Every Other Freckle by Alt-J: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation


Alt-J is an English rock band famous for turning out incredible singles like “Left Hand Free,” “Fitzpleasure,” and even “Every Other Freckle.” This band does not go wrong when it comes to performing genres like folktronica (Folk and Electronic music), indie, alternative rock, or even indie-pop.

In this short article, we’ll be focusing on their hit single “Every Other Freckle.” If you’re a fan of this band and you wish to decode the meaning behind the lyrics, stay tuned. We’ll be breaking down the song verse by verse and providing fans with our understanding and interpretation of the song.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert on Every Other Freckle lyrics meaning.

Trust us, if you consider yourself a fan, this article is for you! We hope that with our interpretation, fans will not only enjoy the feel of the song but also understand each and every word. It’s always a great thing when you know the true meaning behind a song.

Released in 2014, “Every Other Freckle,” is a go-to song for many Alt-J fans. This is because many fans of the band consider this song to capture the true essence and vibe of the band. Several fans have gone on to describe this song as being the perfect example of the band’s sound.

The song falls under the sensual and seductive category. There are also certain lines and messages in the song that are meant for adult listeners or audiences.

So, without any more delay, here is our take on Every Other Freckle lyrics meaning.

What Does the Title Mean

If we take a look at the title of the song “Every Other Freckle,” we get the feeling of seduction and sensuality. In fact, the entire song is about the primal and natural urge for sensuality between two lovers. This theme and general message of the song are perfectly captured in the title.

Fans of this band might have already heard the song and seen the music video as well. Even the music video has clips and footage that remind listeners that this song is all about physical intimacy.

The title of this song talks about the human need and desire for the physical body, physical touch, and physical intimacy.

Every Other Freckle lyrics meaning is not quite hard to decode. The title of the song basically informs listeners the meaning of the song.

For instance, the title, “Every other freckle,” can mean the singer longs for and wants a physical connection with someone special.

Since freckles are part of someone’s body, the title is highly suggestive of physical intimacy and sensual desires.

Verse 1- What Does It Mean

The starting lines of the song go something like this:

“I want to share your mouthful

I want to do all the things your lungs do so well,”

These first two lines, from the very start, let the listeners know that this song is all about seduction and lust to some degree. If we see the words in the first line that says, “I want to share your mouthful,” the singer here is talking about kissing.

The second line “I want to do all the things your lungs do so well,” can mean two people kissing in sync, breathing in, and exhaling together.

“I’m gonna bed into you

Like a cat beds into a beanbag”

If we come to the next two lines, again, the general message here is all about lust, sensuality, and sexual desires. These lines seem to take a romantic twist. When it says “I’m gonna bed into you,” it talks about the physical intimacy of cuddling and nesting on someone’s body.

“Turn you inside out

And lick you like a crisp packet.”

The last two lines of verse one also capture the essence of this sensual song. “Turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet,” may mean the act of kissing, smooching, and actually licking the naked body one another.

Verse 2- What Does It Mean

“You’re the first and last of your kind

(Pull me like an animal out of a hole!)”

These lines here mean how captivated and in love the singer is. He tries to express that the object of his desires and affection is someone who is unique. “Pull me like an animal out of a hole,” can also mean that lovers or partners are always there for one another, especially in times of need.

“I want to be every lever you pull

And all showers that shower you”

If we take a look at these two lines here, it basically talks about how the singer wants to be the center of the world for the other person. Through these lines, he is expressing how he wants to do every little thing and be everything for someone special.

“I’m gonna paw, paw at you

Like a cat paws at my woollen jumper

Be your Minpin

And Borrower of handsome trivia”

In these last lines of this verse, the song dials down on the seductiveness as we get to see lines like “I’m gonna paw, paw at you.” or “Like a cat paws at my woolen jumper,” are all cute messages of how couples seek the affection and attention of one another.

What Does the Chorus Mean

Devour me

Lou, Lou, let the cover girls sing!”

The chorus is rather short, and is mostly for artistic and stylistic reasons.

However, even in the chorus, we have words like “devour me,” which again harps on the chord of sensuality, seduction, and lust.

Verse 3- What Does It Mean

“All hand claps you will clap

(Let me be the wallpaper that papers up your room!)

I want to be every button you press”

The third verse starts with these lines. If we look at certain lines here such as “I want to be every button you press,” the meaning here is simple. The singer here wants to say that he wishes to be the one and only person, the one and only only object of desire to his partner.

The line “Let me be the wallpaper that papers up your room,” means that the singer wants to be constantly in the company of his partner.

“And all baths that surround you

Yes I’m gonna roll around you

Like a cat rolls around saw dusted patios”

Coming to these next two lines, there’s a repetition in the message here. Although the choice of words is different, the underlying message here is the same.

These two lines express how fond the singer is of his special someone. He wants to be around this person even during something as private and intimate as taking a bath. It also has a seductive undertone since the image of two people taking a bath together is nothing but sensual.

“I’m gonna kiss you

Like the sun browns you.”

The last two lines of verse three is talking about how he wants to keep kissing his lover. The message here is augmented and strengthened by the fact that he draws the example of the sun tanning our skin when we’re continuously exposed.

Likewise, the meaning here is that the singer wants to kiss his lover in such a matter that kiss marks appear and stay on the body.

What Does the Chorus Mean

The song has another chorus towards the end. It goes like this:

“Oh oh oh oh oh devour me (hey)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh devour me (hey)

Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh oh oh)”

The lines here seem to be more for artistic reasons. However, there are words like “devour me,” in these lines. Devour me here means the singer is expressing the need for physical intimacy between two people.

Oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh (oh oh oh oh oh)

If you really think that you can stomach me (hey, hey)”

The last three lines of the chorus also carry the same meaning of wanting and needing physical intimacy between two people in love, or even two people in lust.

What Does the Outro Mean

The outro is just a repetition of the title of the song. It goes like this:

“I want every other freckle

I want every other freckle,”

This same line is repeated eight times in the outro. To end the song with the title perfectly sums up the message of the entire song.

“I want every other freckle

I want every other freckle,”

The repetition of these lines, in the end, has a purpose. The band here wants the listeners to end the song by remembering the general theme and message of the song which borders on seduction, lust, physical intimacy, and sensuality.

The line “I want every other freckle,” expresses how two people, who are physically intimate, want to explore each other’s bodies.

The song ends like this:

“I want every other freckle

I want every other freckle”

This continues again in the last two lines.

“I want every other freckle

I want every other freckle, freckle”


We’ve tried to break down Every Other Freckle lyrics meaning for you in this short article. What you need to know is that the song is all about the adult and primal need for physicality between two people, whether lovers or otherwise.

The entire song, starting from the title, talks about how two people are attracted to one another and this attraction leads to a need for physical romance, intimacy, sensuality, and sometimes, lust.

Every Other Freckle is one of those songs that remind us of our human nature and tendencies. Whether we’re aware of such needs or not, this song does the job perfectly of reminding us that at the end of the day, we’re all humans. And one thing that humans need is physical love.

This is the end and we sincerely hope that our Every Other Freckle lyrics meaning does a good job at informing you about the hidden or true meaning of this masterpiece from Alt-J.

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