”. They symbolize vulnerability, dependence, and the value of love. Run to you lyrics pentatonix meaning says that love can be strengthening, and at times, it might need more than strength.

What does the chorus mean?

I’ll run, I’ll run

I’ll run run to you

I’ll run, I’ll run

I’ll run run to you

The chorus picks up from the last verse. The love has left, but now, we will run to it. It is the spirit of fighting for love. It is the spirit for not giving up. The chorus is an honest repetition of running to the person you love. The words are repeated over and over, focusing on the desire to go back to that love. It is essential to realize that feeling. It is also highly important to fight for it.

Verse two – what does it mean?

I’ve been settling scores

I’ve been fighting so long

But I’ve lost your war

And our kingdom is gone

How shall I win back

Your heart which was mine

I have broken bones and tattered clothes

I’ve run out of time

This verse hits too close to the heart. It talks about heartbreak, mistakes, and wrong choices. This is also what is the most relatable. A lot of us have made wrong choices in love. A lot of us have broken the hearts of our loved ones. A lot of us have faced heartbreaks too. The lyrics are honest here talking about how there is a bigger picture at play. Often we lose sight of the important things while chasing some glitter. The vocalist is honest and intense, talking of broken bones and tattered clothes. Towards this reference, they are trying to convey that it is not easy to fight for love. Loving in itself is not easy. They are confessing that they have lost love in a fight. It is also a terrible situation because the time is unfortunate. It is running, and they feel that love has run out of time.

What does the chorus mean?

I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run, run to you

I’ll run, I’ll run, I’ll run, run to you

The chorus is repeated again. This repetition is essential because the vocalists are trying to express their needs. Their need to get back to the love. They have messed up a beautiful thing in their life, and it is crucial to run back to it. They are expressing their need. It is also a symbol of their longing, the longing for their love.

Another reference here is to the mere act of running. Running is a form of showing importance. It is connected with urgency. When the lyrics here focus on the word “run”, it says that there is an immediate need for that support. There is an immediate moment of affection in demand. This is why the vocalist wants to run to the love. It is urgent, important and delicate.

What does the bridge mean?

I will break down the gates of heaven

A thousand angels stand waiting for me

Ooh take my heart (take my heart)

And I’ll lay down my weapons

Break my shackles to set me free

The bridge is another desperate attempt at the confession of love. There are a lot of references in this verse. There are many spiritual symbols used. Alongside these symbols, the vocalist says that they will surrender themselves. This act of surrender is a reference to the concept of love. Love is a way of surrendering oneself to the other. So, the vocalist might be trying to convey that they are surrendering their guards and their defense mechanism. The bride ends with a call for freedom. All this feels very restrictive. There is a feeling of being caged here. This is what the vocalist wants to break free. From even the clouds of their own doubts and insecurities. It might be a reference to the idea that “love is freedom”. In the end, run to you lyrics Pentatonix meaning is about understanding the different angles of love and need.


The song “Run to you” is a deep ode to love. It is about exploring the emotions that one feels when your loved one is away from you. It is about the longing, the desire to be again with the one you love. Run to you, sung by the lovely members of Pentatonix is indeed heavenly. It takes you back to the moment of vulnerability. But, it also gives you strength. The music is empowering, like a warm sweet hug.

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