Go Robot by Red Hot Chili Peppers: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

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Go Robot is a funk rock song from the American band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Before jumping on to the Go Robot lyrics meaning, you should learn about the meaning behind the song title.

Title – What does it mean?

Go Robot talks about how people are slowly turning towards no strings attached sex. The concepts of commitment and passion are slowly going out of the bedroom.

Now that you understand the meaning behind the song title, it is finally time to explore the Go Robot lyrics meaning.

Verse 1 – What does it mean?

I called the teacher cause I wanted to confess it now

Can I make the time for me to come and get it blessed somehow


The singer is referring to the church priest when he uses the term “teacher”. He wants to make a confession like a good Christian and get rid of his sins.

The “sins” being referred to here are related to promiscuity and sex without love. People nowadays have given into the culture of one-night-stands and instant hook ups. Sex for them is a chore, a fun activity. There is nothing spiritual or meaningful about the act.

But the singer is trying to feel some passion again. He wants to get over the carnal desires of the flesh and discover something deeper, something heavenly. So, he wants to appear before the church priest and seek redemption for his sins.


She spoke to me in such a simple and decisive tone

Her sweet admission left me feeling in position from


Now the singer recalls an encounter with a woman whom he hooked up with. He remembers how “simple and decisive” her tone was. Normally, human speech is supposed to fumble here and there. But the voice of a computer operated robot is always precise and correct. The woman he hooked up with was like an artificial intelligence machine, who only desired the flesh with no real romantic commitments.

Both the singer and his hook-up were willing to have sex with no attachments. He took his hook-up’s “sweet admission” as an invitation to give in to his carnal desires.


I don’t take these things so personal, anymore, anymore

I don’t think it’s irreversible, anymore


Due to his lifestyle of no strings attached sex, the singer has become accustomed to the act. Now, such casual encounters do not bother him. He has accepted it as a given. There is no desire to find and form a reliable, healthy relationship.

The singer also feels that his robotic attitude towards the act of making love is “irreversible”. He does not seem to miss emotions and feelings during sex. It has boiled down to physical and sexual urges with no greater significance. Just like playing golf on Sundays, the singer hooks up every now and then to have a momentarily good time.


Somebody hooted and they hollered can I buy a vowel

Don’t let her catch you in the act of throwing in the towel


Yet, the singer is attempting to understand is complete lack of feelings during sex. Something meant to be erotic, intimate and passionate has now become robotic and chore-like for the singer.

Trying to understand the reason for this is similar to solving a complex puzzle. The song draws a parallel between the predicament in the singer’s mind and a popular American TV game show called Wheel of Fortune. Contestants have to guess the letters of a famous movie name in the game. There is an option for the contestants to buy vowels for a set price. This makes it easier for them to guess.

The singer is hoping for a clue to help him solve the mystery behind robotic sex. At the same time, he does want his lover to think that he is developing feelings for her. This might put her off as she may not be interested in an emotional commitment. So, the singer must contemplate the puzzle but without letting his partner know. He cannot afford to throw in the towel, that is, accept defeat.


And when it’s not as it appears to be, the flagrant foul

Can I put my fingers in your mouth before you start to growl


The term “flagrant foul” refers to kinky acts of sex that people may find too shocking to try. While a part of the singer wants to understand why he is engaging in passionless sex, another part of him wants to satisfy his body’s urges.

He goes on to describe acts of kink he would like to perform on his lover. The image drawn here is that of lovemaking when the female is experiencing an orgasm and the male covers her mouth to prevent her from moaning.


I don’t think that it’s so terrible, anymore, anymore

I don’t think that it’s unbearable, anymore


Slowly giving in to his physical urges, the singer accepts his fate. He does not feel ashamed of having emotionless sex anymore. The carnal act comes naturally to him now.


Pre-Chorus – What does it mean?

Tell me now, I know that it just won’t stop

You will find your flow when you go robot


Somewhere the singer wonders that this might be the future of lovemaking. The trend of people engaging in sex without feelings “just won’t stop”.

Eventually, everyone the singer ever has sex with will be robotic in bed. They would “find your flow” only when they too leave their emotions behind and only satisfy their physical cravings.



Chorus – What does it mean?



I want to thank you and spank you upon your silver skin

Robots don’t care where I’ve been


The chorus captures the real Go Robot lyrics meaning. Eventually, when people start having sex without feelings, there will be no loyalty left in the world. Everyone will sleep with everyone. Nobody will care where anyone has been. No deeper bonds will form.

People would only want to have sex with each other’s “silver skin”, like the metallic body of a robot.


You’ve got to choose it to use it, so let me plug it in

Robots are my next of kin


The singer now speaks to his lover. She must make a decision now. Does she want to let go of attachments and indulge in sinful pleasure? There is no need to worry. The singer is used to this lifestyle now. Robots to him are “next of kin”.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?


Sometimes I feel like I’m a sentimental trooper

She cried so hard, you know she looked like Alice Cooper


Deep down inside, the singer knows that a life of mindless sex is a hollow one. His lover feels the same way. They probably cry themselves to sleep, thinking about it.

Alice Cooper is a rock star who is famous for his eye make-up. His signature eye make-up looks like an eyeliner flowing down the cheek due to tears. This is also used for dramatic effect to show a sad woman who is grieving.


I don’t think that it’s so personal, anymore, anymore

I don’t think it’s irreversible, anymore


But overall, the singer is getting used to one-night-stands.



Verse 3 – What does it mean?

I’m kissing high and low our bodies like two dominoes

Can I come and get you when I hit you in your party clothes

Let’s turn this cosplay holiday, what we obey

And now we’re welcoming each other to this cabaret

I don’t think that it’s so terrible, anymore, anymore

I don’t think that it’s unbearable, anymore


The singer seems to embrace his new lifestyle. He wants to party hard and meet new people. Mindless sex is slowly becoming comfortable for him.


In Conclusion

Go Robot talks about the new trend of having multiple partners with no emotional commitments. Is this good or bad? Only time will tell. Right now, exploring the mind set of people engaging in this trend is the purpose behind Go Robot lyrics meaning.

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