Run Boy Run by Woodkid: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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The song Run Boy Run was released in 2012 as part of the album, The Golden Age. It was sung by the singer, Woodkid. Woodkid is actually a stage name of the highly talented French musician, designer, and director, Yoann Lemoine. Lemoine has been a part of the music industry for quite some time – practically grew along with it. Towards his years of transformation, he focused more on his music. He chose to keep a pseudo-name and release all his music under the name “Woodkid” as that word resonated with him. Woodkid is also openly gay – which makes all his achievements more applaud worthy as he came from a time when the music industry was not so inclusive.

The song Run Boy Run is a very interesting song. When it is coupled with the music video, the lyrics of the song make much more sense. All the elements of the song become more clear through the video. The video was directed by the singer, Woodkid himself. Woodkid has also directed many other highly acclaimed music videos, like Teenage Dream, Sign of the Times and Born to Die. His videos have an artistic touch and use many abstract elements and contrasts to convey the tone. His music video for “Run Boy Run” was also highly appreciated. It was even used on multiple platforms, also for a teaser for the series, Musketeers. This music video was also nominated for a Grammy in 2013.

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What does the title mean?

The title of the song sounds like advice. The words run boy run also almost feels like an order given to a younger boy. This younger boy might be the younger self or someone who you are overlooking. This title gives out the gist of the song – run boy run lyrics meaning can also be derived from the mere title. So far, the title remains a bit vague as to run from what. There is a lot that one can run from in life – something not evident from the title but clear in the lyrics.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

Run boy run! This world is not made for you

Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you

Run boy run! Running is a victory

Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills

As soon as the opening lyrics come to the song, you are hooked to the song. You know it is a motivational song that will teach you something. From the very first verse, you understand that there is a lot of repetition and reinforcement in the lyrics. The phrase” Run boy run” is the predecessor of every line, and it is to remain this way. This might be a conscious decision of the songwriter to use this phrase over and over. There is quite some intensity with which these lyrics and phrases are used. It is also caused repetition leads to better recalling. If you do not remember the lines or certain lyrics of the song, you will never forget the titular phrase.

In the opening verse, the singer is already moving forward to unveil the realities of life. He claims that this world is different from the world you deserve, and you have to keep running. By running you will reach better places, maybe like the hills. It is beyond the hills that you will find beauty. Hills, herein, might not literally be hills, but a place of joy and peace.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

Run, boy, run! The sun will be guiding you

Run, boy, run! They’re dying to stop you

Run, boy, run! This race is a prophecy

Run, boy, run! Break out from society

The second verse continues to inspire you. The singer talks about the sun – the core star of our solar system – to be the guiding light. Here, it also might mean that every new day is a new chance – you rise with the sun. continuing with the same diction, the singer talks of the people as “they”. This annotation is quite common in songwriting and in real life as life. “They” are often highly regarded when it comes to the decision-making of one’s personal life choices. The singer urges people to let go of their opinion. These people are only here to create turbulence and to be happy at your agony. The third line of this verse is about breaking away from the boundaries of society – by openly announcing that this race is the ultimate test. It is the race that decides your fate but this race won’t be easy.

What does the chorus mean?

Tomorrow is another day

And you don’t have to hide away

You’ll be a man, boy

But for now, it’s time to run, it’s time to run

The chorus of the song is in a positive light. It references back to the guiding sun bit with the notion of a “new day”. The chorus focuses on hope for a better tomorrow with no hiding and possibly no running. But, there is a major point here – to keep running now. A very interesting line is wherein the songwriter uses the word “man”. The song is deeply focused on the word “boy” and in the chorus, it shifts, rather than transforms into a man. This is a major transformation that shows that after due struggle and fight, you will get mature. So, run boy run lyrics meaning is – you will be wiser, and you will be a better version of yourself.

Verse 3 – What does it mean?

Run, boy, run! This ride is a journey to

Run, boy, run! The secret inside of you

Run, boy, run! This race is a prophecy

Run, boy, run! And disappear in the trees

The third verse is again focused on the ride and the journey. It is the celebration fo this encouraging ride. The ride is what drives you – the meaning of your life. The singer continues to push you to run – silently. There is even an option for the singer to disappear, possibly meaning that this race might not get you a lot of applause. It is not a public event, rather an internal fight.

What does the outro mean?

Tomorrow is another day

And you don’t have to hide away

You’ll be a man, boy

But for now, it’s time to run, it’s time to run

The ending chorus and outro are the same on repetition. They reinstate the point of the singer to keep running. There will come a time when the singer need not run – he will have achieved his dream – his secret mystery. But for the time, he has to run.


This song is a huge motivator, relying on determination, discipline, and moving ahead despite all odds. Run boy run lyrics meaning is a motivational call to keep going. There might be things that might stop you but you can keep going only if you keep tunnel vision.

Another interesting point is that the singer came out as openly gay. This connects with the song, and many view it as the singer’s journey accepting his own sexuality. It would not have been an easy journey with almost no support and such inner confusion. So, this might have been a comfort song for the singer as well. This connotes that run boy run lyrics meaning is beyond just motivation within self – it is a stance against societal diversions too.

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