I’ll Follow You by Shinedown: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Before you look into Shinedown I’ll follow you lyrics meaning, you can read through the history of the lead singer here.

Brent Smith is an American songwriter, singer, drummer & guitarist. He is best known as the lead singer of the band Shinedown, a band that he formed after the dissolution of his previous band, Dreve, in 2001. Brent performs ‘Hard Rock,’ ‘Pop Rock,’ ‘Post Grunge,’ ‘Alternative Rock,’ and ‘Metal Rock,’ among other genres.

Brent was born in Knoxville Tennessee on January 10th, 1978 to an Irish family. Being an only child he received all the attention and love from his parents. They were always supportive of his dream of becoming a vocalist. The love for music was imbibed in him by his father. When he was young he and his father would enjoy their leisure time listening to soulful music.

He was educated in South Doyle High School Knoxville, TN. Although he was average in academics, he was very passionate about music. Brent spent most of his time learning music in school.

By the time Brent reached High School, he started his first band in 1990. The band was named ‘Blind Thought’. He gained his musical training and experience during the years he spent being a part of this band. Thereafter, he joined the ‘Dreve Music Band’. This music band was then signed by the Atlantic Records Music Group. However, the band was dropped before Brent could release his first album. Consequently, Dreve was dissolved and the band Shinedown was formed in 2001.

Shinedown launched its debut album “Leave a Whisper” in the year 2003 which was certified platinum in the United States. This was Brent’s shot to fame. Since then, the band has released 6 studio albums, 2 live albums, 1 compilation album, and 2 video albums.

Brent Smith continues to create music and inspire people through his songs & lyrics. Now let us go through Shinedown I’ll follow you lyrics meaning.


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What does the title mean?

Brent Smith composed the tune along with bass player Eric Bass. Eric once revealed in an interview that the piano part of the song was composed a couple of years before the song came into being. He used to play the tune at sound checks until Brent told him to play the tune. They finally decide to make a full-blown song out of it. After six months of writing and composing the song was finally made.

Brent Smith dedicated this soulful song of endless love to his girlfriend Teresa Collier. This intent is well reflected in Shinedown I’ll follow you lyrics meaning. “It’s a love song, plain and simple. I’ll do whatever it takes- I’ll follow you anywhere and everywhere.” The title means being always there for someone you love no matter what. Read the meaning of this beautiful song below.

Verse 1- What does it mean?

If I could find assurance to leave you behind

I know my better half would fade

And all my doubt is a staircase for you

Opened out of this maze

In the first two lines of the song, the writer talks about the thought of letting go. He says even if he musters the courage to let go of his lover he knows he wouldn’t be the same without her. He is madly in love with her and the mere thought of losing her scares him. The thought scares him that If he lets her go he will lose the love of his life.

The next lines speak of the fact that he is confident in the strength of their love. He also asks his lover to rely on his faith in the relationship to get through the difficult times and maze of life and relationships. He fears that his lover is insecure regarding the credibility of their relationship. Therefore, he tries to give her assurance that he is truly committed to her and sees a lasting future with her.

What does the Pre Chorus mean?

He tells her that the relationship’s future depends on her belief. She could believe that the relationship will not last long, or that the relationship will last forever. He informs her of the two possibilities for the relationship’s future. She is doubtful of the course of the relationship, and he tries to convince her that there is more to the relationship. He is trying to convince her to stay with him because he wants to spend his life with her.

What does the Chorus mean?

I’ll follow you down to the eye of the storm

Don’t worry I’ll keep you warm

I’ll follow you down

While we are passing through space

I don’t care if we fall from grace

I’ll follow you down

This part shows the conviction and determination of the singer to be with his love throughout his life. The eye of the storm depicts hardships and struggles that may come in their way. He says he will be her peace in times of difficulties. He also commits to being by her side through thick and thin of the journey called life. He also promises to follow her through hell and back, because his love is true.

Verse 2- What does it mean?

You can have the money and the world

The angels and the pearls

Even trademark the colour blue

Just like the tower we never built

In the shadow of all the guilt

When the other hand was pointed at you

Yeah the first step is the one you believe in

The second one might be profound.

In the second verse, the lover is adamant about putting an end to the relationship and the singer is desperately trying to convince her to not leave him. He tells her that even if she has all the riches and pleasures of this world, it will not satisfy her. It will not subdue the guilt of leaving the person who loves her most. He says he is not the only one to blame as somewhere it’s her fault too. Again in the end he tells her to go for what she believes. Either she leaves him or she considers the fact that he loves her and wants this relationship to work.

What does the bridge mean?

Down to where forever lies, without a doubt I’m on your side

There’s nowhere else that I would rather be

I’m not about to compromise; give you up to say goodbye

I’ll guide you through the deep

I’ll keep you close to me

True love is all about sticking with the person you love through all the ups and downs in life. It is about never giving up on them even if they are struggling or are a mess right now. It’s about embracing them and assuring them that they are worth loving even if they are imperfect.

This part of the song shows that the singer is not willing to compromise his love and he wants to stay by her side forever. He refuses to settle for anything else & he wants only her. He assures her, he’ll be her guiding light whenever she feels lost; that he’ll always keep her close to him no matter the circumstances.


The Shinedown I’ll follow you lyrics meaning expresses a deep desire of a lover to be with the person they love, to be able to love them and keep them close forever. It has been a fan favorite ever since it was released with more than 44 million views on Youtube. It is often used by couples for their first dance at their wedding. If you still haven’t heard the song, go check it out.

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