Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Selena Gomez is a hugely inspiring musician who has influenced an entire generation of young people. As a Hispanic artist, she is particularly iconic since she is from an ethnicity that has traditionally not been offered the same opportunities as others.

Especially after protests such as the Black Lives Matter movement, which have shown that mainstream social systems are oppressive to minority groups, it is inspiring to see that a brilliant musician from a marginalized community is currently one of the most popular singers in the world.

Selena Gomez is truly iconic in many ways. Her music is not only appreciated by fans but has also found a place in popular culture. For example, her song “Love You Like a Love Song” was made into a cover version by the cast of the popular TV show Glee. The show was a trendsetter in terms of how well it included marginalized groups. Selena Gomez’s song was also sung on the show by a Hispanic actor. Such path-breaking trends in the entertainment industry are truly encouraging to see in terms of the struggle for equal rights for everyone.

What does the title mean

The title is a quirky one since it actually means the opposite of what the song conveys. The song is actually about someone who can’t keep their hands off their lover. But the title makes it sounds as though they’re actually keeping their hands off the person they love.

Although the idea of not being able to keep your hands off your lover is pretty mainstream, it also has undercurrents of serious thought. For instance, social norms often portray sexual or romantic love as wrong or bad. Many mainstream cultural institutions actively discourage people from being romantic and idealistic. We are constantly told that we should be abiding by rigid norms and regulations, forcing us into inflexible schedules and leaving no space for dreams or idealism. The song is about not caring what others say and giving in to your desire for love.

Verse 1 – What does it mean

Can’t keep my hands to myself

No matter how hard I’m trying to

I want you all to myself

Your metaphorical gin and juice

So come on, give me a taste

Of what it’s like to be next to you

Won’t let one drop go to waste

Your metaphorical gin and juice”

These lines compare the lover to alcohol. The metaphor shows that the love the singer is experiencing is heady and intoxicating. Interestingly, the song itself points out that it’s using a metaphor.

The verse suggests a love that is uncontrollable in its passion. No matter how hard the singer tries, she can’t keep her hands to herself. The comparison with alcohol also suggests that the relationship might be illicit or forbidden to the singer. the thought of getting a taste of something intoxicating seems exhilarating to her.

What does the chorus mean

Oh, cause all of the downs and the uppers

Keep making love to each other

And I’m trying, trying, I’m trying, trying

All of the downs and the uppers

Keep making love to each other

And I’m trying, trying, I’m trying

But I…

Can’t keep my hands to myself

My hands to myself

Can’t keep my hands to myself

My hands to myself”

The chorus uses the interesting phrase “downs and uppers”. It seems to be saying that no matter whether things are good or bad, we should always rely on love. Love is something that will always be there for us, even through hard times. This phrase is an unusual coinage. The use of words shows that the themes of the song are also unusual and unconventional.

Such lyrics seem especially meaningful when one is going through a hard time. Individuals as well as communities can experience times of great hardship and tragedy. These song lyrics provide the comforting thought that meaningful personal connections will help us in tough times.

The repetition of the words “I’m trying” also shows us that the singer is struggling very hard. It seems as though she is a fiercely individualistic person who is determined not to give up, despite all odds. This is a relatable sentiment to most working-class people who struggle with jobs and bills, their dreams forgotten. It is inspiring to be able to relate to someone like Selena Gomez, who appears to be so successful in every way. It gives the listeners hope that they, too, can overcome their struggles.

The chorus presents the key themes of the song. It encourages listeners to keep trying and to never give up. It also of course means that the singer can’t keep her hands off her lover no matter how hard she tries, but it’s interesting to consider deeper meanings also.


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Verse 2 – What does it mean

The doctors say you’re no good

But people say what they wanna say

And you should know if I could

I’d breathe you in every single day”

This verse contains the popular notion that society at large almost always seems to forbid people to love whom they want. Love is often controlled by societal norms and cultural expectations. This verse suggests that the singer is strong-spirited and determined to hold onto her love. She is willing to flout social norms to be with her lover.

The image of the doctor also stands out. The doctor could be a representative here of consumerist industries such as the pharmaceutical one, which focus more on profit than on people’s actual well-being. Songs such as this one, which encourage us to be individuals, inspire us to look beyond social institutions. They remind us that “for the greater good” often means that individuals’ welfare is overlooked by social and economic systems. This song encourages its listeners to follow love rather than sacrifice it because of what society says, because society never really cared about individuals at all.


This song is both energizing and comforting. It’s a good one to listen to during tough times because it reminds us that love exists. It also encourages listeners to be true to their own feelings, desires, and dreams. Often, we don’t pursue what we truly want because social rules tell us that we cannot.

Such a song tells us that we shouldn’t always listen to what society tells us. It’s important for us to know that love and dreams are more significant than profit or material wealth.

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