Come On, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson: Lyrics Meaning and Interpretation

Matt Nathanson, a California-based singer, guitarist, and songwriter, is well-renowned for his honest, contemplative adult alternative tunes. His fans also enjoy his live stage repartee, which borders stand-up comedy. The lyrics he spins also reflect his wit, whether they’re self-aware, yearning, or impish. Along with singing, he plays both acoustic and electric guitar and has also played with a full band and solo. After releasing several independent albums, including 1993’s Please, he made his big label debut with Beneath These Fireworks in 2003. He quickly returned to independent standing and got into the Hot 100 singles with “Come On Get Higher” (2007), Faster” (2011), and “Run” with Sugarland (2011).

Nathanson, born in Massachusetts, moved to Los Angeles County in 1990 to study literature at Pitzer College. Acrobat Records released his maiden album, “Please” in 1993. It featured pieces he had penned in senior high and university. Shortly after, he shifted to San Francisco to explore his musical inclinations.

Matt merged with Vanguard Records and went on to create his most popular album. The 6th studio album, Some Mad Hope, was released in August 2007 and featured the song “Come On Get Higher.” Nathanson co-wrote the song along with Mark Weinberg, his producer (Ari Hest O.A.R.). It was Nathanson’s Hot 100 hit for the first time, reaching number 30 in Canada and 59 in America. His debut album on the Billboard 200 reached number 60. The album has been sold over 500,000 times as of August 2016. Come On Get Higher received 2x Multi-Platinum certification on September 16, 2016. Come On, Get Higher has been covered by many artists, including Sugarland. Their version appears in their album Love on the Inside.

Matt wrote on his page that “in a lot of ways, the song is about discovering what an intimate relationship truly can be.” In the official video track for the song, we see a man reminiscing about his lover. The video shows the lighthearted moments of the couple and subsequently how much the man aches and remembers those moments. Let us look at come on get higher lyrics meaning.

What does the title mean?

The title Come On, Get Higher is a fragment appearing in the catchy chorus. Nathanson talks about how the album represents relationships and what they can become. This leaves the title open to interpretation by the hearer. If you are going through a rough breakup, the song will catch on as the ideal “, please come back” piece. Similarly, it can very easily be soothing to a lovelorn pair who cannot get enough of each other, but circumstances keep them apart. Many listeners have also pointed out the thinly veiled sexual innuendos across the lyrics.

The title can thus be seen as an entreaty made by the spurned/pinning lover. He pleads with her to let her walls down because he knows the magic they can create with their love. Continue to know more about come on get higher lyrics meaning.

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Verse 1 – What does it mean?

I miss the sound of your voice

And I miss the rush of your skin

And I miss the still of your silence

As you breathe out and I breathe in

The opening verse sets the premises of the song, which is aching and pining for someone who won’t or can’t reciprocate the feelings. The video for the song shows a man strumming his guitar and sitting defeated on the floor by his bed. The words reveal how acutely he misses his lover. He misses her voice, her touches, and the silences they shared. Here he thinks back to the days when he could hear her breath and marvel at it.

What does the pre-chorus mean?

If I could walk on water

If I could tell you what’s next

I’d make you believe

I’d make you forget

While the first verse cements the idea of separation or disharmony between the lovers, the pre-chorus explains what might have caused this separation. The singer wishes to make grandiose gestures here, walking on water, predicting the future. He hopes that these gestures will capture her attention. He wants to make her believe in his love for her and convince her to forget. This line signifies that they had a falling out, and maybe she is sulking or has left him altogether.

What does the chorus mean?

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips

Faith and desire and the swing of your hips

Just pull me down hard

And drown me in love

The chorus starts with the song’s title, “come on, get higher.” The singer asks his paramour to believe in him again and not let the spark they had dim out altogether. He reminds her of their passion, trust, and love for each other. He wishes to be immersed in her love yet again. Read on to further understand come on get higher lyrics meaning.

Verse 2 – What does it mean?

I miss the sound of your voice

The loudest thing in my head

And I ache to remember

All the violent, sweet, perfect words that you said

Verse two is the continuation of the rehashing of memories. The man recalls their conversations, and he remembers the power of her words and how perfect they were. The violent words can mean passion, but they might also refer to things she might have spoken in anger. The all-encompassing nature of love is beautifully worded here. After all, love isn’t all about the rose but also its thorns.

Verse 3 – What does it mean?

I miss the pull of your heart

I taste the sparks on your tongue

I see angels and devils and God, when you come on

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

The last verse refers to their more intimate moments together. A notoriously famous verse among his fans for that long-drawn “come” in the third line buttressed with the “on” as saving grace.

The man misses the connection they shared and the complex comfort they had together. The third line might also be referring to the duality of being in love. He is holding on to all aspects and not only the good ones.

What does the bridge mean?

Singin’ sha la la la

Singin’ sha la la la la

The bridge expresses the joy they had when they were together. Read on to know more about come on get higher lyrics meaning.

What does the outro mean?

So wrong, So wrong

So wrong, So right

So come on, get higher

So come on and get higher

‘Cause everything works, love

Everything works in your arms

The outro starts with the singer gently murmuring, “so wrong.” The wrong refers to all the downs they faced in their relationship. He mulls over them but realizes that it is the best regardless of the downs. He cajoles her to give them one more chance as he supposes their love is strong enough to overcome their troubles. The singer believes that all things would fall into place once he is in her arms, with her.


The profundity yet the playfulness of the lyrics, coupled with the soothing voice of Matt Nathanson, is a heady mix. It’s no wonder that it was played on the radios round the clock when the album was released. Come on get higher lyrics meaning, too, plays a vital role in its overnight success. The tongue-in-cheekiness of the lyrics adds to the spiritedness of the song.

The timeless romantic piece that will withstand the assault of times looks at love through many lenses, never trying to distill it with purity or goodness. The song approaches the topic of relationships maturely. It doesn’t speak of young new love but an erroneous love beckoning and asking for forgiveness.

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