Pushit By Tool: Lyrics Meaning And Interpretation

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The song Pushit was created by the American rock band, Tool, in 1996. It was the 11th song on their second album, Aenima. It is the heaviest and lengthiest song they have ever created and has always gained huge popularity in their live shows. Pushit lyrics meaning reached out to the heart of the audience and always successfully made them mesmerized. It is about a suffocating love story where the narrator understands and sees the problems in the relationship. But he still prefers to carry on with the relationship.

Pushit lyrics meaning will be easier for you to understand once you have a clear idea about the creators of the song. The band, Tool, was formed back in 1990 in Los Angeles. The core members of the group were – Maynard James Keynan (lead vocalist), Danny Carey (drummer), Adam Jones (guitarist), and Paul D’Amour (bassist). However, in 1995, Paul was replaced by Justin Chancellor as the bassist of the band in 1995. They have released 5 albums to date. Their first album, Undertow was released back in 1933. Since then, the band has received huge recognition worldwide. They even won four Grammy Awards. Their latest album, Fear Inoculum was released in 2019.

The song, Pushit, was a part of their second studio album, Aenima. The band started working on this album in 1995 and within a span of 1 year, they released the whole album in 1996. During this time the band was going through problems with one of their band members, Paul, who also left the band during that time. But, they did not let it affect their work. This album was a big hit and was well received by the audience all over the world.

The band said that this album was a tribute to the stand-up comedian Bill Hick. Hicks had died 2 years ago and the band members made this album to make the audience aware of his ideas and materials.

What Does the Title Mean?

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Understanding the title of the song will help you understand Pushit lyrics meaning properly. The title of the song is made up of two words – “push” and “shit”. This gives the listeners a basic idea about the song. It gives us an idea about how almost everyone has to entertain some “shit” in their life. We all have the option of getting out of it, but somehow, either we choose to carry on with it or the circumstances force us to bear such toxicities in our lives.

Pushit lyrics meaning explains how the narrator is in a bad and toxic relationship. It is an abusive one that even the narrator can understand. The narrator knows that his partner is bad for him, yet he has no other option than to stay in the relationship.

This song talks about the point in a relationship when you realize how wrong the other person is for you, and how important it is for you to end it. But somehow, the narrator always falls in the gap. The gap is his state of mind where on one side, he does not want to continue this relationship and on the other side, he does not want to end it.

The song mostly brings out the emotion of anger, but when you think about it, the narrator is very sad. He is sad about being stuck in a toxic relationship. He is sad about loving the wrong person. And from his sadness emerges anger.

Intro: What Does it Mean?

I saw the gap again today

While you were begging me to stay

Take care not to make me enter

If I do, we both may disappear

In the intro of the song, we see the narrator saying to his partner how he feels like he is in a “gap” today. He had already decided to break off the relationship and move forward in his life, but his partner is begging him to stay. Now he feels stuck in a toxic relationship that he cannot get out of.

Verse 1: What Does it Mean?

Know that I will choke until I swallow

Choke this infant here before me

What is this but my reflection?

Who am I to judge or strike you down?

In the first verse of the song, we hear the narrator talking about an infant. But who is this infant? The infant is his soul that wants peace, that wants to break up this toxic relationship and move on. But we hear him singing how this is choking him. This shows how the narrator wants to express his feelings to his partner. He says that all his thoughts are choking him. He has to decide whether he wants to swallow it and keep quiet or he wants to speak up. Likewise, He also goes on to say how he does not blame the infant because it signifies his feelings.

Chorus: What Does it Mean?

But you’re

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

Pushing and shoving me

You still love me, you still love me

But you didn’t need to push it on me

You still love me, you still love me

But you didn’t need to push it on me

Understanding the chorus of the song is the key to understanding Pushit lyrics meaning. Here we get a glimpse of the abusive relationship. It is not a verbal one, but a physically abusive relationship that the narrator is a part of. They both love each other, yet they are not compatible but rather toxic to each other.

Verse 2: What Does it Mean?

Rest your trigger on my finger

Bang my head upon the fault line

You better take care not to make me enter

‘Cause if I do, we both may disappear

In the second verse, we see the narrator asking his partner to let him move out of the relationship as it cannot be good for them. He wants a chance to get out of it. He asks his partner to blame everything on him. Furthermore, He says that his partner can blame him for the failure of the relationship. Likewise, He is asking her to say that everything in their relationship was his fault and that he was the one to trigger every fight. His lover can do whatever she likes. But he wants to get out of this toxic relationship.

Verse 3: What Does it Mean?

I’m slipping back into the gap again

I’m alive when you’re touching me

Alive when you’re shoving me down, yeah

But I’d trade it all

For just a little peace of mind

At this point of the song, we see how the narrator and his partner are going back to the idea of staying together. Even after knowing how toxic their relationship can get, they are still choosing to stay together. They are trying to convince each other that no matter how many problems they have, they love each other. The narrator goes on to say that being with his partner gives him peace and makes him feel alive. That is why even after the relationship is an abusive one, he still wants to continue with it.

Bridge: What Does it Mean?

I am somewhere I don’t wanna be, yeah

Push me somewhere I don’t wanna be

You put me somewhere I don’t wanna be

Seeing someplace I don’t wanna see

Never want to see that place again

In this part of the song, we see the narrator begging his partner to not leave him in such a difficult position. And then it becomes difficult for him to decide whether he wants to stay or break up. This shows how confused he is. He understands how bad the relationship is for him, yet he is still choosing to stay.

Verse 4: What Does it Mean?

Saw that gap again today

While you were begging me to stay

Managed to push myself away

And you, as well, my dear

If when I say I might fade like a sigh if I stay

You minimize my movement anyway

I must persuade you another way

He continues to say how he is again falling back into the “gap”. He had decided to move on, yet his partner is not letting him go. Likewise, He wants to distance himself, yet right now, it seems impossible. This verse also shows how unhealthy the relationship is. They do not want to keep their lover’s well-being above their own. Probably the partner is scared of being alone.

Outro: What Does it Mean?

Yeah, I’m staring down the hole again

Hands around my back again

Survival is my only friend

Terrified of what may come, yeah

Remember I’ll always love you

As I claw your fucking throat away

It will end no other way

It will end no other way

In the chorus we see the narrator seeing how even if the relationship is abusive, they have love. But in the outro, he says how he again falls back into the pit and the idea of love is no more felt here. They are stuck in a destructive relationship where they find it fine to be abusive. They know they will again fall back into the pattern, yet they choose to be others.

This song reached the audience’s heart because almost everyone could relate to it. The lyrics of this song made it so successful. The song has two versions and even though it is quite lengthy, it is still a hit.

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