Hear Me Now by Bad Wolves: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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“Hear Me Now” by the American Heavy Metal band Bad Wolves created a stir when released in 2018. The iconic duet between Diamante Azzura and Tommy Vext melted the hearts of the listeners. They first became the craze of the market after being formed in the year 2017, and they released their first album ‘Disobey’ the next year. The band settled with Doc Coyle as the lead guitarist, Chris Cain, the rhythm guitarist, Kyle Konkiel as the bass. John Boeckling on drums, and Tommy Vext as the lead vocalist. Tommy left in 2021 and his place was taken by Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz. The band planned to release thirteen of the songs in their album ‘Disobey’ in 2018, of which ten songs were written before Vext joined Bad Wolves.

Tommy said in an interview that Diamante raised the song to a divine level. She brought to “Hear Me Now” a touch that made him fall in love with her. And he stated that anyone who listened would feel the same way. The Bad Wolves “Hear Me Now” lyrics meaning along with the way it is sung pierces through the soul. The form of love that is expressed here can widely be recognized, making more and more people hooked on it.

The hard-hit chorus of “Hear Me Now” in Tommy’s voice seems like a thumping on the heart, shrieking about the pain of love. Besides that Diamante’s gentle tone gives it dynamism. She also spoke in an interview about her experience. She said that she felt honored and ecstatic when the Bad Wolves invited her to record the song. She was in love with everything about it since the beginning.

Since the foundation of Bad Wolves, they had shared their stage with Papa Roach, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Nickelback, and many others. Their cover of “Zombie” had recently been nominated for the iHeartRadio’s Rock Song of the Year.

What does the title mean

“Hear Me Now” is a song about the reigniting of an old love. It carries the essence of pain and all the other emotions that blurt out with the rekindling of a past love. They have so much to say, that they fall short of words. Inside them, there goes on turbulence, a constant blabbering that eventually becomes too much to tackle. Here they are pleading with a tinge of rage and hurt for their other half to listen to that chaos within.

If given stress on the “Now” then it can be assumed that before they were unable to hear each other. All the words that were left unsaid were left unheard as well. They failed to understand, to grasp each other without listening which led to them parting. So this time, when they are thrown with a second chance at their love, they want to hear each other and stay with something. They long to live for something instead of not having any proper reason to be alive. This is quite clearly mentioned in the line “I don’t wanna live for nothing…”

Verse 1- What does it mean

“I’m at the bottom, can you come let me up?

‘cause I wrote a vow for you

your friends are faded, let me fill up your cup

and toast to the stars over”

Here, Tommy reveals that he has sunken deep, and asks his partner, his old love to come to pick him up from the dark pit of despair. He wishes to come to her, and fill all the empty parts in her life, to make her whole with his love as he once vowed. A strong hint of love is evinced through these lines along with the suffering of a broken-hearted.

What does the pre-chorus mean

“The ocean’s foaming

emotions in the air”

This pre-chorus depicts their exact feeling, their heart overflowing with a bygone love like the foams of an ocean. And their emotions are scattered all around them like wind creating a heap of mess. The Bad Wolves “Hear Me Now” lyrics meaning is made even more intense with the use of these metaphors.

What does the chorus mean

“I don’t wanna live for nothing, just wanna be something

I never knew what it took to win

I don’t wanna live for nothing, just wanna be something

I never knew we’d be more than friends”

In these above lines of the chorus, it is clearly indicated that they both want to become something, a part of each other. They do not intend to live for ‘nothing’ just like they have been for years now. They have lost their love before, defeated and caught in the grips of unfortunate circumstances. Though they never expected to be lovers it is a truth that they accept after so many years and believes to never let go of it.


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Verse 2- What does it mean

“We spin the bottle till we’re kissing our cups

Felt like I’d die for you

You can’t explain it, it’s been years since we’ve touched

And I’ve waited nine for you”

This verse creates a subtle shadow of the past years and for how long they have waited for each other and their love to finally bloom. Despite it being so many years ago, still, the love seems to carry that much value. It didn’t fade but only grew stronger.

What does the bridge mean

“Come let me up

Can you hear me now?

I’m ‘bout half a block away out

Can you hear me now?”

The bridge expresses the scream of their heart, the desire to get closer, to stay beside each other. Both are stretching their hands to get help and pick their partners from the darkness that they have fallen into. It beautifully captures the cry of love with a shade of urgency. The passion seeping from Tommy and Diamante’s voice does justice to the lyrics.

Throughout the post-chorus and the outro, these lines are repeated providing more weight and light to their plea. It stresses the concept of resurrection of their old love, their old emotions towards each other. Their bond has conquered the passage of time and still shines like it once used to. But this time they are even keener to handle it delicately, lest it goes away leaving them with nothing again. That is why these lines constantly come back in this song.


Even though it has been a couple of years since the Bad Wolves released the song, it still connects with a huge number of people. The Bad Wolves “Hear Me Now” lyrics meaning showers light on the concept of love. So it will always be close to people for it is one such feeling that everyone around experiences. The band is still going strong, even having a bit of dispute regarding the departure of Tommy Vext. Their recent album “Dear Monsters” was released on the 29th of October 2021.

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