My Name Is Human by Highly Suspect: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

Founded in Cape Cod, Highly Suspect made their name in the American music industry with their hard-hitting lyrics and unique chords. The band was formed in 2009 by twin brothers Ryan and Rich Meyer. Johnny Stevens and Matt Kofos are also in the band, and they handle guitars and vocals. It was their second studio album “The Boy Who Died Wolf” that brought them mainstream success. The singles from this album won the hearts of many people who’d become their loyal fans for the time to come.

“My name is human” is one of those songs that represent everything that the band is about – deep lyrics and unique chords. In order to get Highly Suspect My Name is Human Lyrics meaning, you will have to listen to this song very carefully. We recommend that you listen to the whole album in order.

What Does the Title Mean?

“My name is human” is one of the most loaded songs ever put out by Highly Suspect. Its lyrical depth is astonishing. In order to truly understand Highly Suspect My Name is Human lyrics meaning, one has to read up a lot. However, you don’t have to worry, as we’ll reveal all the hidden meanings and references in the lyrics of this beautiful track.

The title of the song “My name is human” in itself reveals a lot of things about this song. It seems as if this track is about the human condition. This song is from the perspective of every human out there, and it deals with themes that are common to every human being that has ever lived. These themes include love, war, religion, etc. To understand Highly Suspect My Name is Human lyrics meaning, you have to read between the lines.

Verse 1 – What Does It Mean?

“I’m feeling the way that I’m feeling myself

Fuck everyone else

Gotta remember that nobody is better than anyone else, here

(Do you need some time to think it over?)

Look what they do to you

Look what they do to me

Must be joking if you think that either one is free, here”

The human experience is a peculiar thing. Scientists and philosophers alike have been troubled by the question of consciousness. Exactly what does it feel to be human? And what does it feel not to be human? What exactly is human consciousness? Do all human beings experience consciousness in the same way? In the second line, the narrator throws all of these questions out the window, as he exclaims “fuck everyone else”. Many people, especially those who suffer from mental disorders, often forget that every human being out there is clueless when it comes to the bigger picture. What exactly is our purpose here? No one can tell you for sure.

Everyone interprets reality in their own way. Thus, you have to remember that no human being is better than another. This inherent equality in our cluelessness and insignificance in the face of this humungous universe unites us. Even religions posit the same idea – every human being is equal in the eyes of God. In Christianity, for instance, every human being is born a sinner. Thus, there is a sense of equality being posited here. If everyone is a sinner, then no one is better than the other.

The second half of the first verse ridicules human ambition in general. Even though we do not know this universe or even ourselves fully, we tend to assume our reality to take actions. We make love and we make war. We make imaginary boundaries on this planet and give birth to concepts such as patriotism, nations, religion, and whatnot. In doing so, we do some horrible things to our fellow human beings.

Thus, the line – “Look what they do to me” and “Look what they do to you”. In the end, due to our own biological limitations, we have to realize that we are not truly free. Couple our biological limitations with the restrictions placed by human society in general, we’ll see that we’re actually not free at all. Human society is nothing but a prison for free minds. Why else do you think people like MLK and Gandhi were murdered.

Chorus 1 – What Does It Mean?

“Get up off your knees, girl

Stand face to face with your God

And find out what you are

(Hello, my name is human)

Hello, my name is human

And I came down from the stars

(Hello, my name is human)”

In the chorus, the narrator tells a lady to stop praying and get up. We do horrible things to each other and then ask for forgiveness from idols and concepts. However, we fail to realize that as conscious beings, a part of the universe (or even God for some people) resides in us. We are the sole proof of a divine existence, yet we associate divinity with churches, idols, and wine. Thus, there is no need to kneel and pray. You can stand up and look at your God in the eyes. When you look deeply into the eyes of another human being, you’ll find who you really are. You’ll realize then what it means to be a human being. The second last line is inspired from the words of the famous astronomer Carl Sagan. He famously said that we are made of star stuff. After all, human beings as well as stars all originated from the big bang. We have one origin, so we can safely assume that we’re made of the same stuff stars are made of. Carl Sagan was someone who tried to find meaning, purpose, and a religious identity via science and not belief. The subject of this song would resonate quite well with his ideas.

Verse 2 – What Does It Mean?

“I’m ready for love, and I’m ready for war

But I’m ready for more

I know that nobody’s ever been this fucking ready before, hey

(Do you need some time to think it over?)

So figure it out, or don’t figure it out

I figured it out

The bigger the river (the bigger the river)

The bigger the drought (the bigger the drought)”

In the second verse, the narrator invokes the themes of love and war – two things that are the extremes of human activity. Love is the extreme version of selflessness. On the other hand, war is the extreme of selfishness. And human beings do not learn. Getting hurt in love and war – history is to witness. Yet, we repeat it again and again. We do not learn from our history.

The second half of the song touches upon the philosophical subject of duality. Yin and Yang. The darker the present, the brighter the future. The bigger the flash, the more intense the blindness. Because in the end, that’s what life is – ups and downs.

What Does the Bridge Mean?

“Fire world, I love you


The bridge is inspired from Greek mythology. Prometheus stole fire from Olympus because he loved humans more than the Gods. He brought fire to the human world, which was ignorant of it.

Chorus 2 – What Does It Mean?

“I’m up off my knees, girl

I’m face to face with myself

And I know who I am

(Hello, my name is human)

I stole my power from the sun

I’m more than just a man

(No longer disillusioned)”

In the second chorus, the human in the form of the girl has finally got up from their knees. They’re face to face with themselves. In other words, they have realized that the God resides within human beings. Human consciousness is the biggest proof of divinity in this world. The last half of this chorus once again tries to trace the origin of human consciousness. We’re made of the sun, stars, void, and everything that is there in this world. We’re more than just a man.

What Does the Outro Mean?

“(I’m not asking questions)

(‘Cause questions have answers)

(And I don’t want answers)

I came down from the stars (so I’ll take my chances)

(And what are the chances)

(That I could advance)

(On my own circumstances)

(Said “what are the chances?”)

Hello, my name is human (And what are the chances?)

(I don’t want your answers)

(I’m not asking questions)

(So you keep your answers)

And I know who I am (So you keep your answers)

(I’m not asking questions)

(I’m taking my chances)”

The outro of the song makes it clear that the narrator isn’t asking any questions. He doesn’t want any answers, because all the answers are within himself. He knows what he is and who he is. All he has to do is look inside and he’ll know the answer to every question in the world. This song is very spiritual in nature.


Highly Suspect My Name is Human lyrics meaning are very deep. You won’t be able to get Highly Suspect My Name is Human lyrics meaning in just one listen. You’ll have to listen to it again and again. It’s one of those songs that stays with you for a long time to come.

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